Some Fido Users on $60/10GB Plan Are Seeing 15GB on their Account [u]


Update: A Fido spokesperson has confirmed the 5GB data was added due to a “technical error”, but will be honoured for the current billing cycle for those affected.

Did you jump on the $60/10GB promo plans offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell? If you jumped on the deal with Fido, you may want to check your account online.

Some iPhone in Canada readers are seeing 15GB total data on their account when checking online, instead of 10GB, leading to confusion:

Fido 60 15GB data

These $60/10GB plans introduced by the Big 3 were a response to a similar plan offered by Shaw’s Freedom Mobile. The result of this limited time promo by Rogers, Telus, Bell and their flanker brands, resulted in wireless customers lining up at retail stores to jump on the plan, while carrier support systems failed to keep up with demand.

Are you seeing 15GB of data on your Fido account right now? There’s no word whether the 15GB is a temporary error not, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Thanks Erin!


  • M David

    I see 15GB also, sure it is an error.

  • Steve

    I’m seeing 15 as well. Under “Plan” i’m seeing “Fido Pulse 10GB – BYOP” I’m guessing they changed the actual plan to a 10gb plan and forgot to remove the 5gb bonus. I’m sure it will get corrected.

  • Richard

    same here, it’s been like that for about a week. i asked through fido on facebook and they confirmed i have 15.00 GB, i’m holding them to their word.

  • RaulFranko

    I am seeing 17gb! before I upgraded to this plan I had a 2gb loyalty data. When I went to check on my account today. It appears that I had been given 15gb + my 2gb of loyalty. I am happy! 🙂 This must be due to the high levels of aggravation trying to obtain this plan during that whole weekend!

  • FragilityG4

    My sister is on Fido and called me this morning asking why she was seeing 15! I told her to call Fido. Waiting to hear what happens.

  • Jesse

    I would stay off the radar in that case!

  • FragilityG4

    The only problem is they are charging her her old rate rather than the new $60.

  • M David

    Yeah, you are right, my plan says the same.

  • Dansk

    I had the same on Rogers. Today was the start of my new billing and it changed from 15 to 10.

  • jasonnip

    I’m switched to the Fido 5+5gb/$60 deal from an existing 10gb/$80 deal. Just before the end of the month when my term ends I saw 22gb max usage. Then on the change over it went to 10gb which is normal and a few days ago it shot up to 15gb.

  • AndreTen

    I see this on my account too.

  • Alison Danielle

    Same. Everybody shhhhhh!

  • dustin hebert

    Yup I got 15gb to, no take-backs fido

  • dustin hebert


  • dustin hebert
  • Marc Levy

    Yup. Me too.

  • Jason Tarr

    Those were my thoughts as well

  • E-mann

    What happen was Rogers and Fido had the offer first for $60 5gb + 5gb extra for 2 years. They had to fix it to $60 10gb due to other carriers offering lifetime 10gb. When they fixed that, people still had the 5gb bonus for 2 years.

  • Apocalypso

    I also noticed the 15GB on my account several days after signing up for the $60 10GB plan with Rogers. I decided to call customer service because I didn’t want to risk getting charged for something I didn’t ask for. At first the rep mistakenly thought I was asking about the 5GB + 5GB deal changing from 2 years to permanent until I (regrettably) explained to him what I was seeing on my account. He “thanked” me for informing him and basically told me to enjoy it for this month as this would be corrected. *face palms* So much for me being honest. 😛

  • KNewman

    They should honour 15GB now and do not take it back. Respect the customers for their loyalty. Seriously. Like of you agree.

  • KNewman

    @Erin, we live in a competitive market and Fido should endorse this and appreciate the loyalty by keeping 15 GB for customers who are seeing it.

  • Sasha

    Interesting… I’m showing 12GB…

  • Manpreet Singh

    Lol ?

  • Manpreet Singh

    I’ll be amazed if Fido and Rogers don’t end up bumping the price 5-10$ for regular plan, forget the extra 5 gb

  • Kirk

    Okay… so I’ll point out the obvious…. god damn they are at 11.8 GB of 15? I had 6GB before and that was fine for a whole month… good lord! Lol… currently at 10GB plan.

  • jay

    Same here 15GB.

  • Sidney

    It’s likely to be corrected at the end of the billing cycle. It already happened to me a few times after changing plans.

  • Daniel Carpio

    11.8 remaining dude.

  • Erin Fitzpatrick

    I absolutely agree! Though I don’t feel optimistic that will be the case. I definitely think they’d be more likely to try and up charge us for the extra, which I am not interested in!

  • It’s Me

    Yup. Chances are that when the updated their systems to make their 5GB plan into a 10GB plan, it screwed up and also left the 5GB bonus that was there originally.

    I expect Rogers/Fido to screw their customers on this one way or the other, so this is likely just the beginning of screw up.

  • Manpreet Singh

    Don’t be too optimistic guys. They are fixing it. I also called and they said they won’t honour it as it’s a glitch.

  • Mortis Agaroth Amdeuscias

    I had 18GB on my account, but realized quickly that I had 6GB plus a recurring 2GB data top up I had added before New Years. The error took place around the time of my billing cycles end and added the new 10GB plan to the total. It was changed to 10GB within 48hrs though.

  • Old man

    I too have 15gb but obviously it’ll be taken back because of all the dumb idiots contacting fido and asking them if they get to keep it. Keep your mouth shut!!

  • Axleprose

    I had to leave fido after being there for 10 years in order to get the deal as i couldnt get customer service and when i did get them after the deal was done they would not honor the deal if i switched back smh so much for customer loyalty.

  • UPDATE: Fido says 5GB data will be honoured for current billing cycle:

  • Manpreet Singh

    It’s better to make sure you won’t be charged for 5gb that ain’t included in your plan then keeping your mouth shut and scratch your head later.

  • KNewman

    Ok so I just had my cycle renewed and I still see a 15 GB.

  • Sean De Melo

    Mine stayed at 15gb as well.

  • KNewman

    I think, as long as they don’t see it, it won’t be taken off. Alternatively, they may start charging more and you won’t be able switch out because there will be no other comparable plans on the market.

  • techabuser

    Wanted to post an update – the 15 GB showed up in my last billing cycle, which ended 2 days ago, and my new one is still showing 15 GB so who knows, this could be permanent.

  • KNewman