Public Mobile Reverses Decision: $40/4GB Plan to Stay After Customer Outcry


After Public Mobile made their controversial decision to raise prices of their popular $40/4GB plan, the company has now reversed the decision, informing iPhone in Canada in a statement.

Dave MacLean, General Manager, Public Mobile, said in an email, “Yesterday, we made an offer to migrate select customers to a new plan on our sister brand, Koodo, which included additional perks like a $100 bill credit and nationwide calling. After sending out the offer we heard the feedback loud and clear: we said no surprises, but we surprised them.”

MacLean added, “At this time, we will continue to offer the current Public Mobile prepaid plan of 12GB of data, unlimited province-wide talk and unlimited global text on a 90 day plan for $120. We are also keeping the option open for these customers to choose to move to Koodo by March 15 to enjoy a 4GB plan for $40 a month, which is the same data and price over 90 days.”

So there you have it folks. Public Mobile says they will continue to offer the current $120 plan with 12GB over 90 days, but the Koodo switcher option will be still available.

After the surprise price increase yesterday, which was relayed to customers via text message, numerous users complained on the company’s online forums and filed complaints with the CCTS.

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  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Too late, they did it, bye bye…

  • StarTurtle

    I’m happy again. I was also happy with the price and options I had before so it’s good to hear they reversed the decision. Thanks to iPhoneInCanada & everyone else who made their voice heard to make this happen!

  • Let me translate this: “While all good things must come to an end at some point – that point is not today”

    Translation 1: Today, you are allowed to keep your plan but not sure about tomorrow. This $40/4GB and referral credits are too good to be true and at some point, the good stuff will end.

    Translation 2: Just because we don’t trap you today, it does not mean we won’t trap you tomorrow.

    So, next time when you get a nasty message from them again, you are warned and don’t cry about it.

  • convolution

    War is won… for now.
    Not before they probably got hundreds of CCTS complaints filed against them.

  • Kev

    Based on the incident numbers from yesterday and today, it seems like there has been an increase in incidents by over 2500. Most, if not all, have got to be about this whole Public Mobile situation. Just to put it into perspective for you, the CCTS got around 9000 complaints last year. This entire Public Mobile fiasco has basically given CCTS 28% of their total complaints from last year in a span of 24 hours lol

  • convolution

    how did you get the number of incidents?

  • Let’s just say we won this battle but not sure about winning the war just yet.

  • Kev

    Comparing my incident number to the other ones people posted on RFD today.

  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    I knew it would work ?

    Now this buys us some more time to find another more reliable carrier. Any suggestions for QC?

  • Hello Moto ?????????


  • Riddlemethis

    Get off Public Mobile asap. Who knows how much longer they’ll be around.

  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    I’ve checked their plans but it seems quite pricey. Will wait for a promotion now that we can afford it ?

  • FragilityG4

    They’re owned by Telus….

  • LJ

    When we stand together as a community and express our disagreement, corporations and governments are forced to listen. Now lets speak up and make the Big 3 offer $60/10gb plans as a standard not a limited promo luxury.

  • molins

    Lets hope the other providers do the same. I am on the 40 4GB plan with Fido and they upped the price as well. There was nothing I could do to change their mind. If everyone complained then we could put a stop to these hikes. Not sure if everyone knows this but there are many levels you can go through to complain if you can’t get them to listen. It starts with the manager, then there is the Office of the president, then the Ombudsman, and if they still don’t do anything you can try the CCTS. Does anyone else have this Fido plan and have you called to complain?

  • Riddlemethis

    And water is wet…

  • FragilityG4

    So you think that despite them being owned by Telus they will disappear? Even if Telus was to shut them down they would migrate them to Koodo. I can’t imagine them letting all their clientele walk, can you? I think your water evaporated…

  • KR15P

    Good luck winning that battle.