TELUS Sale Discounts All iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Models on Contract


TELUS currently has a sale on all of their iPhones, which includes Apple’s latest iPhone 6 models. Here’s what’s on sale right now as part of a “limited time offer”, for those looking to sign two-year terms:

  • 16GB iPhone 6 – $250 (save $100)
  • 64GB iPhone 6 – $380 (save $100)
  • 128GB iPhone 6 – $500 (save $100)
  • 16GB iPhone 6 Plus – $300 (save $180)
  • 64GB iPhone 6 Plus – $420 (save $180)
  • 128GB iPhone 6 Plus – $550 (save $180)

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The 8GB iPhone 5c remains at $0 and the 16GB iPhone 5s is $130, both on 2-year terms. All phones require a minimum $70 per month plan on contract ($60 for the iPhone 5c).

With our lower Canadian dollar, it won’t be a big surprise if the next iPhone 6s (expected to be announced at Apple’s September 9 special event) debuts at an even higher price compared to last year’s iPhone 6. Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these!


  • johnnygoodface

    I’ve never had a “s” in my life. This one’s for me: better case (7000), better cam, Quad Core, 2GB mem, force touch

  • Jason Bjerke

    I have a new corporate cel plan thats real cheap for me (6gb plus all the other bells & whistles $45,) so Ill not break my plan to buy a new phone, thus I will be buying it outright. Is there any benefit to buying from Rogers directly vs Best Buy or Costco vs Apple?

  • Sven L

    No, unless hardware is discounted through any of those, but generally your only source of new unlocked iPhones in Canada is the Apple Store. Best Buy does not sell unlocked iPhones, or sell them outright, they must be attached to a contract, and I believe that is the same for any other authorized reseller.

  • Sometimes the wireless kiosk at Costco has sign up offers like a gift card or free accessory, and also the same from Best Buy.

  • Jason Bjerke

    Good to know. I’ll keep eyes open. Thanks. You would think there should be a competition to take my $900 lol

  • yamadori

    Yes, I will be upgrading my 5S to a 6+. Timing is great, contract ending in a month or so, called retentions and they will wipe out the remaining balance on my current device as well as sweeten the deal a little more.