Want to Share Rogers 6GB Data Plan? It’ll Cost You $30 Extra


Today, Rogers launched a new data sharing option for customers that have the 6GB data plan. It will cost $30 extra per month, per device to share your existing 6GB/$30 data plan with up to five devices. But first, some history.

July 2010

With the launch of the iPhone 4, Rogers released their famous 6GB data plan. Along with the 6GB data plan, Rogers also launched a data sharing option that allowed iPhone owners on the 6GB data plan to share their data with an iPad. This service cost an extra $20 + GRRF per month and the promotion expired in September 2010.

It was unreasonable to pay extra to share data you had already paid for. This has resulted in the popularity of jailbroken apps such as MyWi.

Fast Forward To November 2010

As Rogers entered Holiday 2010, the company launched three new Data Shareable Voice & Data Plans and three new standalone data sharing options. To share these data plans with an iPad, for example, it cost an extra $15 + GRRF per month (now $10 until May 2, 2011). Some would say this is robbery.

Fast Forward To February 2011

Today, Rogers launched a new data sharing option for existing 6GB data plan customers.

Get Ready To Pay An Extra $30 Per Month

If you have the 6GB data plan from Rogers and want to share that plan with an iPad, for example, you must pay an extra $30 + GRRF per month, per device (for up to five devices) on top of your already $30 + GRRF 6GB data plan! And don’t forget the $35 one-time activation fee per device.

Let’s break this down with an example:

  • Billy owns an iPhone 4 with a 6GB data plan. He pays $25 for a voice plan and $30 for his 6GB data plan for a total of $55 + GRRF + Tax.
  • Billy can share his 6GB data plan with his iPad, but he has to pay $30 more per month for a total of $85 + GRRF + Tax.

Is Rogers preparing to charge for the use of Personal Hotspot?

Pay For Personal Hotspot?

In January, we were chatting with Rogers via Twitter about bringing Apple’s new iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot to Canadians.

While the feature will come, whether Rogers likes it or not, the control that Rogers has is choosing whether or not to charge us. We have yet to get a clear answer about being charged.

If these data share plans are any indication of what’s to come, expect to pay $10 – $30 per month extra–to share your data plan with Personal Hotspot.

Will that happen? We don’t know–but the infrastructure is there to charge us extra fees.

Will you be paying $30/month extra to share your 6GB data plan?


  • Anonymous

    Heh.. This is interesting but hell no. I’m already paying nearly 100$ month for cell service. If they think there will charge more on how I use my data, they have another thing coming. I guess jailbreaking will be the only option to keep costs down. My question is, how in the fuck can they justify this being ok to charge on top of what your already paying for?

  • Nick

    If they do charge for personal hotspot, but I use mywi to tether, will Rogers be able to tell that I tethered or will they think that data was just part of my phone’s usage?

  • Codywoodward

    both my girlfriend and I have the 6GB plan and we will both be seriously looking into iPads when the 2nd gen comes out! However I was already sqeemish on the idea of paying $10 a month to share it. I won’t pay $30 a month nor will she, I’ll hotspot it of jailbreak and mywi if I have to. They already get $100 from me for my phone every month and they’ve told me I’m not even considered me in the top 2 tiers even with a $100 a month phone bill! Thanks Rogers!

  • Josh

    Rogers can kiss my ass on this one! UNBELIEVABLE!

  • steve81

    Interesting that this happens exactly when big telcos are arguing for usage based billing… This looks more like device based billing to me. At $30 extra, you might as well just get a standalone iPad plan.

    Regarding Personal Hotspot, it would be interesting to know if the carriers can technically enable bluetooth/USB tethering and keep Personal Hotspot disabled. It’s clear from the screenshots that Personal Hotspot is going to replace tethering in Settings. They can’t remove tethering, it’s part of our contracts. So it would be interesting if you could get that technical info from Apple, as we can expect the Canadian telcos to be last minute on any such announcements.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers sucks. I have an unlocked iPhone 4 & my contract engs in 7 months. I guess Retentions will have to talk to me. I pay for 6 GB of data. I will not pay more!

  • FTelcos

    As far as I know Rogers can’t tell if you’re tethering using mywi and cannot charge you extra. However, this data has already been paid for and should be able to be used as the user wishes. The concept of charging extra for that is ridiculous.

  • Wuju007

    I will never pay more for sharing my own paid data. MyWi saves the day

  • Frommtl

    Nexus already has the hotspot option and you dont see videotron double charging for it… If its part of your data plan, it is part of your data plan! If Rogers starts charging for it, my next phone will be with videotron or a carrier that dont try to screw me everytime it can.
    Until then, jailbreak and use mywi! Works like a charm!

  • RFDmember

    Although I don’t agree with how much they charge, tethering is not the same as sharing the data among different independent devices/IMEI’s.
    For instance, an iPad could function independently by another family member using the collective 6GB, but $30? C’mon Rogers, who’s going to pay that except the rich or ignorant? We mind as well give that device it’s own separate billing data.

  • Anonymous

    It’s getting hard to believe that while already the most expensive in the world and with the increased rumbling from their customers they continue to RAISE the prices….

    But, alas, I’m sure the other two will follow and the big three will fall in line once again. ..WE’VE GOT TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!!

  • Speederd

    Jailbreak and use mywi…

  • Speederd

    Jailbreak and use mywi…

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  • Dnyc

    More reason to jailbreak and use mywi or pdanet

  • Personal Hotspot is an all-or-nothing feature. The carriers can disable it entirely (as Rogers presently does on sub-1GB plans), but they can’t choose which options to specifically enable.

    So they’ll either have to claw back the existing functionality and start charging for USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tethering, or keep on going the way they’ve been thus far with the addition of Wi-Fi. There’s no in between here.

    Based on Rogers’ past attitude toward tethering, I’m expecting they will do the latter and continue offering it for free. As another poster above points out, there is a big difference between sharing data through a single device and provisioning multiple devices on the network that can use data independently. That said, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them start charging for it… AT&T is already doing this in the U.S., and their data rates are much slower. It made sense for AT&T to charge extra when users were on “unlimited” plans, but charging extra on a capped plan is wrong — data is data and as long as it’s flowing through your primary device it shouldn’t matter how you use it.

  • I agree completely that tethering is not the same thing and it’s unreasonable for people to expect to share data between completely separate devices at no charge at all. $20 last summer was _barely_ tolerable to share data — $10 would have been more reasonable. However, as you’ve said $30 is insane, especially when you consider that $35/month+tax on your credit card gets you 5GB of data a month just for your iPad alone.

    So, $30 to *share* your 6GB or $35 for an *extra* 5GB. Not to mention that the $30 “plus GRRF” probably comes out to more than $35 anyway by the time the dust settles.

    This doesn’t even make any sense.

  • Cake

    We should all jailbreak, pay the one time $20 mywi fee , and tell those money sucking leeches at Rogers ,bell , and telus to SUCK IT!!!
    They must think we are all idiots to pay another $30/month for something we already pay for.
    Shit maybe the bank will call me and tell me I have to pay double for my mortgage at the same interest rate,but it will still take 25 years to pay off.
    F U Rogers. Treat us with respect !! We pay your bills.

  • Red Star


  • Theoretically it’s possible to tell, but that would require a more advanced level of packet inspection than Rogers is likely to undertake. For the most part, the data will just look like it’s coming from your iPhone, since as far as the Rogers network is concerned, that is where it’s coming from.

    I doubt they’re going to charge for Personal Hotspot, since Rogers has never charged for tethering in the past. It’s also likely they’d have to make USB/Bluetooth tethering part of the deal as well — it’s all the same setting in iOS 4.3 (the old “Internet Tethering” option is gone in favour of “Personal Hotspot”). I can imagine even Rogers is unwilling to deal with the backlash that would come from taking something away from existing customers who are already paying for it.

  • randomrazr

    rogers can suck on my 20 dollar plan i pay with them for my iphone 4


  • Camera_shy_13

    DON’T GIVE IN! Protest with your $$$!

    Rogers can not continue to charge us for data we’ve already paid for, even if we choose to share it!


  • JSR84

    Get bent Rogers!

  • Yurasis Dragon

    I’ve been using MyWi for over a year now, when it was sold via Rock, guess I’ll stick to MyWi.

  • Mark

    You would have to be an idiot to pay $30 per month per device. Jailbreak and MyWi is perfect. I’m thinking the $4.99 for the MyWi on demand feature is not a bad idea anymore.

  • Umar

    Never, This is radiculous.

  • Cake

    Where did you get info that that the iPad will be able to tether using blue tooth?

  • flyinb22

    I am in the exact same scenario, unlocked iPhone 4 , $30-6GB and contract ends Aug this year. If retentions doesnt come thru with a hell of a deal, Rogers can kiss my ass. 6 years with them and nothing but more money more money, and now this BS about data sharing. I have held off on jailbreak becuase I hate the instability….yes I have tried it and it is not polished enough for my liking.

  • Cake

    I bet they will charge us to use personal hotstpot. This is Rogers we are talking about. And the other two rats will follow with the same bullshit.

    Why can’t one of these CEO’s get it ? If they offered unlimited calling and data (including tethering) for $80-100 they would clean up! I would pay a cancellation fee (if I were on contract) and jump ship.

  • It’s been discovered by a number of developers who already have the iOS 4.3 beta. For whatever reason it’s not being widely reported, but there are posts about it on Macrumors among other places, and I’ve seen it working myself — you can turn Wi-Fi completely off on both devices, establish a BT pairing and tether away.

    Whether this is strictly an iPhone-iPad thing or whether the iPad will be able to tether through non-iOS BT devices is unclear at this point, but I would assume that it’s using the Bluetooth PAN profile and will therefore be compatible with any other PAN device.

  • The point is that I don’t think they *can* do this. Information I’ve seen thus far suggests that carriers won’t be able to pick-and-choose which “Personal Hotspot” features are available, and the old “Internet Tethering” features (from pre-4.3) are actually all now wrapped up in the single “Personal Hotspot” feature. The user can’t even choose which ones to enable — it’s either all on or all off.

    While it’s possible that carriers may have a hidden setting for this, it doesn’t seem like something Apple would want to allow carriers to do. Disabling tethering entirely is one thing, but picking and choosing which features to enable should be irrelevant and would damage the user experience that Apple works so hard to protect in its devices.

    If this is the case, the only way they can charge for Personal Hotspot would be to start charging for USB and Bluetooth tethering, which they’ve already given away for free to a great many users who are on contract. The negative backlash from a decision like that would be too severe even for Rogers to want to deal with.

  • Ex

    They’ll think nothing of it.

  • roadcarver

    What a load of crock from Rogers!

  • Martin

    I just could not believe my eyes when I saw this. I am highly cynical of Rogers and their business practices, but this blew my mind yet again.
    Are the people in Rogers that make these decisions from another planet??? Do they think that people will actually pay this kind of money, under these circumstances?
    Rogers, are you FUCKING NUTS???
    The only thing that allows you to do this is your virtual monopoly that you have on the market!
    What’t the bet that Fido will follow suit, as Rogers owns all of Fido!

  • Scott

    Except that particular feature is designed only for Bluetooth pairing to an iPad, so it’s not as useful as it first sounded

  • Martin

    Come to think of it, I can’t wait to see what Rogers is going to charge for Hotspot functionality!
    Rogers can learn a few lessons from Apple. Apple is giving us the Hotspot functionality in the next version of iOS for free – I bet all my life savings that Rogers will NOT let us get away with it for free! Of course the same goes for Fido, which is owned by Rogers.
    Fucking monopoly!
    I would be embarrassed to work for a company that had such business practices.

  • Cake

    Do both devices need to be on 4.3 ?

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m not ready for that at all! You are right this is robbery and Rogers should be shame! It looks like they are kidding us: ‘Ideal for existing 6gb customers…’

  • Kiki

    Hell NO! I am already paying $30 for 6GB data. Why should I pay extra to share that data I have already bought?! They are shameless blood suckers! Jailbreak your phone and use MyWi is the way to go!

  • Barrington

    I pay $30 for ‘my’ data. I opted into the program knowing that down the road I’d use most of the 6G. Currently I’m using 10%. So why not share it with my iPad. Why not? It’s my data. I pay for it, even if I don’t use it.

    Let’s all shout at Rogers: ‘It’s my data and I want it now!!!’

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  • Anonymous

    I read this and fell off my chair, then got back up and fell down again!
    Too funny Rogers… Too funny.

  • Ex


  • Johnny_cat

    When I pay Rogers the $30 for 6 gigs data, that is paying them to provide my phone with access to that much data. Now what I do with that data once it hits my phone is none of their concern, and nor should they be able to dictate to me how to use it. And so I see it as hard to believe they will be charging extra for personal hotspotting. However if I wanted Rogers to start providing data to different devices over their network (3G), be it splitting my current data subcription or just getting a whole new plan for the second device, then I can see how they could charge to provide such a service. I mean if they can start charging us to hotspot, they may as well start charging us for hooking up to our own private network at home. Makes equal sense in my mind.

  • ReyT

    Hell NO!…I already paid for that 6 GB, why should I pay extrra if I want to share what is already mine?!

  • AnonymousGuy

    LMFAO! Perfect example why Rogers = ROBBERS

    Great way for them to reach even deeper into our pockets.

  • HomePortTony

    I’ve never wanted to jailbreak my iPhone….until now.

  • Sinful

    There’s a cracked version of MyWi out there. #teamjailbreak #sinfuliphone

  • Martin

    I think you have summarized it well.
    My point is, if Rogers still ADDED VALUE to it all, I might be persuaded to part with some additional fee (although $30 would be WAY too much). However, Rogers (or Fido) is NOT adding value.
    From what I can see, Rogers doesn’t need to do ANYTHING to accommodate the addional functionality of Hotspot. They are being ruthless opportunists – simply want to grab cash where they can, whether they have done anything for it or not.
    Why is it that Apple can give one MORE functionality/features/value for the same price point, but Rogers does exactly the opposite???

  • Tom

    Will you be paying $30/month extra to share your 6GB data plan?
    Hell, NO!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Of all the stupid things rogers does this is the worst!!yea sure 60 dollars for 6 gb of data. Do they just assume all Canadians are stupid,or that we just bend over backwards.

  • The iPad would, as prior versions don’t support Bluetooth tethering at all. It’s unclear whether the iPhone would require 4.3 or could use the standard Bluetooth Tethering capabilities from prior versions. I expect the iPhone could use any iOS version that supports Bluetooth tethering, but this actually might be a good test in determining whether the iPad is using the generic Bluetooth PAN profile or something else.

  • I’ll stick with my jailbroken iPhone and I’ll gladly help people jailbreak theirs.

    This is criminal.

  • You should note that jailbreaking voids your warranty

  • Cake

    At least the carriers in the US gave the consumer 2 extra gigs with the increase. I think for an extra $30 the data plan should become unlimited with tethering.

  • Ex

    Actually not really.
    A restore and your warranty is back to normal.

  • We tried that with @home. It worked for awhile. We made a lot of money for our shareholders and…. I mean… we were able to provide our customers with the quality Internet that they wanted!

  • Where’s the dis-like button?

  • It’s actually spelt R-O-G-E-R-S. No charge for the correction.

  • It’s actually spelt R-O-G-E-R-S. No charge for the correction.

  • Thanks. We love to know that we bring joy to our customer’s lives 🙂 You meant that as a compliment right?

  • Dear Barrington. What if your cat decided to use your phone while you used your iPad. That wouldn’t be fair to us at Rogers. You know how expensive it is to provide the resources your phone would need so your cat spent a few hours looking at icanhazcheesburgers?

  • Ex

    We got ourselves a troll.

    You = being monitored.

  • Cake

    i hope you’re reading the all of the other comments as well ROGERS CANADA !

  • Shhhh!

  • Jailbreaking does not void your warranty. You can restore your phone to factory settings and no one will know the difference.

    Even if they did, I’ve walked into the Apple store twice now with malfunctioning iPhones and exchanged them even though they saw that Cydia was right there and plugging it in confirmed the jailbreak. No one should be scared that jailbreaking voids their warranty.

    Charging to share something we’ve already paid for is just silly. Jailbreak and you won’t have to deal with ridiculous fees like this from Rogers.

  • I am using Bell Canada, pay only $10 per month(plus tax) for sharing data to my iPad

    Why Rogers?!

    They are robbering for so long and it’s about time to switch (Wind or Mobicity is also great but not for iPhone)

  • Sentient_robot

    I’ll just jailbreak again. They’re not getting a dine more for my 6GB plan which I’ve never once gone over 3GB. And I’m going to leave ’em when my contract is done.

  • Anonymous

    sigh… Really?

    And do other people realize this person impersonating Rogers? Rogers wouldn’t make their presence known in a fashion like this.

    But like everyone on the ENTIRE INTERNET has already confirmed, JB does nothing to your warranty.

    The worst case scenario is you restore your phone and wipe ALL traces of the jailbreak. Done and done.

  • Anonymous

    Now, although it’s obviously not illegal to Jailbreak, the fact that you went into the store with a jail broken phone isn’t fair to Apple employees.

    Sure you had no problems doing it, but I can guarantee you if you are flippant about it, SOME Apple Store employee will kick you out and SAY you voided your warranty.

    It takes very little effort to restore your phone to default state, so unless your phone is completely broken, restore before you take it in for warranty.

    However, yes – to allow companies like Rogers rip us off like this is BS. I refused to pay when I was on my Touch Pro2, and I refuse to pay now. MyWi is a kick-ass enough program that I don’t have to, and it is not traceable in its usage.

  • Anonymous

    You, sir, are an asshat.

    PAY the money to the devs that work their ass off to create an app like MyWi.

    jail breaking is not an open door for piracy, it’s to allow us to access the system we want to. At the end of the day, PIRACY IS PIRACY.

    It’s like masturbation. Everyone does it, but no one wants to hear you post on valid message boards that you do it.

  • Anonymous

    Dude – If you’re part of the Rogers Canada PR, and I really hope you aren’t, and this is all just sarcastic hahahs.

    And if you are, they need to find another employee. Jesus.

  • Charles3108

    Your kidding 30$ for 6GB of data? I’m paying 85$/month for 3GB with Fido, for a total of 140$/month. Im getting out of this thing!

  • Phardy

    That is so funny… For 35$ with no GRRF you get 5 more gig…why pay 30$ to share the first 6 gig!!! Ridiculous….

  • pretty crappy to be asked to pay twice for the same data. And i can’t see how they will know if we are using the personal hot spot, i already use the tether option on my phone for my computer and they don’t charge me, well Fido, but i am sure the would of said something.

  • I`m so tired of this companies taking advantage of all of us with their monopoly and over price charges now they want to limit the amount of data we can download forcing us to pay more (In my case i have unlimited download with acanac) and i received a mesage saying that if this stupid bill gets passed i will only allow to download 5 gb per month after that i will have to pay extra fees ….insane lets take action ppl and stop this monopoly

  • Anonymous

    well not much else i can really say, that isnt said above
    its my data i already pay for it, rogers can screw off, they cant tell me how i can use it.
    if i want to use it as a hotspot then i can, you stupid if you just broadcast with out a password, you still cant go over your plan

  • Xx

    MyWi all day everyday!!!

  • Jordan__h

    You dis-like people speaking out about the obvious collusion going on here?

  • xxJDxx

    This is a really good point. I, myself, was wondering why wouldn’t someone just add a second 6GB plan for the same $30. The difference is that that would require a second piece of hardware to convert the 3G signal to wifi. The only difference is the hardware.
    How rogers can legally charge for this is beyond me??? If anyone COULD be charging for this service it would be apple, wouldnt it? since its their hardware providing the wifi coversion service, not rogers network….

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak and MyWi FTW!…(p.s. if they say $30 to share why are they advertising data plan sharing on every channel with commercials saying it costs a flat rate of $10) 😛

  • Ex

    $10 is the rate if you do not have the 6GB plan

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  • Hi guys.

    I am Elise from Rogers social media team. Just wanted to clarify a couple of points.
    Our 6 GB customers are very important to us and that’s why we are making special offers for them. For instance, when we launched the iPhone 4 last summer, we also offered a promotional iPad data sharing plan for just an additional $20 a month. But now – you can share your data with any device, be it tablet, embedded laptop or Rocket Stick.
    On a per GB basis, at just a $10 / GB rate, this specific plan for our 6GB customers is the best value among all other Rogers in-market data sharing offer.
    Another thing: the iOS 4.3’s Personal Hotspot feature is something that has to be made available in Canada by Apple, and until it is launched, we cannot really comment. But it is already available on some Android devices at no additional price.
    I hope this helps!


  • Ex

    “On a per GB basis, at just a $10 / GB rate, this specific plan for our 6GB customers is the best value among all other Rogers in-market data sharing offer.”

    LOL! The lesser of evils it would seem.

  • Yeah but s/he’s funny! Leave the troll alone as long as they are messing with Rogers.

  • Jm

    i won’t pay a dollar for this — has anyone heard if Bell has commented on this yet?

  • Masterrubik

    The article is great, but misleading I think. The idea that Rogers is proposing to start allowing, is sharing your $30 6GB data plan, with other data cable devices, they even indicate directly in the screen shot, that requirements are Rocket Stickets, Tablets and Ipads. These would be 3G capable versions. This would allow sharing of the 6gb plan regardless if the iphone is near the other devices. So essentially the extra charge they are proposing would expand your plan.

    I’ve read the article a few times, and this data sharing doesn’t seem to directly translate to the personal hotspots introduced in OS 4.3, Like mywi, it will just allow your ipod touch or labtop or wifi ipad to connect to your 3g network when your iphone is nearby. This is like tethering which the only limitation is you need a 1GB or higher plan.

    So time will tell but this is just my $0.02 in hopes to give another perspective instead of implying this Data sharing and personal hotspots refers to the same thing, which I don’t think it does.

  • Still though, paying $30 to share a plan you’re already paying for? How does
    that make sense?

  • Crosseyed_mofo

    “But it is already available on some Android devices at no additional price.”

    it does actually and thank you

    being said i am printing out this page and taking a screengrab juuuuust incase rogers tries to pull a fast one

  • Brian

    If they’re dictating how we use data that we’ve already paid for, maybe we should dictate how they use our money that we’ve already given them. I’d like the Toronto Blue Jays to sign Albert Pujols next year. And if they don’t, then I demand my money back.

  • +1

  • One of the many reasons why I prefer Android.

  • JD

    When I get my new iPad, I’m not paying an extra $30 to share MY data that I already pay for. I’ll use mywi instead. Fuck you Rogers

  • Andrez1

    Rogers got my $300 cancellation fee. I was only too glad to pay it to get out of their plan. It was exactly because of stuff like this.

    I sold my 3GS and more than covered my cancellation fee. Went to Bell instead.

    Only Rogers would sell you data, then sell you the same data again. I think some clever lawyer should fire up a class-action suit.

  • guest

    I’m out. No longer paying Rogers nor Bell…

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  • Harryb

    So – I pay for the 6GB iPhone plan. In addition I pay $35 for 500 mb on my iPad. It seems to me that by paying $5 less, I get to share 6 GB instead of only having 500 mb available on the iPad. I don’t see the reason for all this outrage or am I missing something??

  • Anonymous

    Depending on how you look at it then it could be good or bad.

    Good: you use about 3-4gb of data a month on your iPhone. The remaining 2-3gb can be used for your other devices.

    Bad: you’re already paying for 6gb data but you can’t use it how you want to.

    And $35/mo is for 5gb data for iPad. $20/mo is for 200mb.

  • Hi guys.

    I am Elise from Rogers social media team. I am jumping into your comments a bit late, I commented also yesterday but had a bit of a technical issue. So here I am to address some of your questions!

    First, re personal hotspot feature on iOS 4.3. We don’t typically comment on features that haven’t been launched in Canada, and Apple hasn’t made this feature available in Canada at the moment. However, personal hotspot is already available at no additional cost on some Android devices on the Rogers network .
    Now to move on to the core of this post. We value our 6GB customers and we bring you specific offers. On a per GB basis, we are offering you, our 6GB customers, the best value among all other Rogers in-market data sharing plans, at just $10 / GB.
    Also – I’ve seen questions on some other blogs about tethering. I don’t think here anyone commented about that, but I wanted to address that question in case anyone wonders. Yes, you can still tether free of charge. Tethering is offered at no additional cost to any customer with a data plan of 1GB or more.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter – @RogersElise if you need assistance on a Rogers matter.


  • Masterrubik

    Not sure why everybody is reading it this way. Mywi is the same as the personal hotspot being released in OS 4.3. Rogers has not announced charging to connect your iPad to your iPhone via wifi to use your iPhone. This is if you have a 3G iPad and want to use 4GB on your iphone and 2GB on your iPad. No need to connect them to each other or have them in the same location. MyWi or anything jailbroken could never replace that. I’m not saying the amount they are charging is right, but people are comparing apples to oranges.

  • Harryb

    Your example takes no account of the $35 Bill ‘s paying for his iPad connection anyway (500 mb)
    In real terms, Bill gets to use an extra 5.5GB on two devices for $5 less.
    I really don’t see why this is so terrible.
    We should fight net metering for sure – but let’s pick our battles here.

  • Agiesbre

    II am planning to get an Ipad and use it on my wi-fi. I hope they do not make me pay extra for that. I am not made of money.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Elsie I am not quite sure I understand the math…

    Currently we pay $30/6gb which is $5/gb… Right?

    And we are the only ones being singled out to pay the $30/mo to share this data, vs all your other data plans at $10/mo correct?

    And another question while you are here: I have an iPhone line with the lite flex rate data plan starting at $10/100mb and it can go up to $25/1gb. Does this plan qualify for the $10/mo iPad share?

  • Dave

    Go Android. Go Wind/Mobilicity. You don’t pay anything to share your data via WIFI hotstop utility. I can’t believe that Rogers is going the complete opposite direction of the new cellular providers. Rogers is going down hard with this. It almost seems as if they want their customers to switch providers. I pay $35 a month for unlimited US and Canada calling, unlimited data, and all the other perks including unlimited text messaging, sharing of my data via WIFI with as many devices as I want, and it all costs me less than $40 a month with taxes included. People would be out of their minds to stick with rogers and pay over $120 a month for what I get for less than $40. Rogers has been scamming their customers for far too long. They are about to witness a mass exodus of customers to the new providers.

  • Joeblow

    I went to the nux game last night and funny how they were not promoting this!

  • I am not completely sure about the lite flex rate data plan, I would assume the plans qualifying are the plans outlined on that page:

  • Mrs-rjk

    HE’LL NO ! Rogers is insanely greedy, and totally deluded. What I am going to do jailbreak my iPhone.
    Rogers needs to get real with their pricing…… We as consumers have far to many options available to put up with this crap.

  • Swami The Amazing

    I wanted to share my data plan between my devices (iPhone to iPad). I have the 6GB data plan.

    I went into a Rogers store, they said they could initially but would call me back when they figured out how to do it. Got a called and they said they couldn’t do it.

    I called Rogers directly to see if it could be done. The rep said absolutely it could be done, with a $10/month charge, which I thought was reasonable. She forwarded me to another person to actually set it up, and that person told me that the 6GB plan was not able to be shared at all with my iPad. I was told I’d have to ‘downgrade’ to a 1GB monthly plan for the same price as my 6GB plan to qualify for the sharing offer, which is just ridiculous.

    I don’t see what the issue is, data is data. Either allow it to be shared or don’t. It’s very frustrating to see an offer like this but they don’t say upfront which plans can and can’t be shared.
    Doesn’t make me feel valued as a customer who invests a fair bit of money into Rogers services.

  • So it looks like it will be $10/device…just got an Email from Rogers this morning.

  • Nevermind…LOL, the small print says $30 to share the 6 GB plan…can’t someone launch a charter case here? This is discrimination for sure. “You jumped on a good deal and now we regret giving you that deal so we will charge you more for other stuff to make up for it.”

    Fuck You Rogers!

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm this. Brought a broken 3G in for a repair and the rep saw it was Jailbroken. Although he did say he couldn’t work on it that moment, he did give me the option to restore it and bring it back (which I did). Consequently I had to replace it anyway because the repair screwed up the home button so it would have been a restored OS anyway.

  • Oscar9

    I guess I’ll have to jailbreak my iphone rather than pay more!

  • Dhump

    Uh… Or I could just pay extra $5 ($35 for extra 5 gb instead of 30 to share my existing 6 gb) and get a whole new plan for my iPad with Bell who have a proven record for faster 3G speeds currently. No thanks, this plan/offer needs an amendment.

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  • Minicoopernuts

    that is like saying I can’t share my fries with someone at a fast food joint. I’m not paying twice for a service. Do you charge for me to connect my internet at home to multiple computers? ?????

  • Painner222

    you ave got to be kidding we already pay up 10 time more per month for wireless service than our
    neighbours to the south now rogers who is RAPEING us canadians with sur charge this that and the other
    now want to charge us 30 more to share a plan we already own and pay for
    but if your rogers canada why not charge more cause with no laws to stop them they will keep double dipping wear and whenever they can when will our government step in and implament the same type of
    laws/rules regulations the USA has cell bilss that have a maximum dollar amount for each plan
    right this minute i have 2 iphone 4’s with data plans that were suppose to cost 30 dollars yet i have had bill over1000 dollars for 1 month use now we have done eveything we can to lower our bill and guess what rogers wireless still gets 300 plus dollars per month when will our mps legislate thes bastards into doing what is right for the general public and not the whats right for those who contribute the most to there political funds
    i live in victoria bc canada
    and i have seen greed at its best no wonder rogers one of wealtyest company in canada

  • Rimtu Khan

    Simple truth: Rogers $10, or this “innovative” data share plan is a way to rip off unassuming customers who are not aware of what they pay for, when they pay Rogers. The rogers $30/6GB data plan included tethering. That means you could always share that data with any number of other devices, such as your iPad, your laptop and anything else that could use it via bluetooth, or USB or wifi hotspot etc. If Rogers ever charged you extra for that, you could hold them liable for it, because tethering was part of the plan.

    With the wifi hotspot being made available on cell phones, I consider that to be something that is really innovative. It is just shameful that Rogers calls ‘data sharing, customer rip off’ plan, innovative.

    I left Rogers wireless and with great results. Had two phones with you. You want to come up with these type of “innovative” ideas and be greedy about $10 a month extra to squeeze out of customers? Okay, you already lost my $120 bux a month. And hopefully many more to come…

    Stay greedy…and live a wild but short life…enjoy!

  • Jay

    I’m gonna switch once my contract’s up. Screw Rogers.

  • Anonymous

    PR keeps saying the data share cost is about the back end. But the cost difference for the 6gb plans just screams greed.

  • dreamon

    Fuck you Rogers… it’s why I love Nokia. They have no control on Symbian or their apps, and Joikuspot saves the day with using your phone as a wifi hotspot, and allowing up to 5 people sharing your data. Joikuspot even pushes the data bandwidth to 3Mbps… Impressive… Tethering is even easier with Nokia since it’s built-in to the Ovi Suite software, and again, Rogers can suck my big hairy nuts since they have no control… I’m switching to Wind mobile once my contract is up…

  • dreamon

    Fuck you Rogers… it’s why I love Nokia. They have no control on Symbian or their apps, and Joikuspot saves the day with using your phone as a wifi hotspot, and allowing up to 5 people sharing your data. Joikuspot even pushes the data bandwidth to 3Mbps… Impressive… Tethering is even easier with Nokia since it’s built-in to the Ovi Suite software, and again, Rogers can suck my big hairy nuts since they have no control… I’m switching to Wind mobile once my contract is up…

  • Catzndog

    This is like legal robbery. We are already paying the most of any country in the world for Internet services.
    As soon as I can get off Rogers they are gone and I wont worry about the door hitting them in the butt on their way out.

  • Catzndog

    You should note that you may try but you will never gain full control of the Internet and you can stick your warranty where the sun dont shine.  It is not worth the paper it is still printed on.