Rogers Launches New $60 Voice & Data Plan For iPhone


This week, in response to Telus, Rogers has launched a new $60 Voice & Data plan.

The plan is very comparable to the existing $60 Promotional Voice & Data plan from Telus, with the only exception being that Telus offers Voicemail 3 for free. Aside from that, the plan requires a 3-year new activation or 3-year renewal/upgrade.

Also note that this package is available to existing customers on a re-active basis.

Rogers $60 Voice & Data plan

The new $60 (+ GRRF) iPhone voice & data plan is made inline with existing offers from Telus. For reference, the plan is detailed below:

  • Minutes: 200 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 6PM
  • Data: 1GB
  • Promotions: Unlimited Canadian Text/Picture/Video messages, My10 Canadawide


  • Additional minutes and long distance: $0.40/minute
  • 3-Year term only
  • Available to new customers and existing customers who renew their contract
  • Rogers GRRF fee applies

With this plan on a 3-year term, customers are eligible for promotional pricing on an iPhone 4 16/32GB for $159/$269.

If you’re looking for service from Rogers, this is one of their best consumer plans right now.



  • Anonymous

    “Expiring student offers as a competitive match”??? F— YOU, ROGERS.

    And I find it absolutely incredulous that call display and voicemail are STILL not standard features. Enough with the gouging already.

    PS. With regards to the $60 plan, they couldn’t even match Telus’ voicemail feature?

  • Joewu Mobile

    This is my plan with Telus:
    – 300 anytime minutes
    – weekend unlimited
    – evening unlimited starting at 9 pm
    – caller ID
    – My Fav 5 numbers nation wide
    – unlimited incoming call
    – 1 GB data

    I pay $60 plus $3 text package and system fee.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers still charges GRRF – WTF!

  • Krectus

    they “launched” this plan over 2 years ago when I first got my iphone 3G. Almost the exact same except they added unlimited text now. Since then they jacked up the prices and have now re-launched this plan.

    Also nice to see it’s only on a 3-year contract, still trying to screw over those who don’t want contracts…yay Rogers!

  • BDunn

    My plan with Rogers is a follows:
    250 day time minutes
    Unlimited evenings/weekends starting at 6pm
    6gb data package
    Voicemail/call display
    Unlimited text
    Free Rogers to Rogers/fido
    100 nation wide minutes.
    $59.46 after system access fee and tax.
    I’ll take mine over this plan any day.

  • Anonymous

    Just keep on renewing my friend, cause you’ll never get it back if you let it go.
    I’m grandfathered on a plan that no longer exists as well, but it’s nowhere near as good a plan as yours.

  • hshamshu

    My plan with Rogers:
    350 day time minutes
    Unlimited evenings & weekends from 6pm
    Unlimited incoming
    Voicemail/Call display/2500 outgoing texts/unlimited incoming texts
    6GB data

    $59 after all taxes/fees.

  • Rocky

    My plan:
    300 daytime minutes
    Unlimited incoming calls
    6 pm evenings/weekends
    Rogers to Rogers/ Fido
    Voicemail / Caller ID
    2500 texts
    6 GB data

    Total: $55.92 (includes GRRF and taxes)

  • Anonymous

    This would be reasonable if it was
    -2GB of data
    -200 local minutes and unlimited after 6.
    -Unlimited Canadian Text/Picture/Video messages, My10 Canadawide
    -50 minutes of nationwide talk (We can just use skype, Truphone, etc. They might as well just give it to us rather than nickel and diming us)
    -caller ID and visual voicemail
    -No stupid system accesss fees or “government fees” that have nothing to doing with the government, or activation fees. That shit is just stupid.
    And available without a contract. I think that’s a fair amount for $60/month.

  • Bzzzz

    My plan
    250 daytime min
    Unlimited after 6pm and weekend
    2500 text caller id call waiting voicemail
    6gb data
    Unlimited incoming
    Unlimited Rogers to rogers

    Just under 45 all in

  • Jbohn

    Doesn’t seem like much of an “iPhone Plan” if it doesn’t come with Visual Voicemail.

  • BDunn

    Yeah, that’s what I did when I got my iPhone 4. Resigned the 3 year contract under the same plan. No chance of it changing. Will keep doing this too.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I’ve been renewing for a long time. My plan is from the days where you paid a $10 base plan fee, then added an airtime option. I added a $10 voice plan, and for $10 more, shared the minutes with my wife’s phone. It’s been in place so long I’ve had to add My5 to both my and my wife’s plans to keep from going over each month. No evening options, but currently free visual voicemail (they screwed up when switching me from enhanced to visual because they lost my $6 discount and could only put it back by giving it to me free) – and of course the 6GB data added on when the iPhone first came out here.

  • Ironman019

    I switched over to this plan as the MY10 Canada wide and 1 GB were big selling points (I previously was paying for the $60, 500 MB, MY5). Everything went smoothly, agent even said I could tether with this. After everything was switched over, I discovered tether,ing was still disabled, phoned up customer care and learned because this is a high value retention plan tethering is not allowed. Unfortunate but not a deal breaker for me.

  • 1 GB for $60 + fee … wow … Rogers