Rogers, Fido, Chatr Customers Can Jump on New Unlocking Policy Starting Today


Back in early February Rogers announced it was changing its cellphone unlocking policy, to allow customers to free their devices 90 days into their contracts instead of at the end. We told you in the beginning of this month Rogers would start this new policy on March 28th, which is today.

Customers who have accounts 90 days into their contracts as of today can visit any Rogers, Fido or Chatr corporate or dealer store according to the company, to unlock their device for the price of $50. You can also call in to start the process too.

TELUS currently offers unlocking for $35 after 90 days, while Bell offers unlocks for $75. Let us know if you’re going to unlock your iPhone today.


  • shinratdr

    I already did 5 hours ago. Engadget got the jump on this story before you guys. Took 1h 32m but it worked perfectly.

    Be aware that after you do the part with Rogers to finish the unlock activation you need to swap in an active, non-Rogers SIM and connect to iTunes to complete the process. Fido will work despite them using the same network.

  • K3

    at the end of the 3 year contract would an unlock be free?

  • Sid from Van

    When I got my iPhone 5 unlocked by Fido a few weeks ago I didn’t have to put any non Fido SIM card or have it connected to iTunes. I just called them and told them the MEI number then they told me to restart the phone.

  • Im on rogers and I’m about to unlock it. So swapping a fido sim in is enough? does the fido sim need to have an active plan or just stick it in and connect to itunes? I really dont want to restore my phone as I have jailbroken it.

  • TOB

    Carrier iphone unlock defo require a refresh/restart through iTunes to complete the unlock

  • hank

    IMHO, I think it is fair that these carriers charge $50 if customer wants unlock before contract ends but it is not a fair practice that to date, even after contract they still charge unlocking fees.

  • FragilityG4

    But why is it fair to ask for $50 to unlock before the contract has expire? If you break the contract you have to pay back the remaining subside anyways so its not like they’re losing anything.

  • K3

    ask that Rogers rep that was lurking around here and he’ll tell you it’s to recover the cost of….of….aaaaa…of……the shipping costs, ya thats the ticket.

  • K3

    Because the $50 is the price they deem as reasonable for the privilege of having an unlocked phone before the complete subsidy cost is recovered over the full three year term. The given excuse will be more in line with “that’s how much it costs to speak with our representatives over the ten minutes it takes to complete the unlock”. Maybe the departing CEO understands that the industry smoke and mirrors are beginning to fade.

  • TOB

    If you think collecting on cancellation/tab fees is easy or even 75% successful, you’re kidding yourself

  • TOB

    Well said, keep in mind that unlocking the device removes a tether between the carrier and the customer, so why make cutting that tether more affordable than required?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    then your phone isnt unlocked, you have to restore it and see the congrats prompt in itunes

  • FragilityG4

    Of course it’s easy … They’ll send collections after you … Try it.

  • hank

    lol 🙂

  • Nice. We told everyone on March 5th unlocking would begin today–some people remembered before our reminder 🙂

  • Nope

  • eric

    does this restore to the latest version of software? which means it cannot be jailbroken? i bought the unlock but do not want to do it if it upgrades the phone

  • Robert

    If I bought a used iPhone that is locked to rogers, and I am not a rogers customer myself, can I still bring it into the store and have it unlocked?

  • Andrew R

    Wanted to advise others that once iPhone unlock has been set by Rogers it’s “pending” until you restore as a new phone in iTunes. Then… and this step cost me extra hours (!!) DON’T restore from your backup at first when it says welcome to your new iphone in iTunes.. wait until you have the congrats your phone is now unlocked window, THEN do your restore from backup. It took Rogers over an hour to get someone to tell me this!

  • eric

    i tried it that way and it did not work for me…apparently it has to say “connect to itunes to activate” and mine would not say that…i used a koodo sim and also tried a bell sim

  • eric

    did that restore upgrade you to version 6.3?

  • AlexA

    Do you have to physically go into a Rogers store or can this happen over the phone? If so, once you make the call, do you just plug into iTunes and follow the prompts?


  • Christopher Jones

    Rogers owns Fido, but they are not the same network. I made that mistake myself, then I asked a Rogers representative, and he corrected me. An easy way to tell, look at Rogers’ network coverage, then look at Fido’s coverage: they’re both different

  • Andrew R

    You can phone them, then you have to follow the steps I explained below

  • Andrew R

    6.1.3 yes

  • You will need to be on a month-to-month plan for at least 90 days first to be eligible for an unlock, which will cost $50.

  • Stacy T. Bonner

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  • bob

    And when do you get this congrats? do you just stay at the new iPhone or restore from backup window?

  • f1ght3r

    So if i get my phone unlocked, I’ll lose my jailbreak? Please advise 🙂

  • Yes

  • eric

    even with a shift restore?

  • eric
  • Jooster

    Just get a sim card from a Rogers store and a $50 prepaid card. Call Rogers Pay as You Go activation number to set up a new account and get the unlocked using that $50. Service reps are not all equally knowledgeable and may want you to have it registered for 90 on account before unlocking so you may need to insist that it is possible. I had to make a few calls but eventually got the Rogers iphone unlocked.

  • f1ght3r

    Thanks Gary

  • Yah I unlocked my iPhone 4S with no problems and gave it to my girlfriend who’s on Telus. They said I had to do a full restore but it didn’t need it. All you have to do is reset the network settings. After that, insert the SIM card and activate. The device will then just need to be turned off and on and that’s it. Haven’t had any issues with it since.

  • nodisqus

    At the end of the contract the phone should get unlocked free of charge this is bull s**t everyone applauding this as a great success is part of the reason we have been getting put over the barrel by the big three for so damn long

  • Steve Lam

    Actually this is wrong. I have an iPhone 5 with rogers. I called in to unlock it via IMEI and that was fine. Then all I did was reset network settings on the phone and rebooted. Put in a Bell nano sim and it worked just fine. No restore and no jailbreak lost.

  • Steve Lam

    Just wanted to comment and say thanks! Worked perfectly and didn’t lose my jailbreak.

  • f1ght3r

    Thanks for the tip bro!

  • Rio

    Fuck Rogers, fuck Fido, fuck Bell, fuck them all. 75$ or 50$ for an unlock, pfff. They just want to rip you off !

  • Jean

    My iphone 4 is no longer used as I upgraded to an iphone 5. When I called Bell to get the i4 unlocked and they said that they could not as my i4 imei was not active on their network so I had to buy a one month plan so it is active on their network to proceed with the unlock. Is that true?

  • fogmann

    My unlocking experience was smooth with Rogers. I had upgraded, and still had an account with Rogers, however the phone to be unlocked was no longer active on Rogers.

    I don’t mind paying the $50, after all the phone was free to begin with. It is either that or buy it outright for $$$$.

    No hassles and took only 15 minutes via OnLine Chat:

    Here is a my chat session. Make sure to have your account#, Rogers login email, IMEI & personal details ready.

    Support session established with Katli.

    10:51 AM Katli:
    Hello, my name is Katli in the Rogers Live Chat Department, how may I help you?

    10:51 AM Customer:
    i would like to unlock my iPhone 4s

    10:51 AM Katli:
    May I ask why?

    10:52 AM Customer:
    I have upgraded to a Phone 5C and would like to give the 4s to my daughter to use on her Fido account

    10:52 AM Katli:
    I can certainly help you with that, in order to access your account, I will require some information from you. Please click on the following secure link to enter your personal information. You will notice I requested a four digit PIN. If you do not have one associated to your account, please leave this field blank.

    10:52 AM Katli:

    10:54 AM Katli:
    Can I get the IMEI of the phone from you?

    10:54 AM Customer:

    10:54 AM Katli:
    Thank you.

    10:54 AM Katli:
    Are you aware of the $50 fee that will be on your next bill?

    10:55 AM Customer:

    10:56 AM Customer:
    Does it need to be connected to Rogers network to complete? Since I upgraded, it has no service.

    10:57 AM Katli:
    No it will be charged on your current account.

    10:58 AM Customer:
    Ok, thanks. So I can put in a Fido SIM and it will work now?

    10:58 AM Katli:
    It will just be a couple more moments.

    10:59 AM Katli:
    I am just waiting for the other agent to finish it up on their end.

    11:00 AM Customer:
    OK. I am getting the Fido SIM today.

    11:00 AM Katli:

    11:04 AM Customer:
    Any further steps?

    11:04 AM Katli:
    Once you place the new SIM in the device please do a back up and restore on Itunes and it will be completed.

    11:04 AM Katli:
    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    11:05 AM Customer:
    That is all. Thank-you very much.

    11:05 AM Customer:

    11:05 AM Katli:
    Thank you for your loyalty, your business is appreciated. Take care and I hope you have a great day.

    11:05 AM Katli has ended the session.

  • divine

    I’m buying a used iphone 5 locked to Fido, but I want to use it with WIND, can I call Fido so that they can unlocke it for me even though is not my account.

  • Savvyshopper

    Just so you’re all aware, it was not initiated from their warmth of heart and caring for customers, it was legislated into law as the CRTC finally took actions to stop the inherent greed of the big 3 cell companies. There are also new rules when it come to roaming and overage fees, it’s a good idea to check online for the new rules.. they are not publishing a lot of the new stuff, rather you not know I guess. 2 yrs is max too that any cell company can sign you on for. Plus you can take a phone back for up to 15 days after purchase if you decide it is not good for you. They have to unlock after 90 with them. If you purchase a phone that clause does not take effect as the legislation states “if you do not receive any inducements” and you own your phone. They are now offering 10% off for people who bring their phones, that’s to take advantage of that clause to make you do the 90 days. It’s always like a jail sentence of some sort. If you own your phone, and not sign up for their “inducement” plan (10% off to bring your phone) they really should be unlocking their phones. (This is the case you bought a privately owned phone from someone else and it’s locked to their carrier). I got caught in this tangle, told I had to take 90 days with them. I have called the CRTC and am waiting on response to that one.

  • Savvyshopper

    and here’s the dope at the actual CRTC… this information is useful to know ahead of time before going to one of the cell company kiosks.

  • jbnpqr

    Its the sim card that tells the phone what to do.By cutting and fitting any sim card ,you can make it work on any phone as long as the phone has been locked by the original sim card and the previous provider,if you have the previous provider.The sim card size keeps changing but the electric contacs in the phone stay the same.So they make it look like a different card