Rogers Promo: Buy iPhone 6s for $99, Get Another for Free, On Contract


Rogers has updated their promotions page to showcase an iPhone 6s promo for new and existing customers. Essentially, the ‘deal’ works out to a free 16GB iPhone 6s on contract, with either one of the following scenarios:

  • Buy a new iPhone 6s 64GB for $99 on a 2-year Premium+ tab Share EverythingTM plan, and add a family member on an eligible additional line to get another iPhone 6s 16GB for $0.
  • Existing customers upgrading to select 2-year Premium+ Tab Share Everything plans can add a new family member on an eligible additional line to get an iPhone 6s 16GB for $0.

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The offer looks to lure more customers on existing older plans to more premium Share Everything plans. The fine print says the deal is only available for a “limited time” in-store, over the phone or live chat via There will also be a $20 per line “connection fee” to activate services.

With the ‘iPhone 7’ expected to debut next month, Rogers and other carriers are again clearing out stock to make way for the new model. Apple typically price drops existing models when new ones debut, so if you can wait a bit longer, we’d hold off for now. Getting an iPhone 6s for $0 may seem enticing, but 16GB of storage is just not enough nowadays.

Last month, Rogers started sending letters to customers on older grandfathered plans, to inform them prices were jumping $5 per month, starting August 24, 2016.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • OliChabot

    WTF. 10 months ago I paid my 64gb iPhone 6S for 450$+ taxes -.-

  • Richard Neufeld

    its the 16gb not 64gb. They must have changed it very quickly.

  • John Smith

    With both Rogers and Bell, you need to read the fine print. As it is a race to the bottom of the slime bucket for the both of them. If this were the U.S, Bell would be in prison for fraud. However, since there is no consumer protection in Canada, corporations are free to screw the public. Heck, the government’s even in bed with Bell and Rogers.
    What people fail to realize, is that three corporations run Canada: Bell, Rogers and Air Canada.