Public Mobile Promo: $30 Province-Wide Talk with 1GB 3G Data


Telus prepaid brand Public Mobile has launched a new 30 day plan promo, offering unlimited province-wide talk for $32 ($30 after $2 AutoPay discount) and 1GB of 3GB data. Yes, 3G data and not LTE data.

According to Public Mobile’s fine print, “Plans with 3G data may reach download speeds of up to 3 Mbps, with the coverage and reliability of the LTE network.”

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The plan also includes unlimited international SMS/MMS, voicemail and call display. The plan is only available for new customers.

Public Mobile’s fine print also explains “A long distance talk add-on is required to receive incoming calls while you are outside your home province.”

A comparable plan from Rogers prepaid brand Chatr would cost $40 per month, with 1GB of 3G data (currently there’s a 500MB data bonus), but it includes unlimited nationwide talk.

Bell prepaid brand Lucky Mobile offers the same price as Chatr, but currently has an autopay top up bonus of either 1GB extra 3G data per month, or $10/month for 8 months credit “to spend on extras.”

These plans are targeting customers who want a prepaid service and use data sparingly, as heavy users would easily blow past 1GB of data per month.

Public Mobile has recently pushed hard to move its customers over to postpaid plans on Koodo. It recently tried to increase the price of its coveted $40/4GB promo plan, but reversed its decision after customer outcry. Its latest attempt to make $40/4GB users switch to Koodo includes a $40/6GB plan with a one-time $100 credit.

[via RFD]


  • It’s Me

    “Sign up now, we’ll up the price in a couple months.”

  • Joe

    LOL I guess they’re done with offering good promos for now.

  • aRhyno

    I switched from the 40/4 plan… hated too but can’t trust them. Made sure to make a few $ while doing it.

  • Igor Kogan

    For new customers only 🙁

  • PacMan

    It’s getting worse. Why don’t they just shut down this division already?

  • So Young

    I dont see the point to not allow a LTE connexion with just 1GB of data. 3G should be disappear, period.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    If I had to choose between 6GB on 3G or 1GB on LTE, I would choose the first option. In fact, that’s the plan I have right now 6GB on 3G (and unlimited calling & texts to North America) for $40. I’m happy to be on 3G for the money – 3G is better than you might think. Since you’re not sharing the bandwidth, it’s all yours to use. The most taxing applications such as streaming videos and music work great so the extra speed of LTE is actually rarely needed.

    Anyway, I agree with your statement, but I’m just saying the bigger problem of the 1GB on 3G is the 1GB.