Watch TELUS Employees Read Your Profanity-Laced Angry Tweets [VIDEOS]


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TELUS has shared a few videos of the company’s staff reading your angry tweets related to internet, wireless and more. Check them out below:

The company this year garnered the lowest number of wireless complaints according to the CCTS’ latest annual report. Out of the Big 3, TELUS generated the highest number of new wireless subscribers last quarter, adding 113,000 customers.

Jimmy Kimmel first started the phenomenon of people reading angry tweets directed towards them, when he had celebrities read them back in 2012:


  • BrodieTheDog

    $@#% you @bigthree. You can all go suck fire out of each others $&@es. None of you are better than the other. You just chase each other around in circles blaming the other while we the end user suffer your greed and incompetence. How about giving us some real value for the money we spend with you .

  • Slacker

    Phuck telus.

  • Canucksgoal

    It’s just marketing to show Telus is down to earth like us. If you take it seriously, you lose. Lol. They seem like actors more than employees anyways. Even if they are employees, WHO CARE!

    Btw Telus, I just switched to Shaw Cable from you guys on all my home services not long ago. Not coming back anytime soon.

  • Anon

    Of course these greedy fucking idiots won’t read out the tweets about their insane cash-grab pricing, and their ogopoly with other big two greedy fucking carriers.

  • Zeke

    Now thats the kind of tweet I would enjoy watching Telus’ actress’ read on video.

  • Zeke

    Someone should get the CEO’s of Bell, Rogers and Telus to read out angry tweets. That would have been better.