Rogers to Axe ‘One Number’ Telephone Add-On, Cites Low Customer Demand


Rogers One Number allows users to make free long distance calls from their computers and iOS. There’s also a telephone add-on using a $29.95 adapter which brings VoIP calling to your home phone for the monthly price of $9.95 per month.

According to a document being handed out to customers (via MobileSyrup), Rogers will cancel the One Number telephone add-on on April 15, due to “limited customer demand” for the service. Current customers will get a $29.95 credit for the cost of the One-Number hardware add-on and the $9.95 monthly charge will be canceled.

The memo asks customers to download the free Rogers One Number mobile apps to use instead, such as the iOS app which was released last November. It also ends with an apology for One Number telephone add-on customers for the inconvenience caused.

Anyone been using One Number for your home telephone?


  • FragilityG4

    Poorly marketed … My guess is most people have no idea what it is or does.

  • andrewe

    One Number’s web app (along with its terrible plugin) and mobile apps probably have plenty of users because it’s free. This add-on service that allows you to use a regular telephone is an extra $10 a month.

  • loupetron

    Crap. I used the texting ability of it a lot. Never made phone calls, but it was nice to text from my Mac or iPad

  • thebruce0

    Ah, good so it’s only the telephone add-on that’s getting axed. (Well, not good for those who use it, presumably :P)
    I had been making use of the iOS app to continue to make calls and send/receive sms on a secondary phone using the number on a SIM from my primary (and awol) phone. It was actually really good to have. Except for the fact that often sms messages, sent and received, show up repeatedly quite often. Had to make it not be always connected or I’d get constant push notifications of new messages- the same ones over and over again.
    And it was a battery hog when actively running in the background.

    Not the best app. But very good to have for a number of reasons.

  • Sancheezy

    Does anyone know of fido will cancel their home phone add on which is basically the same thing?

  • matthewcouto

    Probably. Monkey see, monkey do. Especially in this case when they’re owned by the same company. I guess they’re realizing that paying any amount for a fixed home phone is stupid, especially when it’s an ADD ON for people who already have a cell phone.

  • Martin

    Sure, “low customer demand” for the add-on, but only because Rogers basically didn’t promote it. And what little information was provided on their website was very difficult to find, and mostly left you with more questions. I looked into it for my Mom so she could dump her landline, but was left with the impression that it wasn’t a priority for Rogers and could me abandoned at any time.

  • Grizzz

    After a ton of issues with the adapter, the tech finally admitted they were discontinuing the product because of two reasons:

    1.) The are a bi%^& to program on the back side if they fail. Too many man hourse are spent for such little return
    2.) Once programmed and working, there is no reason to use your cell phone, thus they are not making any money on long distance services. Businesses were using the device and calling all over North America (with the $10/mo N America plan) and racking up hours of “free time”.

    Rogers is loosing money. I will bet it will not be long and the computer interface will be gone as well due to the lack of money it generates.

  • DG

    I loved it and am very sad to see it go. I actually only found out about it 2 days ago when the service was cut off. I never got a notification from Rogers that the service was being discontinued. I am pretty pissed of on how this all went down!

  • Tek

    Unfortunate. But it was basically preventing Rogers from making money off extraordinary long distance charges. That’s probably why they never advertised it…. It made people ask why they should pay roaming costs when internet usage is basically free everywhere in the world.

    Too bad I never got a memo from Rogers. I called in and asked why my Rogers adapter wasn’t working and they said to exchange it at the store. The techs didn’t even know to tell me it was discontinued….