Rogers iPhone 4S Orders Now Available Over the Phone


Prior to the iPhone 4S announcement, Rogers informed customers about the option to pre-order the device through their online reservations system. Devices would be available on a first-come, first-serve basis dependent on stock, and emails would be dispatched to customers informing them when they could pick up their phone. The reservations system resulted in long waits due to huge iPhone 4S demand.

According to a tip we’ve received, it now appears Rogers is allowing customers to order the iPhone 4S over the phone with customer support, bypassing the online reservations system. By ordering via the phone users can get a unit immediately and have it shipped to their residence, based on available inventory.

If you don’t want to deal with either the reservations system or waiting to have one shipped, sign your contract over the phone, then try to locate an iPhone 4S at a local dealer. Last week during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, users picking up iPhone 4S units from Future Shop were eligible for $50 gift cards.

Let us know if you’re successful in ordering an iPhone 4S over the phone from Rogers.


  • Kraken

    There are tons of stock at BestBuy and Futureshop.  Best to get your contract through the phone with Rogers (recommended if you are off contract and want to negotiate a retention deal) then pickup the phone at BS or FS.  This way, you can get a contract and the phone on the same day, instead of waiting for the phone to ship from Rogers.

  • Tee

    Rogers does NOT ship iPhone 4s from our call center.unless you live in butt fuck nowhere


  • they’re shipping mine this week

  • Anonymous

    I just ordered two iPhone 4Ss, one black, one white, both 16GB, on Dec 2nd.
    Just got a UPS tracking number and they are on their way =D

    FYI, they said they couldn’t let me pick them up from FutureShop, BestBuy, Apple Store, or Rogers retail store if I ordered from the call center, but I can’t negotiate anything plan-wise from the stores. So I decided I’d rather wait a few days for it to be shipped and get a better phone plan! Oh and I’ll sell the free Galaxy Tab 10.1 that they come with!  🙂

  • CaS

    Tried twice no success…they simply dont have!

  • CaS

    You can get a new phone if you are a new customer activating a new line……but not an upgrade for current customers.!!!arg!!!

  • PKPrest

    When you say you waited 4 days from “ordering” to getting a “UPS tracking number”, do you mean 4 days from when you put in your reservation?  If so, do you remember your original “place” – how many people ahead of you.  I just reserved one today and I have 860 people ahead of me. Thx.

  • Anonymous

    I never did the online reservation. That system is BS.
    So is any other method of getting it from Rogers.

    They completely messed everything up in the end, i spent over 6 hours on the phone with them over the course of last week. I had ordered a white and a black through the phone and they said 2-5 business days to ship. The reason the stores make you go through this device reservation is that they are franchises that get less stock than corporate head quarters.

    The white 16gb went back order a day after I made the order when they had told me that they had it in stock.  That annoyed me like crazy so I decided to call them up and cancel that phone because they mislead me. I ended up going to Apple store (where they had a ton in stock), and activate it there.

    Meanwhile my black one was with UPS and the tracking number said it was gonna be delivered this last Wednesday. That status didn’t move until Friday. So I called UPS and they told me that their truck was empty, and they didn’t have my package. They specified that I HAD to call the sender (Rogers) to  open a trace investigation claim. So i did. Rogers told me that it would take 7-10 business days before they would get an answer from UPS, and that we would proceed then. I politely told them that this was unacceptable and that I wanted to cancel that order and just go get one from Apple store. This took a lot of fighting to get up the food chain for them to allow me to do this.

    Now this is the moral of the story: CANCEL your reservation with rogers, and go to an Apple store. If they don’t have it in stock, reserve one past 9pm your local time on the apple website and they’ll have one for you the next day. They can do hardware upgrades with any carriers, and have the subsidized cost of the device charged to your Rogers account. Honestly this has been such an ordeal. Now I have 3 lines, and when the UPS thing gets resolved they will cancel my third line. Apple store saved it. Funnily enough the same clerk helped me with both situations.

    Shouldn’t be too much trouble for you since you haven’t actually gotten confirmation your device was shipped. Best of luck. Don’t forget if you get a smartphone with Rogers before Dec 31st you can get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for 150$, resell it on ebay for 400-500$ and you just paid your phone and a few months of service ;P

  • PKPrest

    Thx Matt.  I’ve taken your advice and cancelled the reservation – the local Apple Store has run out of stock so it’s Future Shop for me.  Regarding the Galaxy, told need to be a new activation to get this, not an existing customer who is getting an upgrade.