Rogers iPhone 5s Pricing Revealed, Starts at $229 on 2 Year Term


Rogers iPhone 5s two year contract pricing has been revealed on its website under the ‘Compare Prices & Models’ section of their new iPhone landing page. Pricing is as follows:

  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $229.99 ($199 in the USA)
  • 32GB iPhone 5s – $329.99 ($299 in the USA)
  • 64GB iPhone 5s – $439.99 ($399 in the USA)

There will be a $15 connection fee applied to all of these prices as well.

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So again it looks like Canadians are paying $30 more on the same two year terms on the 16GB/32GB models and $40 more on the 64 model on contract. The price increase could be related to Apple’s subsidies to carriers or the latter deciding to have higher prices up front to make up for shorter two year terms (compared to three).

Rogers and Fido iPhone 5c pre-orders went underway this morning.

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  • Arushan Y

    The 5S is not being offered on a three year term anymore?

  • steve

    Nope. The only reason they are doing this is because the law will come into effect in December, effectively banning anything longer than 2 year contracts in Canada. Thank the Federal Conservatives for that folks.

  • steve

    What concerns me is that Rogers seems to be forcing current customers, who are upgrading, to change to a new plan in order to get the reduced cost subsidized iPhone.

  • Arushan Y

    thats what I was thinking too, thanks!

  • hub2

    Thoughts: Contract prices are… higher than they should be, given the exchange rate, but in line with expectations.

    Anyone who buys it outright “month to month” from any carrier is completely nuts though, since they’re actually still locked to the carrier and costs $30 (Telus), $50 (Rogers) and $75 (Bell) to unlock. Buy direct from Apple if you want the month-to-month price!

  • hub2

    I actually do thank them for banning >2 year contracts.

    I *don’t* thank them for not having the brains to exclude a loophole that allowed the carriers to boost monthly rates as much as they did, charging and arm and leg for a piddly amount of data, and punishing singles and anyone else who isn’t eligible to share data and split the costs.

    6 GB for $120 (Rogers)? That’s literally over TWICE as much as I’m paying now for the same amount!

  • Boredofcanadiantelcos

    To have any
    iPhone at a subsidized price with Fido, you need to take a MAX plan. They could
    have offered the 5C and 4S with a SMART plan instead. MAX plans are far more
    too expensive for what they offer.

  • K3

    Are they forcing a loss of a 6gig data plan in the 5s HUP?

  • concerned

    Does that mean I’ll lose my “super 6gb” plan I currently have at $60 if I take a new 5S with subsidy?

  • rondell

    i have a great smart phone plan with fido but my contract is up and thought i would pre-order the 5c but i noticed they’re forcing you to upgrade to a more expensive plan. its BS. at best its 75 a month? you kidding me? im basically getting the same plan for 20 bucks cheaper right now with the iphone 4. im now going to be paying 240 more a year for the same thing!?

  • Chrome262

    hey just glad they are trying to do something, although they could start prosecuting or punishing them for price fixing, come on competition board so something.

  • Chrome262

    if you sign a new contract, they will not honor the old one, they state, renewals are based on availability of plans. So if you want to keep it, let your contract expire and go month to month. but yeah you won’t be able to upgrade. just buy out right

  • Chrome262

    some people have Fido dollars that they need to use, and 50 to 75 is crazy, when you can go to the smaller phone kiosks and do it for 30

  • Chrome262

    Yeah, unless you buy the phone out right, its what you are looking forward to, if you think about it, you can get back the price in a few years if you buy it at full price in the savings you mentioned

  • Chrome262

    you could also move to Wind with the 5c, and save even more money.

  • K3

    Thanks, they had said carrying over the 6 gig plan was no problem these last few years so it is good to know this new development.
    Well buying out right is the way to go this year then.

  • reformcanada

    So you can continue a plan (even if it no longer is offered) after the contract expires month to month?

  • clever27

    Rogers has an “Upgrade Eligibility Checker” on the bottom of this page: – I just checked and it said it would cost me $500 upgrade fee AND $489 (minus $50 rebate (sic)) for the iPhone 5s. When I stopped by a Rogers store yesterday, they rep told me you either pay the upgrade fee OR what you owe on your TAB – I owe $313 on my Tab. So my upgrade cost would be around $742 (429 + 313).

    BUT the big problem is that it looks like they are forcing people to take these new crap plans – I currently have the $60 Super Plan with 6 gigs from last year with a $10 loyalty credit – pay $57 now. New plans for something similar is $105 a month which is almost double. I will give customer relations a call to verify but if they are forcing people to get these new plans, no new phone for me OR I think many other Canadians.

  • Chrome262

    in theory yes, i have done it in the past, but since the 6gig things are usually have a separate contract, it is up to them if they let you get away with it (they should). If and when something better comes along you can always switch to that, sometimes they give you the BS thats its only for new customers but don’t let them fool you.

  • Chrome262

    In your case the out right option will be better in comparison to what they are offering. Its still a chunk of change, If you plan to mostly hang out in a major city, and do little traveling you might consider some of the smaller carriers like Wind, since the new phone would work and almost any network.

  • Chrome262

    Not sure, I haven’t heard of it, if you upgrade then yeah, unless you talk to them and make some sort of deal

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    it’s actually $105 for the 3GB + 3GB bonus. Still awful considering that I am also like you paying half that for 6 GB of data currently. Hoping retentions will cut me a decent deal.

  • Colin

    What’s the explanation for the extra $10 increase on the 64 gig? Apple sets the price at which they’re sold to Rogers, and that $10 isn’t in Apple’s pricing. Nor is there any viable reason as to why it would cost Rogers more.

    Seems like a pure money grab. i.e. ‘if you have enough money for this one, then you won’t miss an extra $10″

  • Colin

    Throw something on your plan for $5, like picture messaging or extra text messages. I talked to a rep yesterday and he said that as long as you’re currently paying over $60 (before fees) on your plan, you should be able to keep it your current plan. Mine is $55 for talk / + 6gigs of data, plus $15 for C ID, visual vm, etc… I don’t have to take one of their bad plans now.

  • Vinnie

    Apparently I am upgrade eligible according to the online eligibility lookup tool. However, the cost it gave me was $379.99 (32GB) and not $329.99 as listed on their website. However, in fine print it says **Before $50 Hardware Upgrade Credit**

    I called Rogers to confirm, and according to the rep, this is an mail in rebate, not instantly applied to your account. Can anyone confirm?

  • Chad Smith

    The rebate is a $50 manufacturer’s rebate. The customers must redeem the rebate themselves. It can be redeemed online rather than through mail in. A Rogers agent can send you step by step instructions via email on how to redeem.

  • clever27

    I just called customer relations and was on for about 45 minutes. They rep told me that they have 2 new tiers for devices – Premium (iPhone/S4) and Smart Max (feature phones or cheap andriod). Premium has to have a minimum of $80 and Smart Max is $60. The rep did say that he thinks it might change before launch but was not 100%. He told me to call back a few days either before or after launch as they will know more. He also said because they have 2 year contracts too, it is causing additional problems as normally they just has a price point like $50 or $60 in the past. He was a really friendly rep who agreed that these new plans were too much. As a friendly gesture, he gave me unlimited data for 3 months.

  • Magrat22

    I just got off the phone from the upgrading department and what she told me is if your plan is $60 or over you can keep it and it will be grandfathered in. Anyone with a plan less then that is going to be asked to change to a new plan.

  • JohnGalt81

    I’m still grandfathered in on a $30 6GB data plan from Fido that they had for a limited time when the iPhone was first made available in Canada in 2008!

  • Canucks

    If you currently have a voice and data plan that is $60 or more, then you can keep your current plan and upgrade as usual for 2 years.

    If your plan is under $60, you are require to have a NEW price plan that is $70 or more in order to upgrade.

    So if you are like me that is using a $30 voice plan with a $30 6GB data pack then you are all good. Enjoy. 🙂

  • T_T ?

    So how much would the ECF be then? Is it still $20 a month on Rogers? I was thinking of just going to the USA and buying the 5S or 6 if it works out to be too expensive after cancelling after a month.

  • T_T ?

    I believe It was calculated. It was a lose lose action that the CRTC took. This way, they wanted to “appear” they didn’t favor the carriers when in fact they do. I also believe they were well aware that Verizon wouldn’t set-up shop in Canada so they went ahead and pretended to be against the big three’s ad campaigns.

  • T_T ?

    come on….it’s 3 steps forward 5 steps back.

  • Vinnie

    Thanks Gary! — Let’s hope this same method applies to the 5s…

  • Chrome262

    And then their alien overloads told them to back out of the deal. Ridiculous.

  • ryandir

    Thanks to all the people who wanted 3 year contracts banned. Now my upgrade fee has gone up and they want to change my amazing plan if I want to get a new phone. Bell let me get a new phone anyways every 2 years as long as I signed up for another 3 year plan. Who cares? Where am I going? No other company will give me a better plan than I have already. I’m waiting for a few months to see if they change their plans. If not I’m buying a phone outright. I just hope they don’t start threatening to increase my plans after I buy a phone outright.

  • Manny12

    found out Rogers is wanting to charge me $20 month for early upgrade… Double what it was last September. So $500 + $439 for the iPhone or $919 no contract from Apple.

    I hate Rogers!

  • magaleng

    Too bad you all don’t live in Winnipeg! $55 Unlimited Data and Unlimited Tethering! MTS IS THE BEST! Now I give Wifi to all my friends that are trying to save on Data! LOL!

  • Rub it in why don’t ya. T_T

  • varun


  • donald munroe

    I thought about upgrading 1 1/2 weeks ago , iPhone 5s was 0 dollars on 2 year contract… Went back yesterday to upgrade and find out on April 1 the price jumped from 0 dollars to $228 .. Are they joking $228 for a discontinued phone ..?.. Bell Aliant sucks ..

  • Nicole

    Yesteray the iPhone 5s was $50 on the Rogers Website with the Share Everything Plan on a 2 year term but it went back up to $228.99 today? Why is that???