Rogers To Launch Turn By Turn GPS App For iPhone


In November 2009, Rogers/Fido launched apps that allowed their customers to track their wireless usage in almost real time. The apps were called “MyAccount” and provided users with great account management functionality.

After the success of the MyAccount app, Rogers may be releasing another iPhone app on March 26, 2010. The app is to be called “Rogers Navigator for iPhone” and will provide users with turn by turn directions.

It is difficult to say how good the app will be compared to apps like TomTom, but at $4.99, it may not be all that bad. Also, unlike the MyAccount apps, it is likely that any iPhone user can use the Rogers Navigator.

Some of the Rogers Navigator features include:

  • Real time traffic alerts
  • Business finder
  • Voice turn by turn directions
  • Voice Commands
  • One touch re-route
  • 2D or 3D maps
  • Integration with Address Book
  • iPod can be used while the app is running
  • Bluetooth-enabled

Watch for the Rogers Navigator app on March 26, 2010.



  • O boy! I'm scared to see how this app turns out lol

  • Will it allow for offline navigation or will it be like AT&T's GPS app?

  • Knowing Rogers, it will probably be close to ATT's app

  • Chris

    I wonder if this will be a full download map set or if it will be more like google maps and download on the fly.. I can see this getting expensive if it’s not a full download.. Might be a good business model though 😉

  • Carl W.

    4.99 one time or a month?

  • Half_Pint

    Knowing Rogers, $4.99 per month until it takes off, then $5.99, $6.99… etc.

  • Don't forget the GRRF!

  • chridtyfdjg

    lets not buy this app if it is month to month, lets stand up against robers.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Haven't seen anything that makes me want to stop using Waze yet, and I doubt this will either.

  • Man, just hearing about this bleeds the word “fail”. Why does Rogers even bother with this stuff?! How about concentrate on TRAINING customer service agents to have a real memory, instead of a “selective one”?? KTHXBAI

  • gtasscarlo

    or spending money on their towers to make sure there 3g actually works! instead of saying turn on 2g

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  • Bladerunner

    Oh I can see the GPS satellite charge on my bill coming a mile away!

  • Half_Pint

    Yeah, but they'll call it a “Trilateration Contribution Fee”.

  • cCudmore

    March 26th was over a week ago and no sign of this app. Anyone have any news on this?

  • cCudmore

    March 26th was over a week ago and no sign of this app. Anyone have any news on this?