Public Mobile Says Koodo $40/6GB Switcher Offer Ends March 31st


Public Mobile still wants its customers on their coveted $40/4GB plan ($120/12GB over 90 days) to switch over to a monthly plan with Koodo. Today, customers started to receive texts which informed them the Koodo $40/6GB switcher offer will end on March 31, 2018:

Public Mobile again says customers “may qualify for a $0 phone with the Koodo Tab,” and also repeats there will be a one-time $100 bill credit.

Users are told to show texts at the nearest Koodo location, London Drugs or online and use promo code GOKOODO406GB to redeem, along with two pieces of ID.

Public Mobile originally told customers this $40/6GB Koodo switcher plan was set to expire on March 15th, but it has been extended again. Back in February, the original switcher plan was $40/4GB (after a failed price increase announcement), but then the ante was upped to $40/5GB, then again to $40/6GB, which is where we are at today.

Are you ready to give up your Public Mobile $40/4GB plan and switch to Koodo?


  • Jackie

    Waiting for an even sweeter deal.

  • 1_andrew_1

    I took the offer and made the switch. only took a few minutes and was instantaneous. With the apparent soon to be released wifi calling on iOS, this was a pretty sweet offer.

  • Greg Nicholson

    Koodo top shelf great service very friendly and courteous call center agents & from a business point of view Koodo scores 100. Thanks for your great service of 7 years now & the loyalty rewards I’ve received. Keep up the good work.

  • Lloyd Willett

    Did they give you any idea when the wifi calling would be available at Koodo thanks

  • dp

    I’ve been with Public for about 15 months. Have had no issues. With discounts I’m paying $33 a month. I’m still trying to figure out PMs motives in offering this switch to Koodo.

  • Joseph Bruni

    They advertised the PM offer that the price would not increase as long as you remained active. so put everyone nonactive on PM then raise the price in a year
    on Koodo

  • dp

    Ok thanks

  • J Lim

    What loyalty rewards do you get? Do they beat public Mobile’s?

  • gommer strike

    On your special little $33/month thing there. Maybe you’re an employee or you get some kind of corporate or company discount, in which case what you have there isn’t available to the general public. If it’s freely available to anyone who asks, then tell us how, be it bullying the CSR until they comply or whatever it is that you did.

    Well I think the answer is pretty obvious. PM isn’t going to stay around forever. That’s why they’re offering incentives – and pretty good ones – to move. They’re giving you a $100 bill credit *and* a better plan than what most people get.

  • Mine is 14 a month for 4GB. Public has loyalty bonuses and recurring refer a friend bonuses (1 dollar a month per referral) as well as a credit card auto payment bonus (2 bucks a month). Koodo won’t match the loyalty bonuses you had at public so its not worth switching.

  • Boris Tang

    I am paying effectively $33/month. ($120 – $3 loyalty – $6 autopay – $12 referral)
    To switch or not to switch – #FirstWorldProblems

  • heather

    I am so pissed as I am a koodoo customer with a crappy deal and cannot get this so time to find another provider…its just no right

  • 1_andrew_1
  • manford

    Do you think they will offer this to existing Koodo custimers

  • Tv

    Post-paid customers look better on the balance sheet than pre-paid, plus post-paid customers are arguably more likely to purchase additional services.

  • Tv

    The PM plan in question was a public offering in the fall of 2016. Anyone who wanted to could subscribe.

  • gommer strike

    120 – 3 – 6 -12 = 99

    I’m sure there’s a little typo there but you do you, man.

  • Hmmhmm

    They’re sold in 3 month increments, 99/3=33. You don’t have to be a douche you know…

  • hi there

    do you not know how to divide? 99/3 = 33

  • Boris Tang

    It is a 90-day (3-month) plan. I pay $99 every 3 months, hence “effectively $33/month.”
    Sorry I didn’t think I needed to spell it all out for anyone.