Rogers Expands LTE to More Canadian Cities Today [LIST UPDATED]


Just over a couple weeks ago Rogers announced more Canadian cities would get LTE on October 1st, which is today (what happened to September?). Here are the cities where LTE should now be live:

  • British Columbia: Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna
  • Alberta: Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon and Regina
  • Ontario: St. Catharines/Niagara, Oshawa/Pickering/Ajax, Windsor, Sudbury, Kingston, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Barrie
  • Quebec: Quebec, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières

Rogers notes they plan to cover 60% of the Canadian population by year’s end. We’ve received numerous tips from you guys have connected to LTE in numerous upcoming cities (such as Victoria) on the Rogers and Fido network.

Are you able to get LTE in the following list of cities? Don’t forget to share and compare your results with us here.

Update: here is the full list of launch cities today from Rogers via email (looks like Fido is included as well):

Rogers is the first to launch LTE in Saskatoon and Regina, St. Catharines/Niagara, Oshawa/Pickering/Ajax, Windsor, Sudbury, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. Rogers LTE is also live today in Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Kingston, Edmonton, Quebec City, Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton, London/Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and Barrie.


  • LTE working here in Barrie! 19MBPS down and 23MBPS up!”

  • No love for Niagara 🙁

  • draz

    Rogers coverage map shows that they have LTE coverage in Niagara

  • Still nothing in Quebec city this morning 🙁

  • wuju

    LTE in Newmarket now – not so last week. I’m with Fido, naturally under Roger’s network.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    map says “LTE soon” for niagara

  • Omac

    5 bars of lte in Barrie this morning! 27mb down, finally

  • FrankVee

    LTE now up in quebec city with Fido

  • prybar

    Rebooted my phone, got LTE (in London), installed the speedtest app and got bumped down to 3g…haven’t been back on LTE since…

  • acecchetto

    It’s not on the list, but Sudbury, ON has LTE active now.
    26.78 Mbps down, 26.72 Mbps up on the iPhone 5.

  • I saw the LTE on my phone went to do a speed test and it wouldn’t connect did a phone reset and now it doesn’t show up at all ..

  • I hope all those cities are up and running, my iPhone 5 is our for delivery today!

  • Rebooted my phone in Burlington and only 3G still.

  • Christopher Jones

    Fido is owned by Rogers, but they do not share networks. I’ve talked to some people in the know.

  • GarryM

    No LTE yet in Edmonton yet this morning…

  • poopface

    I’m getting LTE in Burlington.
    Speed tests are showing about 50mbps down and 25 up.
    Don’t use the Hamilton server though. It’s capping the download around 15-16mbps.

  • Helvetica

    Woke up to LTE in Oakville: 48.76 down 27.03 up.

  • Vince Turnone

    LTE in some most parts of St. Catharines, Fonthill, Welland. 50 Mbps. Then I drive 15 min down the street and I get 3Mbps 3G.

  • Kemper

    LTE active this morning in Windsor!! Hope it stays!

  • scoober140

    Burlington @ the Skyway – 56.97 down, 27 up
    Burlington @ North East End – 15.12 down, 5.08 up

  • Madcatz

    Drove trough London this morning. Only was there for a couple blocks. Maybe they r not all on yet. But seemed like very little coverage.

  • TheMoggle

    LTE was working at WEM in Edmonton. I noticed as I left the gym this morning.

  • Pretty sad when your in the middle between Burlington and oakville and you don’t get “LTE” Rogers fail !

  • Mike

    LTE in St. Catharines today 20.29 down 25.21 up. Nice!

  • Cyron8256

    Edmonton is still 3G …

  • GarryM

    LTE is up in downtown Edmonton now…

  • Singx2

    LTE active in Waterloo! 20 Down, and 10 Up.

  • wuju

    Maybe true but I now have LTE from Fido which I didn’t have a week ago.

  • It’s working in Niagara, I have friends who say it’s working.

  • Fraser

    Kelowna is a go

  • crosseyed_mofo

    if thats the case, cool

    was just goin off what rogers coverage map says

  • kfive0


  • f1ght3r

    Not working on southside

  • Networx

    What App are you all using for these speed tests?

  • I don’t know why but I do have LTE from Bell in Victoria (Langford) with 37 Down and 22 Up!

  • If you check the LTE map on Rogers it says there is LTE in Hamilton I can’t confirm if its working tho

  • hayman

    the app is called speed test

  • Networx

    That makes sense. DOH. Thanks

  • Shawn

    Had LTE at home this morning on the southern edge of Edmonton – 16.68 Mbps (down) & 13.04 Mbps (up), but now that I’m at work, I’m sitting on 3G – in downtown Edmonton of all places…

  • Zachary

    Durham Region has it running

    Avg Speeds: 30 mbs (down)
    And 25 mbs up

  • Zii

    Might want to ad Windsor, ON to that list. I have gotten full coverage. Ranges any where from 12-20 download and surprisingly 16-26 uploads

  • Rick

    we have LTE in Kingston 🙂

  • Cy8256

    North of Edmonton was LTE for awhile now it is back on 3G

  • ColtsMild

    Just started getting LTE service today in Aurora : ) 48 Mbps down / 8 Mbps up!!

  • Present

    I wonder when LTE be in Winnipeg?

  • ColtsMild

    – iPhone 5: 48 Mbps down / 8 Mbps up
    – iPad 3: 54 Mbps down / 9.5 Mbps up

  • Jay

    They do share the same towers/network.

  • Paul Brun

    I will have to check my LTE modem when I come home as we were just outside the LTE zone in North Gower.

  • Ray

    Edmonton downtown LTE enabled!

  • Dezimieren

    LTE live in Newmarket Ontario! 17mbps up, 23mbps down.

  • Christopher Jones

    Nope, I can guarantee it. Also, check out their coverage, Fido has less coverage than Rogers. This isn’t what I’m going by, it’s just the facts

  • Steve_J_K

    Coverage has been expanded in Calgary today too.

  • frank

    no milton, pretty dumb

  • Adrian

    LTE live in the Hammer!

  • frank

    i’ve found that if you’re using the app onavo (it shrinks data), lte network will show, but it won’t work

  • Anthony ?

    Agreed. Fastest growing community in Canada, no LTE. Of course, 1/2 the town still has crap (i.e. 1 bar with a strong tailwind) cell service from Rogers/Fido so I suppose expecting improved data would be too much to ask.

  • Rackattack

    no LTE in Base Borden, pretty sure we should have got it first. Even before the GTA!

  • ME

    LTE will be in the north pole before we get it in Winnipeg. Besides on MTS who won’t enable it for iPhone 5. I think I will convert to Amish since that seems to be the mentality of local telco’s.

  • gtasscarlo

    Is LTE enabled now, I got the 6GB standalone data plan. When will that be LTE.

  • will

    Ce matin sur la Capitale de Henri IV à environs Le Stade Municipal sur Laurentienne… j’ai pogné du LTE de environs 18mbps. C’est décevant pour l’instant pour la couverture, Peux être que pas toute les antennes LTE sont starté.

    Sur le site de Rogers la carte de couverture indique que c’est suposé de fonctionner pratiquement partout en ville alors que j’ai toujours pas de LTE dans le coin de Saint-Roch/Charest.

  • Shawn

    If you’re showing LTE on your phone for a network, then your plan is already LTE enabled. Rogers had stated previously that all existing data plans would be switched to LTE capable by the end of September.

  • Typhus333

    No LTE in west Edmonton yet

  • shier

    I love how Rogers coverage map doesn’t even have “coming soon” listed for Winnipeg.

  • J’ai aussi une drole de couverture aujourd’hui. Je suis dans la zone et je n’avais que 3G ce matin chez nous. Au bureau, seulement 3G ce matin mais ce midi, j’avais du LTE (10-12mbps down et 6-13 up) … Souhaitons que ca s’améliore dans les prochains jours.

  • Hanami3

    Working in Guelph! getting 24 mbps down and 8 mbps up

  • Cody


  • The LTE coverage is absolutely horrible .. Finally kicked in around the 403/qew junction worked all the way up the top of the mountain by Ancaster then it went away again this is pathetic . You suck Rogers !

  • Are they Rogers?? I know the Telus network has LTE here, but no one I know who is with Rogers can grab LTE yet. I have rebooted the phone and made sure LTE was enabled. No luck….

  • BDUnn

    Had LTE earlier today in Cambridge and Kitchener, but for some reason, it’s out. Only getting 3G in the same spots.

  • Scratch that. Now getting LTE on Rogers. Thanks for the heads up @facebook-631930569:disqus

  • Now getting LTE in Niagara Falls. 39.28Mbps/down 15.80Mbps/Up

  • PDS

    Kingston on Fido, only 18 down and .5 up, but then I am still reveling in the 5’s speed as compared to a 3G, lol

  • Chris

    I haven’t seen LTE on Fido in London since I installed the chip yesterday.

  • Chris

    Just got it in London today. And it is lightning fast