Fido’s Standard Plans Revamped: Fewer Minutes, Data and Price Changes [PIC]

Fido has updated their website to reflect changes on their Standard Plans and Smart Plans. The entry level Standard Plan has increased by $1 per month, but has 50 more daytime minutes and its 50 MB data removed. Other plans also have some minutes, data and price changes.

Here they are the changes below to the Standard Plans

  • $35/month (+$1): 250 minutes (+50 minutes); 50 MB data option removed
  • $39/month: 250 minutes (-50 minutes), 250 MB data (-50 MB)
  • $45/month (+$1)
  • $49/month (-$5): 750 minutes (-250 minutes)
  • $60/month (-$4)
  • $70/month (-$5)

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The higher end $60 and $70 plans got cheaper and plan details did not change.

As for Smart Plans (which offer up to $350 in subsidies on 2-year contracts), normally they are just $5/month more on top of Standard Plan pricing. But for the $39 and $49 Standard Plans, the Smart Plan equivalent is now $6/month more (instead of just $5/month).

Fido previously revamped their plans back in March. As of writing, Koodo and Virgin Mobile haven’t made changes to make their plans match Fido (yet).

If you’re on one of the three higher end plans, be sure to call in and get your savings. The $49 plan loses 250 daytime minutes, but people don’t talk on the phone anymore (seriously!) so that won’t really make much of a difference (you’re saving $5/month!).