Rogers Price Cut: Tablet Add-On for Share Everything Plans Now $5/Month


Rogers has reduced the price of adding on a tablet to Share Everything plans, now at $5 per month, whereas previously it was $10 per month.

Users considering this can either get a tablet via Rogers Easy Pay on contract, or bring their own device. The tablet added to your account will draw data from your existing Share Everything plan.

Rogers share everything tablet

Do note that a $20 “connection fee” will apply, if you decide to add a tablet to your Share Everything plan.

A better deal than this may be to jump on Rogers-owned Fido, as their $15/3GB tablet data plan offer has been extended until January 31, 2017. Users can get a 32GB LTE iPad Air 2 for $0 down on contract, but will pay a financing fee of $26.63 for 24 months. Previously, an LG III tablet was available free with this offer on contract, without the financing fee.

[via RFD]


  • Karine

    I got the tablet LG III at 0$ with the promo 15$/3GB back in December for my son and we use the 3GB data Fido SIM card in his iPhone.
    Does anyone know if I can put a Rogers SIM card in my Fido LG tablet without unlocking?

  • Jesse

    You may be able too! I know I was able to use a fido sim in my old Samsung galaxy which was locked to ROGERS.

  • Karine


  • gtasscarlo

    If this plan drops the 2GB bonus and the free LG tab. It’s not that much of a promotion as the last time.

  • The term price drop “somehow” is such a rare thing in the Canadian side of the world.