Rogers: Existing Data Plans to be LTE-Enabled By the End of September, New SIM Required


Customers on existing Rogers 3G data plans looking to switch over to LTE will be required to use an LTE SIM card to surf at the higher speeds, if their device supports LTE. Rogers informs us all existing 3G data plans will be LTE-enabled by the end of September (at no extra charge).

It is all but certain Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement will include LTE-capabilities, and if it happens our ‘Big 3’ carriers are ready. For those with accounts on existing 3G data plans, you’ll need to contact customer service to activate the new LTE SIM we’re told, if you want to use LTE on your device. Normally, customers can activate new SIM cards online, we’ll update this post once we hear back from Rogers if this is possible for these new LTE SIMs.

Of course, any specific information related to the next iPhone isn’t available until after tomorrow’s anouncement.

Rogers (and Fido) recently reminded customers of their Rogers Reservation System via text message, a service that allows the reservation of upcoming devices. Telus also launched an “Easy-Order” reservation page but that has since been taken down. Get ready to buckle up for tomorrow, folks.

Update: clarified the article to note LTE SIM cards are only required if your device can support LTE. ie the iPhone 5


  • draz

    Well that’s excellent news for those who have had the 6gb data plan for years!

  • Ryan

    Oh good someone finally woke up and brought common sense into play.

  • djepsilon

    I gotta say, now that LTE is here, I am VERY surprised that the big 3 aren’t charging ridiculous amounts to upgrade to the faster network. Finally something good to say about them for once!

  • Yup. Can’t wait to see how fast we can blow through 6GB. I know iPad LTE users have done it easily.

  • Steve_J_K

    Does this apply to Fido too?

  • Guessing here, but probably it will. Will try to find out more.

  • reformcanada

    What about Telus?

  • IBen

    That’s a different tone from Rogers if true…
    I contacted them last month to ask for an LTE SIM and I could only get one by getting a specific LTE plan which was far inferior than my current shared 6GB plan.

  • Rogers changes its policies fast and furiously. It’s hard to keep up.

  • Meaning what my 4s will actually have faster data? Why would a sim affect this?

  • So…. no any extra charge? Or forcing us to upgrade another 3 years?

  • draz

    Your device also has to support LTE, which the 4S does not. Nothing will change for you

  • sully54

    did you find out anything new about the fido side of things?

  • Not yet. Expect them to follow Rogers.

  • mrc

    Question… Can a Pay-As-You-Go customer (who only needs voice for emergencies) purchase a Data Plan add-on, and still use LTE? Thank you!

  • rioja

    I dunno about this. It;s not like Rogers at all. They try to maximize every red cent. We’ll see if there’s a catch at the end of September.

  • RDS

    then take the iPhone 4S LTE sim out and put it in the LTE iPad then you’ll get the full speed. My iphone has LTE sim card as it is backward compatible to 3G

  • Dannyz

    Hi Gary,

    Any update from Rogers if the LTE card can be activated online?

  • steve

    their prices are outrageously bad.

  • steve

    Exactly. Here’s 6 GB and it’s faster than your home internet speeds…. now have fun! What?….you blew through it in 2 days…oh well.. sorry.

  • uhublue

    I contacted Rogers today and asked if my 6gb /$30 will give me LTE speed when I get an iPhone 5. The rep said no, and that I would have to get an LTE data add-on which is 6gb LTE for $60 or 2gb LTE for $35… Will my 3G 6gb /$30 be upgraded to LTE in September?

  • ArmanUV

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  • OracleGuy

    Yes, I’d sure like to know the scoop before my iPhone 5 shows up on Friday! Can I activate online, and will my existing 6 GB data plan work with LTE out of the box?

  • Rogers says it should be ready for online activation by Friday.

  • OracleGuy

    Sweet! Thanks Gary.

  • Is there any proof of this? I just talked to someone in retentions yesterday to finally get my 6GB data for $30 and he said it might be LTE eligible. I’m planning to get the iPhone 5 in the next 2 weeks and it would be nice if it automatically switched to LTE.

  • Rogers PR emailed us directly. All plans will be LTE eligible by end of Sept.

  • Thats great to here! Finally got the 6GB of data and Its nice to know it will be LTE when I get my iphone 5. Thanks Gary! Just wondering why would the rogers rep tell me that my plan may be switched to LTE soon?

  • Alan

    Hi Gary,
    I just called Rogers Retention and wanted to switch my 6GB 3G data plan to 6GB LTE, but apparently they cant because they havent heard anything regarding that and 6GB LTE data is not available for them to choose.
    I called Rogers Retention twice by the way. Also I mentioned that “Rogers would be switching their 3G data to LTE by the end of Sept”, but still no.

  • OpticDisc

    I just got off the phone with Rogers, and they told me I am going to have to dump my data plan which was 6 GB for $30 and upgrade to a new LTE data plan. Is this true? I’ve also left amessage with Rogers helps on Twitter. If this is the case, then I’m canceling my reservation.

  • uhublue

    I called Rogers again, and the reps still say that my old 6gb for $30 won’t switch to LTE. Rogers is also pulling a scam. On September 16th, I was quoted through a text from Rogers that my early upgrade (2-years) iPhone 5 would cost $429 /64gb plus a $35 admin fee and a $20 hardware upgrade fee. Now when I called (September 19th), th hardware upgrade fee has increased to $182! WTF? It’s going to cost $646.00 minium. I’m better off just buying the phone unlocked and not get locked into a 3-year contract.

  • Poochi

    Gary, what’s your source on this news? I called Rogers and they have no clue…
    Also, they have informed that my “retention plan” is coded as “corporate plan” and now I have to talk to business which I have never been part of any corporate plan… this is confusing…
    Anyone else having the issue?

  • Poochi

    referring to “rogers-existing-data-plans-to-be-lte-enabled-by-the-end-of-september-new-sim-required” Your comment system wouldn’t let me post the link.

  • poochi

    Gary, same response with retention, what was your source?

  • Dave

    The Rogers “cash grab” called “early upgrade fee” is terrible!

    Every 1.5 – 2 years I use the “hardware upgrade” to get whatever is the latest iPhone.

    – never a problem. Pay $199 and get the new phone.
    – went to do that yesterday and got a big surprise!

    Not only to you pay way more for the new phone(s) (16Gb $229, 32Gb $329, 64Gb 429) you get the “honor” of paying $143 on top of each. I guess the CEO needs a bigger pool or something.

    At least the “fee” plus the Rogers price comes very close to just buying an unlocked on right from the Apple store.

    Time to seriously consider what company to allow the honor of serving me with cellular service!


  • Tommy

    talk about false information. this should be taken down. called rogers. basically you need to pay more for lte on there new plans.

  • Straight from Rogers PR to us.

  • I’ve had the 6GB plan for the last 5 years or so. When I ordered my iPhone5 from Rogers the guy told me I had to get an LTE plan… and the best was a 3GB plan… So he proceeded to change my entire plan around.. WTF…

  • I called Roger’s for my plan and they tried to charge me for the LTE.
    Even if I already have the 6gig for 30 $ they tried to charge me 60$ !!!!!!

  • Hang up and call back !

  • My existing 3G data plan on my iPhone 5 has not been updated to LTE today in Montreal. 🙁

  • I have a us/can data plan and the CSR told me that it is not compatible LTE

  • Denis

    @Gary I have the Galaxy S2, and got the lte Sim card a year ago but kept my 6g 3G plan. I called rogers and they know nothing. My phone is set to auto for lte HSDPA 2g and its October 8 in Ottawa and still no LTE. What say you? Who should I talk to since your PR isn’t giving an update on their delays or proper instructions

  • gtasscarlo

    My iPhone5 is now LTE enabled on my grandfathered 6GB plan.

  • ronnnyraygun1

    Do you have LTE now?

  • ronnnyraygun1

    What about now?

  • Marcel

    I upgrade my iphone and with it my 6gb 3G data plan automatically changed to 6gb LTE at no extra cost!