Telus Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Launches: Pricing at $10/Month with 1GB Data [u]


Update: Telus to launch Apple Watch Series 3 LTE sales on Friday, December 8.

Telus appears to have launched Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support today, as prices are now available to customers.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE customers on Telus will pay $10 per month for a watch add-on which includes:

  • Calls and messages to your Apple Watch
  • 1GB of data
  • Minutes and messages will be used from your phone plan
  • $20 one time connection fee, or “eSIM fee” as the company calls it
Users who updated to watchOS 4.2 today saw a carrier update come through, which then offered an option to activate their cellular Apple Watch with Telus.

Telus apple watch

Screenshot via Devin Petovello

Some customers, such as iPhone in Canada reader Robert, have been able to activate their Series 3 Apple Watch with Telus already. He explains “I just opened the Apple Watch app and went to the cellular option. When I was there an updated carrier setting pushed and I was able to click set up plan. It brought me to the plan with Telus through the Apple Watch app and activated immediately.”

Check out the screenshot below:

Telus apple watch

Telus Apple Watch Series 3 cellular plan pricing, unsurprisingly matches Bell, when the latter was the first exclusive Canadian wireless carrier to support the newest smart watch from Apple, back in September. Update: Bell’s pricing is $5 per month; Telus pricing is $10 per month (we’re blind, oops).

A previous accidental tweet by the Telus social media team in September cited a December 1st launch, but that date was removed and deemed not final. Fast forward to December, and it looks like Telus customers can now activate their Series 3 Apple Watches with the company.

As for Rogers users, there’s no word on when support will arrive for Apple Watch Series 3, but expect it to arrive in 2018 sometime, as the company plans to increase spending on its wireless network to match Telus and Bell.

Update: Telus Apple Watch Series 3 LTE is working in Saskatchewan:

Did you activate your Apple Watch Series 3 on Telus today?


  • Surveillance

    $10 seems like a bit much

  • Ace

    How is that matching Bell’s pricing? I am with Bell and its $5 a month plus you get 3 months free. is Telus limiting people to 1GB or is that a separate data on top of the phone data?

  • Xperienc3

    So pay double the price for an artificially limited amount of data to use what’s essentially the same network as Bell…..well that makes sense…..

  • My bad, pricing is double that of Bell’s. Updated!

  • Butch Bouchard

    Just did it in Montreal, 10$ is a bit expensive to be honest. Gonna try it for a month and check if it is worth it.

  • Why is it $10/mo and not $5/mo?…

  • John

    Probably for the Watch only. As Telus doesn’t want you to stream music from your watch.

    Now only if Rogers / Fido can get their act together.

  • slicecom

    Bell to double their pricing to $10 any minute now.

  • Shea Armstrong

    I just tried to activate and was unable to because I am a Telus for business customer and they don’t have any plans available for business customers, only consumers.

  • johnnygoodface

    I didn’t think I would say that, but 10$ is too rich for my blood. I’ll wait a bit. As Ace said, is the 1GB in addition of the phone’s plan or separate? What happend if we go over 1GB?

  • Minh-Quang Nguyen

    Confirmed, they said they dont even know if it will be available for business users. ever. Starting to think it was a huge mistake to renew my 4 lines 2 weeks ago

  • Shea Armstrong

    Yup, pretty amazing, especially given that there is no technical reason why they can’t offer an Apple Watch plan to business customers. I upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 3 because Telus said they were going to support it. I asked if I could “upgrade” to a consumer plan so that I can use my watch and they said even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to because they can only add an Apple Watch to a consumer plan *activated before today*. Getting frustrated, I asked why you didn’t inform me about this yesterday so that I would have had the choice. I imagine it was an expensive endeavor to add network support for the Apple Watch so it’s insane they won’t take our money. Maybe if they let business users on they wouldn’t have to charge consumer users $10/mo.

  • Surfdot

    Does this mean I will only have 1 GB of data for my Apple Watch or will I have an additional 1 GB on top of my existing data. When I signed up and logged into my Telus account it now says I have 13 GB of Shared Data instead of 12 GB + 1 GB for Apple Watch. It appears you may get 1 extra GB added on to your existing Data.

  • elkadria

    Why no business??? Anyone know why???!!!! WHY TELUS!!!!!!

  • Surfdot

    Just confirmed with Telus. The 1GB of data is additional data added on top of your iPhone data plan. Both are shared together. There is also a 3 Month Promo Telus can add for 3 free months.

  • Surfdot

    1 GB is an shared data which is added on top of your iPhone data plan. The 1GB is not restricted to the watch

  • Heathbec

    Why is there a $20 activation fee? And twice the price of Bell? And what about those who are already on a shareable plan who already have more than enough shareable data? Good excuse to switch carriers.

  • toysandme

    $10 + taxes for extra data I don’t need is too much. I’ll pass.

  • nursedude

    I have an account through an employee purchase plan..The service drone I spoke to last night said that they were hoping to offer it but that Telus had to negotiate with stakeholders to allow Apple Watch access on the plans. Seemed like BS to me and I told the drone that….

  • elkadria

    So it’s not just business accounts they aren’t supporting.
    Well that’s a load of BS!

  • Update: Telus to launch Apple Watch Series 3 LTE sales on Friday, Dec. 8. Offers 3 months free, plus it’s possible to get it for $0 upfront, more details here:

  • Jackie

    Since Telus owns PM, does this work on PM or not?

  • nternalPractice .

    it really doesn’t surprise me that the dirtbags at Telus led me into believing I could use the watch with their network and now it turns out corporate customers can’t. It doesn’t surprise me because it seems that virtually every thing in Canada is second rate and backwards.

  • ????? ??????

    Telus couldn’t provide the watch service to my Apple Watch Series 3. Don’t know why???

  • Spiridus

    Be careful, both Bell and Telus will not activate this plan (in-store and on phone) if you have a really good non-shareable plan. I have the new 10GB plan and both Bell and Telus’ Loyalty Departments said they cannot and will not allow me to have the Watch plan if you have a large data plan. It’s absolutely ridiculous, we are paying for this data, we should be able to do with it as we please. What next, block us from tethering? These companies are monsters.

  • Chris Gruenwald

    I’m going through the same issue – switched our business account from Rogers to Telus for Apple Watch 3, and now can’t use it because they don’t allow business accounts at this time. We plan to incorporate the watches for work related business, and all I get from Telus at this time is they are working on adding business accounts, but have not provided a date – beyond frustrating!