Secret Rogers Project “Stripes” Will Bring “Best Value for Money” to Customers


Canada’s largest wireless carrier has plans to execute its plan of “overhauling the customer experience” as part of CEO Guy Laurence’s Rogers 3.0 plan. A secret project currently being worked on code named “Stripes” is set to launch in the coming weeks, set to “provide the best value for money for our customers”, according to an internal doc posted by MobileSyrup:

“Rogers is launching a highly competitive and confidential project (code name: Stripes) in the coming weeks which will demonstrate exactly how serious we are about overhauling the customer experience – in a big way! Stripes will differentiate Rogers in the market and combined with Share Everything plans will provide the best value for money for our customers.”

Stripes looks to be some sort of add-on to the company’s Share Everything wireless plans, but there’s no indication of what they might be; the launch is slated sometime in mid-November.

As smartphone growth levels off, the plan now is to get users to consume more data by watching content, such as with NHL GameCentre Live. Maybe Stripes will bring customers free access to the company’s upcoming Netflix competitor shomi, a collaboration with Shaw? I don’t see the company lowering prices, but rather adding more services for the amount you’re paying per month.

Earlier this week Rogers also announced it had signed a $100 million content deal with VICE to bring new and fresh content to mobile, web and TV users.

Rogers recently hired Google VP Deepak Khandelwal to overhaul their customer service experience, which as it stands ranks alongside Bell as having the highest percentage of wireless complaints last year according to the CCTS.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    In the states even AT&T & Verizon. Have double the data in their already cheaper than Rogers Bell Telus data plans. For $70 we get 10 gigs. For $ 100 we get 15. If we convert the currency to Canadian dollars still its way cheaper.

    The only way to make customers happy is to increase their Data allowance for the price or Lower the monthly plan cost. To be honest I don’t see it happening.

  • Just me

    … And there will be no more wars, cancer and winter. Who are they kidding? It’s status quo to the bank and laughing.

  • pauljackson813

    My last pay ???7?????



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  • Al

    Prepare to be underwhelmed.

    The so-called “3.0 plan” never mentions looking at fair pricing. The “customer experience” thing just eludes to more add-ons.

  • J. W.

    “Best value for money for our customers”…according to Rogers?

    Not holding my breath for any good deals.

  • Fireeast

    Its going to be hilarious, they are going to add a $5 item and increase prices by $30

  • Max Power

    The only thing secret about Rogers is that “bringing more value to customers” really means raising prices. Actually that’s not so secret.

  • FragilityG4

    Shomi The Money.

  • MleB1

    Depak will have his work cut out for him. While Google has certainly drifted from its “Don’t Be Evil” motto, Rogers has historically started at the Evil base point in dealing with its customers, so he’s hogtied already. Rebranding the opportunity to gouge and abuse customers and then tossing in a VP with a slightly less-evil background does nothing for the consumer.

  • Cordova Bay

    Currently, I’m in the UK. bought a SIM card for my iPhone and iPad in a vending machine at Heathrow. The £20 SIM card has 300 talk minutes, 3,000 SMS messages and UNLIMITED data. The SIM card works for a month.

    Rogers must do a hell of a lot of work to make their offerings really give customers value!

  • BBB

    Stop comparing Canada to the US when it comes to the Wireless Industry – It’s not even the same playing field… not even close. Please educate yourself! 315 Million potential customers vs 34 Million potential customers – Canada’s population is extremely thin across the country vs the US. Also the Canadian industry is more regulated then the states. US companies have lower operational costs and higher profits, that’s why they offer better pricing and value. If you want to compare Canada to another country look at countries with similar industries.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    So you are sayin if Canada is lower in population than States, it’s okay for companies to charge more than double for the same amount of data ??

    If that so ,then what makes Rogers Bell Telus charge half the price in Manitoba and Saskatchvan as compared to Ontario Alberta BC for 10 Gb plan??.

  • Max Power

    The comparison is valid when you look at cost versus revenues generated per customer. Which of the big 3 do you work for?