TELUS to Charge Internet Customers Data Overages Starting March 30


TELUS has announced it will start charging its “heaviest Internet users” additional data bucket overages, starting March 30, 2015. The company has 1.5 million Internet customers spread across B.C., Alberta and eastern Quebec.

The company’s website explains why these charges are being implemented—due to monthly data allowances being exceeded by a small number of users.

The culprit according to the company? Consumption of video on the Internet by less than 5% of its users which account for 25% of data used on their network:

As high speed networks have evolved, however, the consumption of video over the Internet has dramatically increased. As a result, in the last 16 months alone our customers’ monthly Internet data usage has more than doubled. Further, much of this consumption is being driven by a minority of our customers – in fact, less than 5% of our Internet customers are consuming 25% of the data on our network in any given month. This has required us to reconsider our approach to ensure we continue offering a smooth and seamless Internet experience for all customers.

Accordingly, TELUS will begin applying clear and simple usage-based Internet charges for customers who go over the data allowance in their Internet data plans.

These usage charges have been designed to ensure the amount a customer pays for Internet service reflects their actual data consumption. You pay for what you use. Most TELUS customers are already on an Internet plan that meets their data usage needs, and will not incur an additional charge.

Company spokesman Shawn Hall explained why TELUS made the change to the Vancouver Sun with the following:

“The usage charges allow us to continue to support the investment required to meet growing demand for Internet data without impacting the majority of customers who stay within their monthly data allowance,”

TELUS says the changes will be phased in from the end of March to July 2015; customers will be notified by phone and mail if they are exceeding their usage allowances.

Email alerts will be sent out when users reach 75%, 95% and have exceeded their data buckets, listed below:

Screenshot 2015 02 19 23 40 52

What if you go over your monthly data bucket? You’ll be charged the following overage rates, which TELUS says “are among the lowest in Canada”:

  • First 50GB bucket over: $5
  • Additional 50GB buckets: $10
  • Monthly maximum: $75
For Optik TV customers, watching TV does not count as data, but apps such as Netflix, TED Talks, Weather Network and more do.
Are you a TELUS Internet customer? What do you think of these changes?



  • Fireeast

    I would not have this problem if they carried over my unused amount from the previous month. Which they will never do.

  • Ed Johnson

    Or provide a refund for what wasn’t used.

  • Stroodle

    I understand peoples frustration with people paying for a service but not using all available or in their eyes, subsidizing others who overuse. I was notified last night that I am one of the bad ones out there. I am averaging 2.6x my allowed usage. Before anyone blows a gasket, let me explain. I have only ONE option for an internet package in my area. I can ONLY get the INTERNET 6 package which allows me 100gb/month. My internet speed is sold to me as “up to 6gbps download” and I am paying $58.24/month (taxes included) for this wonderful package (I just got off the phone with a telus agent to confirm and was told that I was actually paying $1/month LESS than market value….wow, lucky for me….) . Now here is the fun part – I am using on overage (telus sent me the breakdown last night) 263Gb/month and I get an average of 0.5 to 1.5gbps download speeds. I am a family (with teenagers) and have 2 TVs that we watch Netflix via ATVs only – no other TV service and we all have Facebook accounts and Skype – other than that, minimal usage. I think that 263gb per month is probably pretty normal for a family like mine. (am I out to lunch here?) Here is my rant – based on the new billing program I will be paying the maximum $75 for sure (based on my 2.6x – additional $5 for the first 50 and additional $10 x 2 for the additional 63 + current $58.24 = too much) and getting the slow speeds that I am getting. I can only watch my Netflix in choppy quality anyway, so perhaps I can replace my HDTV for a CRT old school one and use the money I get from the sale of my HDTV to subsidize my telus bill for the next 1 or 2 months! I feel the service I am paying for is of poor quality and is generally a frustration to use and will now have the privilege of paying $75/month for it! That is encouraging me to continue supporting Telus for sure! Before I get beat up over my speeds, I am pretty much on a first name basis with the online telus reps (not really but you get the point) and I do know the local repair tech by name (we actually wave at each other on the hwy as we pass each other!). I have had 4 new routers in the last 2yrs, I paid for the installation of a dedicated internet line in my house from the box outside and currently have another appointment with the tech at my house on Monday. I am always told it is the lines in my area are poor quality and very old – how is that MY problem, I’m paying for a service that is offered, but not getting the quality I am advertised and sold on. I have grown accustomed to having an internet service, so am kind of stuck between a rock and a telus bill. That’s my rant.

  • Frecnhie

    In QC… Telus is still unlimited for now…

  • clever27

    What a joke, When I signed up for Telus Turbo 25 the cap was 500 gb AND THEY DROPPPED the limits to nickel and dime us. Total BS. I will go to a higher rate but I sure am not going to pay for it or they will lose my business.

  • Mike Dickerson

    Well I don’t think anyone has to feel guilty because they go over their data plans, when I got my internet (6 Mbps) there was no limit on data, then about a year ago it started showing on my phone bill how much I was using, then about 9 months ago Telus started calling me asking me to change my plan( for more money of coarse). So when I got my service at 6mbps with no limit I could run that all month none stop and use 15000 gb of data( never used it but I could have with no limit)Now Telus grabs a number out of the air and says you get 100gb less than 1% of what had! This is a set up from the get go! Reading articles that Telus putting out to the media has put Telus propaganda machine into over drive, making people feel like they are doing something wrong by using words like irresponsible when in fact it is nothing more than a greedy Corporation trying make you pay for something you already had. Primus uses the same lines with the same download speed with unlimited data for $33 a month! Telus another lie! You know it’s greed.


    I have a Telus Internet 25, with Optic TV, plus rented box’s for the TV and Internet, all in cost $120.00 p/m. My Internet cap was 250GB. I have averaged 550GB to 650GB pm for the last 18 months or so. I looked around for a new internet deal without TV service – don’t want cable TV. I landed on Lightspeed. $49.95 p/m for unlimited 25mbps plus $129.95 for the box. When I called Telus to cancel, I was transferred to ‘Retention”. They offered me a deal – I played hard to get as I was a little ‘cross’ with them. We settled on $35.00 p/m for my full service with unlimited internet. Call Telus people and cancel – they will do a deal to keep your business…

  • Alex

    Why don’t we just do the right thing an have a universal unlimited plan across the country and one cheap flat rate, why is it so hard I mean come on , useless fees and overages charges, what is the crtc doing, we seem as a country to allow every corporation screw the little guy

  • Shanon

    Im changing internet to eastlink. I suggest others change to other service providers if you dont want ridiculous charges. I already pay for netflix the weather network maybe free but it comes with the package i pay for each month why should i pay extra. If i dont use all my data do i get reimbursed i doubt it. Charge charge and charge some more thats all services do anymore funny thing is when peoples internet is down who reimburses them for that. Charges go up customer service goes down.

  • Margit

    I totally agree with you. Europe is so so much cheaper for phone and internet. We are being totally screwed here by the corporations.

  • Aura

    Switched to Shaw yesterday. I do not take issue with customers being charged extra if they regularly exceed their limits by large margins. Our Telus plan included 150 MB monthly. We were usually in the 130-140MB range. However, we exceeded our limit by less than 1 MB last month and were charged $5. Since we are typically a bit under our limits and only exceeded our limit by 1MB, I think the $5 fee is not justified. So we switched. Shaw is a lot cheaper for the first 6 months (promotional period) and marginally cheaper thereafter.

  • Ethan Jacob


    I asking for some help about Telus Charges which is very exorbitant fee
    (unlawful charges) . Last 2013 , we
    switched our Combo —Phone, Internet and Cable to them and didn’t sign any
    contract for any year but was finished 1 yr term without contract signing. But
    after 1-1/2 year with them we’re been charged by Telus of downloading data
    which they didn’t tell us that we have to be charge when data have been
    downloaded to their SERVER. We use to watched movie in netflex and some
    recorded TV shows about more than $100 fee charged for data use which were
    unfair , unlawful and too much for just watching TV recorded adn netflex moview
    which I do pay also for $8 /month? Then we switched to Shaw Cable, after a
    month Telus sent a Statement that they Charging us for $250 plus for breaking the 2 or 3 yr term that we
    didn’t sign any contract at all and my
    wife complaint about it but they said that we agree by verbal mouth that we
    agree to 2 or 3 yrs of term if we agree on it, They are a big Lier company and
    saying it’s a verbal term, No big company can do a verbal 3yrs term agreement.
    We are asking for a paper that we never sign , they cannot provide any papers
    that we sign it. Now they pursuing that we have to pay $350 plus Monthly charges of $80 (Combo
    –Cable, Phone and Internet)= $430 total what we didn’t sign anything for 3yrs term?
    Please help my family with this burden that this company, this is actually a
    Harassment and bullying rip off company. I hope you can publish this letter to
    your Newspaper.

    Jaime Lee