Rogers Unveils Next-Generation Interactive Stores, One Coming Near You


Rogers opened their latest (shall we call it Rogers Store 2.0?) retail store last week, just steps from posh Yorkville, on Canada’s longest street.

It’s not just another store you just go to service your phone or pay your Rogers bill, rather, an environment that encourages a fostering of tech-communities.

Taking over the space of what was to become yet another downtown condo, Rogers is aiming to deliver a customer experience that is intimate and more one-on-one as their digital services replace actual products.

It was only a few months ago Rogers announced they would be closing down all their video stores.  Gone are the DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and non-working phone floor displays.

Now, customers will enjoy working phone models, complimentary wifi and charging stations, a magazine wall featuring Rogers Publishing properties, and a gorgeous, rustic table, where customers can mingle.

A new service not provided before by Rogers will be technology tutorials especially useful as technology continues to evolve at a frenzied pace.

Parents won’t have to fear their children will die of boredom while parents get technical or billing support thanks to a stocked toy bin.

Rogers’ magazines are also displayed prominently, but all feature QR codes so customers can receive attractive discounts on subscriptions.

While Rogers’ signature red could be found everywhere, gone are the dull carpets and prominent black walls in the old Rogers Plus stores, replaced with a modern design, and a warm colour palate.

This is not the first store to open under the new concept – the Eaton Centre holds that distinction.  Rogers will continue to roll the new concept stores out across Ontario, with future plans to expand into the rest of the Canadian market at a later date. Stores will either be renovated locations, or brand-new locations.

The concept of a new interactive carrier store is not new, as we a while back Telus announced the launch of their own next-generation store in Laval.

I attended the official store launch party Thursday, May 17,  for iPhoneinCanada.


  • lala

    So exactly what TELUS has already done with their Laval store…

  • Omac

    Barrie on did one of these stores at Georgian mall, it’s nice I guess, still jack you with their crazy rates though

  • Anonymous

    except Rogers did it first :). The store in Barrie opened in September with the same design..

  • AlstonRoberto98

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  • Rob Hue

    Go rogers! The head location on bloor and ted rogers way is going under renovation now too I believe

  • Koot

    No she didn’t.

  • MleB1

    Well, I suppose Rogers has  decided they’ve got to be ‘seen’ as doing something for their customers (and would be customers) they gouge on  a monthly basis via their internet, cell and cable plans. Still, laying out a few real cell phones and offering ‘free’ wi-fi is a storefront is hardly cutting edge and it is meant to simply lure more rubes into contracts Rogers will not honour.
    And, in the end, their CSRs will still need to contact the Mother Ship to do anything meaningful with your service – something you can do from the comfort of home or office and with the likelihood you’d get a better price in doing so.

  • TonyCanuck

    Do you have some more pictures you can post?