Telus Enables Earlier Renewals With “Anytime Upgrades”


Last November, Telus introduced a new upgrade policy that enabled Telus customers to renew their contract early and get a new device earlier than normal, but pay a fee for the convenience.

Normally, Telus customers must wait until the end of their current contract term to receive promotional pricing on a handset renewal/upgrade. After the policy change, by paying the “Early Device Upgrade” fee, users can get a new device at promotional pricing earlier.

Early Device Upgrade Fee

For those that do not know this policy, I’ll summarize here.

The new early upgrade fee is calculated using the discount you originally received when your contract began and then multiplying the number of months remaining on your contract. In other words, the longer you wait, the lower your fee will be, but if you want to upgrade early, you pay regardless.

The new upgrade fee first depends on which device you have and then on how many months are remaining in your current contract term. For example:

  • If you have a “premium” phone, such as an iPhone, then your Early Device Upgrade Fee is $15.00 x number of months remaining in the contract. On top of this, you pay the promotional pricing for your intended device on a 3-year term.

So for example, if you had a iPhone 4 with Telus with 8 months left in the contract and wanted to upgrade early to an iPhone 5, you would pay:

  • Months remaining: 8 months x $15.00 (premium phone fee) = $120.00
  • New device cost: iPhone 5 16GB (regular 3-year price) = $159.00
  • Total paid: $279.00 on a 3-year Voice & Data plan

Within First Six Months? Ineligible. Not anymore!

One of the major restrictions at the time was that consumer accounts within six months of the start of their contract were ineligible. In other words, if you wanted to get a new phone during the first six months of your new/renewed Telus contract, you had to wait.

To change this restriction, Telus has now introduced “Anytime Upgrades” which basically eliminates that six month restriction. As a Telus user, you can now renew your contract anytime and get a new device, but you will pay the early device upgrade fee.

So this policy changes doesn’t make things cheaper for you, but it will grant you the flexibility of upgrading earlier.


  • I suppose it’s better than nothing but it feels awfully close to just buying out the rest of your contract and then re-signing.

    At the very least I’d like to see the early upgrade fee capped at the cost of the initial subsidy which would mean only paying about 24 months max for an iPhone upgrade.

  • CK

    I hope Rogers adopts something similar, it seems reasonable for both parties involved

  • Chris

    When did they announce the iPhone5??

    I sorta feel like it’s cheaper to either buy the phone commitment free or stay in your contract for the 3 yrs…

  • Anonymous

    With just buying out isn’t it $20/mo? I think when I bought my 3GS in Nov 2009 it was $199 w/3yr or $699 outright. So I ‘saved’ $500. 500/36 is $13.88/mo. Say iPhone5 comes out August, I’ll have 15 months left so I guess I’ll pay $208 + $159 for the newest. If I bought out my contract I’m likely looking at $300+159, so I guess i’d be saving $100 by not buying out, and really it’ll be the same result so why wouldn’t I?

  • iphonelover

    Fido allows you to upgrade your iPhone with the full subsidy after 2 yrs into your 3 year contract.

  • Doobi

    Hopefully not too similar. Currently Rogers allows HUP at promotional prices every 24 months, but that would become 36 months if they copy Telus exactly. But if Rogers calculates it by $15x(24 – months of contract so far) instead of $15x(36 – months on contract so far) that’d be great.

  • Fani_l

    I friend of mine wanted to cancel the remaining 2 years of his rogers contratct and get an iphone and the guy working there said he has to pay $500 to ipgrade to a iphone4 (i dont know if he checked it right, he was to busy texting)
    Right now he has a crapy sony ericsson that most of the time doesent work.

    I thought cancel fee was $300.

  • Dom


    I currently have a Blackberry Tour without data on my account and a plan offered by the retention (38$ total). If I upgrade to the iPhone 4, do I absolutely need to get a Data plan or can I keep my old plan and renew my contract?

  • Ex

    Depends if your plan is compatible.

    Call Telus

  • Dom

    I did. 2 times. 1 told me I had and the other did a salespitch. I hoped someone here had a real answer! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    what NEEDS to happen is the US model.

    3 years is stupid. 2 years. We’re so far behind on some things, it drives me batty.

    3 years when technology changes EVERY YEAR ends up costing us our soul unless we get the phone out of contract.

    I got lucky with my phone as it went the way of the dodo and I upgraded to the iPhone 4 for my wife just a week ago, but I had to resign for a 3 year contract with $300 off my device – I don’t like it. WHO waits 3 years?

    2 is pushing it, but it’s reasonable. That’s why it works in the US. We stick around as customers, and the more appealing you make it for us, the better it is for YOU, telephone company peoples.

    The more we respect you, the more we’ll stick with you. But businesses just don’t understand. Unfortunately the world is now changed, the customer is always wrong. Sigh.

  • Ex

    What is the name of your data plan right now?

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t. The price listed is just a guesstimate.

  • Kevinmatthewroach

    I get a free upgrade with rogers every year. I have since the iPhone 3G. I just call and they wave the 3 year upgrade fee.

  • Anonymous

    And I get free service

  • Ex

    Same! 😉

  • anotherIphoneLover

    check with Fido! They are now at 30 months. When I signed they were at 24 months but recently I checked and it was set to 30 months.

    That has changed about ~ 6 months ago or fall time… can’t remember exactly when byt THEY DID change to 30 months.

    It’s funny.. we “sign” a contract, but they change te rule once we are in and locked with them. I wonder if there is a legal case against that.

    Bottom line is that I feel they change to their advantage the content of the contract without much notice if any but on our side we can’t change anything! Sound Business should be going both ways!

  • Mikomi

    You need to have a Data Plan on your account to get promo pricing on the iPhone 4. Any data plan will do ( Except the old Unlimited data plans). Since you have no data on your account now if you have a really good voice plan you can add a flex data package to your account to get the iPhone 4. Or upgrade you plan completely if its a better deal, I would suggest looking at the Voice and Data 60+ Promotional Plan.

  • Mia

    I currently have 10 months left in my contract. I’d like to upgrade from BlackBerry to iPhone4 16GB, so altogether I’d pay $200. The only thing I’m scared of though, is what happens after 10 months? Am I going to get a phone call from Telus forcing me to sign a new 3-year contract? Or can I just continue using Telus without being in a contract? Because that would be ideal, once I want to get an iPhone5, then I can be with any company…

  • Ex

    When the contract is over, your Telus account continues as is

  • alex

    This is wonderful article how to extend contract and change you device, what I will do now? I will order new phone with out contract. It will not be locked, and I will be able to use other sim cards all around world. No more roaming charges ! Thanks TELUS

  • HockeyMum4

    So just a question when I renew and upgrade device is my old phone still locked to telus? Or is it unlocked?