Public Mobile Extends $38/4GB Promo Targeting Freedom Mobile to July 6


Are you a Freedom Mobile customer? TELUS-owned Public Mobile wants you to switch over to their popular $40/month ($38 after Autopay) plan with 4GB of data.

This promo was set to expire on June 30th, but Public Mobile has extended it, noting in their forums “We will be extending our Freedom competitive response promo to July 6th 11:59 pm EDT.”

As a refresher, here’s what the plan includes:

  • 4GB/month on a 90-day plan on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network
  • Unlimited Province-wide1 Talk
  • Unlimited Global Text and Picture Messaging
  • Voicemail and Call Display
  • Sign up for AutoPay on Activation and you can earn another $2 off your payment every 30 days!
  • Only active Freedom mobile customers who port in their phone number by the communicated end date are eligible for this offer.

With Public Mobile and their loyalty bonus, after five years with the company, your plan will be reduced to $33 per month with 4GB monthly (you save $1 per month every year after year 1; $2 per month every month after year 2 and so forth up to $5 per month after year 5).

Public Mobile announced the limited time offer on June 15th, but now it has extended it, most likely due to popular demand.

With Freedom Mobile set to expand their network due to new wireless spectrum obtained from Videotron’s parent Quebecor, TELUS looks to nab some customers unhappy with the former’s network, which is considered spotty compared to an incumbent network.

Thinking of switching to Public Mobile? Click here to follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to port your iPhone over to their network. We switched from Fido a while back and couldn’t be happier with the TELUS LTE network.


  • Paul R.

    The 12GB/90days, does that mean that in month 1 if I only used 2GB, then for month 2 and 3 I would still have 10GB ? And that it only resets back to 12GB at the 90 Day mark and not reset to 4GB every month ?

    I know wifi calling is not available but I also read no VoLTE, what exactly is VoLTE?

    Currently with Rogers on an old 250 min day talk time, free eve and weekends starting at 6pm. 125 txt included and 6GB data for $55 a month + tax. The only reason I have never left is because of the data, but considering it now

  • Yes and yes. It’s up to you to manage 12GB over the 90 days.

    VoLTE means you can use both voice and data simultaneously over LTE, instead of having calls drop down to 3G.

    It really depends on your needs. I’m usually within wifi most of the time so 4GB per month is doable in my case.

  • Paul R.

    Thanks for explaining 🙂

  • Cornfed710

    Just please try and be patient if you run into problems. The mods are doing there best to keep up.

  • rvs007

    Does Public Mobile support Visual Voicemails if you use an iPhone? Are there any other problems using an iPhone on Public Mobile (like iMessage/FT activation, etc.)

  • No. I haven’t missed VV.

    No other issues. It’s the TELUS network so same as being on TELUS.

  • Samano

    Switched from freedom to public June 17th . I never experience LTE before since I had my wind plan since 2012 29$ back to school promo it’s a little more I’m paying now but definitely worth it

  • The Telus LTE network is definitely an upgrade from Freedom.

  • Samano

    You said it !!