Telus 6GB Data Promo Emerges While Rogers 6GB Data Plan Ends Feb. 28th


Rogers re-introduced the coveted 6GB/$30 data plan last Fall and was set to expire on February 6th. It now appears to have been silently extended past that date and will now ‘disappear’ on February 28th, as seen on an internal memo as sent in by Technapedia:

Just four days ago Bell brought back the 6GB data plan for its customers. Right on the heels of this, Telus has magically brought back their 6GB data plan (via MobileSyrup), as a ‘direct response to Bell and Rogers’ says the internal memo. This is available for customers on month to month and those on yearly contracts with a minimum $50/month bill:

I have a feeling Rogers might extend their promo yet again to dance in unison with Bell and Telus. I think this plan should just stick around permanently. Alas, these ‘promo’ offers are a great way to entice people to sign on to your network.

Anyone jumping on these 6GB plans?


  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you. I don’t understand why they keep doing this.

  • What about the underlings like Fido?

  • Anonymous

    Fido has 6gb/30 bucks.

  • Right after I posted that comment, I went on the live chat thing and the rep said they don’t have it currently and that they “might” have it this summer. Is he misinformed?

  • Ex

    I think he meant that Fido has it, but it’s not public. The company does it and currently uses it as a customer retention play.

  • That makes sense and follows what they’ve done in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I didn’t know it was for retention. I just called up Fido to change my plan in December and they offered it to me. 

  • have had the 6gb plan ever since the iPhone 3G was released….

  • Rose

    Can we just go in store or do people have to speak to a representative to get on this plan for Rogers?

  • iphone

    Is it only for those that don’t have a data plan? i can’t upgrade my exsisting data plan with a $30 6GB one, or am I asking the Telus reps wrong?

  • Neil

    I’ve had a 6GB for $30 deal with VirginMobile Canada for over a year now. I have this coupled with “myPlan 35  incoming” for $35. Works well for me and no tie in.

    myPlan 35 – Incoming

    150 Local Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Evenings (5pm-7am) & Weekends


    Unlimited Incoming Text

    Unlimited Text to Canada

    Call Display Included

    Pay per use 1X data/tether

    Pay per use 1X data/tether-US Roam

    Pay per use Browser

    Pay per use Voice – U.S. Roaming

    Standard LD Rate (to U.S. &  CAN)

    Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling
    Additional local minutes and Canadian long distance minutes are $0.35/min