New Rogers Cellphone Unlocking Policy Starts March 28th


Last month Rogers announced it would unlock cellphones 90 days after activation, instead of waiting until the end of their contracts. Rogers mentioned this new policy will apply to their Fido and Chatr brands as well.

Rogers never mentioned a specific date on when the new 90 day unlocking policy would start, but they have confirmed with us (via email) the date is March 28th (thanks @soya).

So in just over three weeks, if you are at least 90 days into your activation you can bring your device to any Rogers retail outlet and get it unlocked for $50.

Currently, TELUS unlocks phones for $35 after 90 days activation and Bell unlocks devices for $75. Let us know if you’re planning to get your Rogers device unlocked.


  • Telus still the clear winner. Bell’s unlocking policy is just… dumb.

  • Anon

    Typical Bhell.

  • Nchi

    ur a fucking idiot! have fun unlocking your cheaper/low end Galaxy models.

  • I’m fine paying that fee to Rogers, I which they’d match Telus. However, getting my iphone unlocked for travel after 90 days without having to buy out my contract is a good thing.

  • Guest

    Relax there buddy…

  • f1ght3r

    Finally! I was going to pay around $400 to buy out my contract (so i can get my phone unlocked), but now I will wait a few weeks.

  • Rio

    10000% Agree, they make you wait till either your contract has ended or you upgrade and you still have to pay 75$ for that. Makes no sense

  • Simon Whyte

    Assuming there’s no catch, this is a must for me, with trips to the US & UK planned this year already,

  • Hem

    Bell sucks. I am with bell and can only unlock after finishing my contract and the fee is $75.
    I don’t know why bell is always last in all these services

  • hank

    I really do not understand why we even have pay to have our phones unlocked. Whether we have it unlocked or not, we are still binded by a contract. If we want out, we pay them premiums for every month that is left of it. So again, why the need to pay to unlock? They should actually give us the phones unlocked upon signing a bloody contract. Ok. Chill. 🙂

  • Great News..

  • I think that they are hoping that you will overrun your minutes and data, so that they are able to gouge you better. Otherwise, you could switch to a pay-as-you-go with some other provider when you start getting close to the end of your allocated data as per your plan..

  • hank

    Yah that’s true. Added to that, possibility of charging roaming charges when we are. Money money money! 🙂

  • Roger

    Corection needed- Only rogers corprerate locations are confirmed to have unlocking prodedures in place. Third party or franchised location have yet to be confirmed.

  • Mark

    So, if you have an unlocked iPhone and you plan on going to the UK (and other parts of Europe) for a few weeks, what would be a good provider to use for phone and data on a pay-as-you-go, or a single month of service?

  • Big O

    Hate to be a Debbie downer, but they all have the ‘greed’.

  • Simon Whyte

    Not sure there is a simple answer. The UK network providers all do PAYG SIM cards that can be reloaded. Whether these work in continental Europe is not something I have tested or researched. I have been abroad for several years now, so not bang up to date with EU law in this domain, but certainly there have been moves to minimise or eliminate exorbitant international roaming charges between member EU states. Pretty sure O2, Vodafone & Orange all have partner networks across the water, but given that the UK doesn’t use €, not quite sure how it works w a UK SIM once in France or beyond.

  • Guest2

    After being misinformed by their own CSR, I’ve bought out my contract with Bell (no longer in a contract) and they still won’t unlock the phone. Apparently I have to be on a non-contract monthly plan for another 3 months before they will unlock it. After paying the cancellation fees, Bell is still acting like the victim with their ridiculousness. And $75? Are you kidding? You’re not doing 20 more steps than Telus to unlock the phone.

  • Wouisy

    What about if I have received a Rogers iPhone from someone else and want to unlock it so I can use it on an existing TELUS account?

  • You will need to have it on Rogers for 90 days, then they will unlock it for $50.

  • Akash

    Can we do it over internet? I mean as I have bought a second hand device from my friend and want it to get unlocked. People in market is charging too much. 50 USD sounds too reasonable. Is there any sort of online process through which I can get my iPhone 4 Unlocked? If yes, please provide me with details. Would be thank ful to u

  • danley0022

    If you guys want to unlock any ATT devices, you can check out attiphoneunlocking, they provide pretty good service

  • jay

    I’m done with my iphone 4 rogers plan but the phone is still locked. i’m in another country at this moment.

  • moose24ca

    Hey Gary, really old thread, sorry. But, do you know whot he $50 goes to? Is it just a “because they can” charge?

  • Looks to be a standard unlocking charge, not sure if Apple charges them or not to do it.

  • carly

    If i broke my iphone with telus, and my friend has an old phone i can use that was with rogers, can i go myself and get it unlocked at rogers or do i have to get the original carrier to unlock it