The $34.75 ‘Unlimited Value’ Plan Launched by Rogers


With the 6GB/$30 plan ending next month on February 6th, Rogers has launched a new ‘Unlimited Value’ plan they think will make the perfect pairing for customers as ‘a perfect way to start 2012’.

For $34.75/month, users will get all the following ‘unlimited value’:
– Unlimited My10 Canada-wide
– Unlimited SMS/MMS
– 6pm evenings and weekends
– 200 daytime minutes
– Contract or monthly terms; $35 activation fee waived

Rogers notes pairing this with the $30/6GB data plan brings the total to $64.75 monthly, an apparent $8 savings compared to their current $72.75 MY10 Promo Plan. The plan does not include caller ID or voicemail, and when totalled it appears to be really close to the existing Telus and Bell $70 promo plans. You might be better off negotiating a deal with the Retentions Department if you can.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Anonymous

    How can they call this ‘unlimited value’ when you’re going to get charged some 8-10 bux for caller ID and voice mail on top?

  • Don’t forget the GRRF, too. 😉

  • Anonymous

    They now advertise their plans with that fee included in the price.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if they changed it or not, but Telus and Bell’s $70 plan does not include caller ID, plus you have to add system fee on top of it, so it will be about $85 before tax. You can probably get the caller ID for free if you “ask” for it.

    Compare the plans between those people I know, I think the lowest plan is Fido with the city fido plan plus 6GB/$30 data. One of my friends got the whole thing plus called ID for $54. That’s what she claimed but I don’t really know how she got it. It was a new activation.

  • Ah, okay now I see it in the fine print. I saw the GRRF on my bill recently, still an old plan.

  • Anon

    If you can do without My10, there is a $17 retention plan that consists of 200 mins, 6PM E/W, unlimited SMS.  Looks like they are charging an extra $17 just for My10.

  • Blzmwt

    Can you get this if you are already a customer with Rogers? If yes then would you need to extend your contract?

  • Alex

    still feel like an “ultamite rip-off” too me… 

  • Anonymous

    I believe you can switch plans in the middle of the contract but it will be considered a renewal. 

  • Eddie

    This post says monthly terms. Does that mean no contract? Can I get a good data plan with no contract?

    I’m being told nearly $120 per phone for a similar set of specs with no contract, by my local Rogers dealer.

    I didn’t buy unlocked phones to turn around and sign a contract.

    /can’t wait to leave Rogers.

  • Yes no contract. Best to call and inquire too.

  • Piranha

    Looks like card shuffling by cell company sharks. Best I could get so far NA call and text, 6gb and voice+Ca.Id for $70 Fido. But the haggling I had to do over last few months… Felt like a Turkish marketplace!!

  • Joeblow

    Holy shit… Whose payin for groceries?

  • Anonymous

    that is the plan.

  • Looks like Rogers might not want to sell the 6GB for $30 anymore, I just called and they said it expired on November 11th. Has anyone tried talking to Rogers for this deal? I’m in Ontario if that even makes a difference.

  • Anonymous

    all i got to say is $17.50 Insider EPP + old $15 iPhone Value Pack + $30/6gb….. 😉

  • Frankie

    If you’re currently a Rogers customer, you can negotiate (gotta push a little) unlimited talk, unlimited international text, voicemail, call display and 6Gig data for $73 plus taxes. In order to qualify as Rogers customer, you’ll have to be with them for at least 3 months.

  • Jf

    oh just so u guys know, there is no contract on the phone

  • Grisha_russki1

    i just got the 6 gig now ?
    Rogers are ass holes though!

  • bigdick

     that’s not even that good

    i’m getting

    $17.50 + $10 value plan + 30 gb and an additional -$10 monthly credit.