Telus Extends $55 Student Plan To November 30


Potential (or current) Telus iPhone owners can continue to take advantage of the $55 Telus student plan until November 30, 2010! The plan originally expired on November 14.

The plan is one of the better student packages available among the Canadian wireless carriers (the lesser of evils), mostly because of the inclusion of my10 Canada-wide which is unlimited talk and text to any ten 10-digit numbers in Canada.

As a new Telus customer, simply visit your local Telus or Apple Store. As an existing customer, ensure you have a smartphone and then call Telus to switch.

For reference, the plan is detailed below:

$55 Student Plan

  • Minutes: 200 minutes daytime
  • Evening/Weekends: Unlimited; 6PM Evenings
  • Data: 1GB
  • Included Features: My10 Nationwide, Unlimited Text/Picture/Video messages and Voicemail 3 (visual voicemail on iPhone)

Note that this plan will require valid student identification from a post-secondary institution in Canada.


  • Titod

    Sucks that you can’t add more gb to the plan tho

  • Chrisjustin _

    Can l add this plan on my 159 iPhone from telus?

  • Michael Duran

    They refused to give me visual voice mail with this plan, are you sure ?

  • Ex

    The “voicemail 3” is visual voicemail when the plan is activated on iPhone.

  • Paul Saulnier

    Actually, it’s not. Visual Voicemail is only free for 3 months on this plan. I had this plan for 3 months with Visual Voicemail and then it disappeared. Not even retentions would re-add it without a $5 fee. Any ideas?

  • Ex

    That’s odd. Many close friends of mine have had the Telus iPhone plans since the iPhone 4 launch and the visual voicemail still works, free of charge.

  • Paul Saulnier

    The *iPhone* plans have Visual Voicemail for free. But Student 55 isn’t specifically an “iPhone” plan, though it does work with the iPhone, so Visual Voicemail is free.

  • Paul Saulnier

    Sorry, I meant is *not* free. Missed that word.