Fido Tries Luring Ex-Customers Back with Exclusive $65 Canada-Wide Plan with 5GB Data


Fido appears to be targeting former customers with a decent offer in an attempt to lure them back to the network. An reader received the following email from Fido, which read:

Dear ***,

It’s not been the same since you left, so we’d like to welcome you back with an exclusive 5 GB plan¹ that you’re sure to love. Paired with the Fido ADVANTAGE like FidoDOLLARS™, Fido Check-In and LiveANSWERS™, this plan is designed to give you everything you want and need.

Fido wants to be by your side, so we hope you’ll take us up on this very special offer.

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As you can see, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes, unlimited global SMS/MMS, 5GB of data, and call display and voicemail (3 messages max).

Now for the fine print:

  • Offer expires September 7, 2014
  • Available on two-year terms or month-to-month
  • 10% off for BYOD is NOT applicable
  • Data overages billed at $10/500MB

Current Fido customers only get unlimited Canada-wide minutes and 1GB of data as seen in the $60 Standard plan (excluding Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan of course).

The offer looks like a decent one considering it has 5GB of data; the next closest Fido deal I can recall is the $56/month Canada-wide plan with 2GB of data offered close to two years ago.

If you’re an ex-Fido customer, would this plan bring you back? Anyone else get this email?

Thanks Ex!


  • ShawnMerrikin

    I would switch in a heart beat but I no longer have access to the email I used when I was a customer.
    Currently on a 6gb plan with Virgin but I find the Bell network in Ottawa is brutal compared to Rogers. Walk into any store and instant no internet. I get 1 bar H+ at work while my co-worker get 3 bars LTE. When they launch the 700 MHZ I know it will get better but I am tired of waiting.

    Dear Fido reps. Google my name to get a hold of me and if you offer me this I will switch instantly.

  • K

    Can none fido customers get this?

  • ak

    Got this email offer too, but already signed up Telus corp plan @$60 with 3gb data with iphone 5s at $100. when you are with them they dont offer good plans and when you left them they sent you email back. I am sure many ex customers are already in contracts with other carriers like me. why dont they just offer that to everyone on their website. Hope some ppl can take advantage of this plan.

  • Terry

    How will they know you don’t have access to your email? You have the exact email above, just call and say you want the offer.

  • Lucas

    Yeah you don’t need your old e mail. I’m sure if you’re an old customer your information would still be on file.

    That having been said can anyone verify if this offer is available to new customers etc. if they call in?

  • Robot Jungle

    The flyer / email says its a standard plan – are you able to verify this would allow for subsidy on any upgrades in the future for an iPhone? Currently they only allow max plans for full subisdy.

  • Elaine Leung

    is it for all ex-Fido Canadian users or region specific?

  • Looks to be all ex-Fido customers.

  • Looking at what’s happening with Rogers and the $80 minimum requirement, I don’t think it would apply to an iPhone subsidy.

  • Just called Fido. A CSR told us it was only for ex-Fido customers. New customers and those switching from another carrier are not eligible.

  • Unfortunately, no.

  • I’m sure you can call Fido and they will have your record on file still. Let us know!

  • Lucas

    Thanks Gary thankfully I had an old fido plan for my father that I switched to rogers so I think I can still swing it. I’ll let you guys know.

  • Cool!

  • Billdozer

    I dream of a day when these plans are the norm and these companies stop taking advantage of our good Canadian nature.

  • CharlieFox

    Should’ve offered it BEFORE they left…

  • Tim M

    this is the type of plan that would be good to lure in new customers. I know I would have gone for it a few days ago when I went to Fido.

  • It is also being offered as a SMART plan for the same price to some customers (much bigger subsidy).

  • Guest

    Here’s image

  • CharlieFox

    So there’s a Standard 65 and Smart 65. No byop or credits.
    Hmmm…something sneaky going on…trying to get people to take the Standard even with the Smart available.

  • Marketing 101: Earn by the price, lose by the price.

  • These ho*s ain’t loyal

    Just called them I’m currently 3months from being off my contract . The rep did not initially bring up this loyalty plan but when I mentioned it she did say I would qualify for it. She did however mention it does not include vid MSG and that the voicemail is mini vm which is 3 per day

  • bhatia

    Has anyone tried to get Rogers to price match this deal? Wondering if it’s worth a shot to call in and “claim” I got this email?

  • Anon

    Of course it’s worth giving a shot. You’ll might have to call in multiple times, until you get a rep. that will match it.

  • Anon

    I think it’s stupid that they wouldn’t make this offer available to new customers. There would be a mass migration over to Fido.

  • Anon

    Looks like they are targeting ex-customers that aren’t on contracts, which I’m pretty sure is a very small niche of ex’s.

  • Elaine Leung

    Cool! Going to consider it! my virgin plan just expired so I can switch to Fido again! I’m paying $60 for the exact same thing + 2GB data, but an extra $5 will give me extra 3GB. Just debating! I do love my Virgin Member benefits though..

  • Michael Yun

    Call fido but coulnd’t get that deal. But I was able to get a $30 credit off my next bill and $5 off my bill till my contract expire (this makes a totaly of $10 credit coz I already got a $5 credit each month before). Not a bad deal I got out of this.

  • Well done

  • Seems to be a pretty good deal @iphoneincanada:disqus but the question is: will they be able to switch to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 for the 2 years with this new contract?

  • Elaine Leung

    I switched from Virgin 🙂 Glad i did! It does include video msg and I didn’t see the 3 per day VM. here are my plan details,

    $65 Standard Loyalty Plan
    •Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls
    •Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
    •Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S. and international wireless numbers
    •5 GB Data
    •Call Display
    •Unlimited Circle Calling
    •Call Waiting
    •Conference Call

    •5GB Data Option
    •Unlimited Canadian LD
    •Minute Tracker
    •Unlimited Circle Calling

  • Awesome! nice work!

  • Rogido

    Call forwarding is not included?

  • Rogido

    To answer my own question, I called Fido and confirmed that call-forwarding is NOT included. Apparently you’d have to pay $4 for the Value Pack to get call-forwarding. A bummer since I call-forward a lot.

  • lumberframe

    Hey guys you can just tell them that you use to be a member, they don’t ask for any information just a quick credit check and plan is yours. I switched from virgin and got the plan I use to be a old rogers customer they never asked any questions.

  • lumberframe

    Wooohoo I use to pay $67.94 for 4gb data and unlimited voice mail 3 and went over my data every month so glad I got extra 1gb with $3 savings a month. I only had to pay $10.00 for the Sim card from future shop.

  • Nice work!

  • Elaine Leung

    It was under my impression that Call Forwarding was never included in basic packages. And if you do call forward, it would charge. Even in my boyfriend’s plan, it isn’t included.

  • JAY

    i got offered this plan and i want to fido best thing i ever did i save $25 bucks a month rogers wanted to give me the same plan for $90 dollars plus taxes save $25 dollars that’s $300 dollars of saving a year so am really a big winner at the end lol

  • Christian Black

    Can someone copy/paste the fineprint for me, please? Is the data shareable between 2 fido accounts? What is the difference between standard and max plans? Thank you.

  • Lopes66

    A little late but I wish I came across this earlier! I use to be a Fido customer before switching to Rogers. I wish I have received this email before hand and I wouldn’t switched in a heart beat! I’ll give them a shout anyways and see if they got anything else.