Fido Promo: $48/7GB Plan in MB/SK; Other Provinces Get 1GB Bonus for 24 Months


Fido has launched a new data bonus for customers, but it looks like those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are getting the best deal. Right now, these prairie provinces get a 2GB data bonus for 24 months, while other provinces only get a 1GB data bonus (Quebec is excluded from the promo).

So this means the BYOD $48 Pulse plan with 5GB data now becomes 7GB in Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

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Meanwhile, other provinces such as BC, Alberta and Ontario are seeing a 1GB data bonus for 24 months. This results in the $50 BYOD plan now getting 2GB of total data for 24 months, instead of just 1GB.

Earlier this week, we told you Fido was offering some existing customers $40/5GB plans and other discounts on Tab plans.

If you’re on any of these existing Fido plans, it’s time to call in and switch over to these plans with the data promos, if it works out better for you.

[via RFD]


  • So Young

    In Quebec its still $49 for 6GB

  • bbousquet

    …and I’m still rocking the 34$ 2015 Black Friday deal. Those were the good times!

  • Anaron

    How many GB?

  • bbousquet

    2 GB, Pulse Plan. Unlimited Canada calls and international SMS/MMS. I bugged them last summer and they gave us an extra 2 GB/month for free for 2 years. Girlfriend has an identical plan but got it a few months after for 40$ instead of 34$. Overages are 10$/500MB but we rarely even go above 2 GB out of our 4 GB.

  • hey Jude

    I still have the 34$ 2015 Black Friday deal for 4gb, plus an additional 10% BYOD discount, so I’m paying $30.