Telus iPhone X Pre-Orders Launch in Canada


Telus has launched iPhone X pre-orders, which took place at the same time as Apple’s. The Telus website clearly funnels customers from the ‘pre-order’ button and gets them to configure their iPhone X.

An iPhone X contract with Telus starts at $600 for the 64GB model, with a minimum $95 per month plan.

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Feedback from Telus customers has so far been very positive.

Telus says “your order will ship on Nov 2. It will arrive 1-5 days after it’s been shipped. To track your order, please use the order tracking tool in the confirmation email sent after your purchase.”

Let us know how your Telus iPhone X pre-order went in the comments below.


  • Alex

    Tried to order from Apple Store but none of my app/website were opened by 3:07am… from Twitter I saw that it worked for most people.

    As I realized I’d never be able to get a launch date I went on Telus website. Click on new customer and within 2 minutes and a background check later I have a confirmation for nov 3rd.

    Thanks Telus ! 🙂

  • Mike

    Last year i was at 3:05 and receives it 4 weeks later !
    Don’t trust telus ! The delivery had not slip yet …barely impossible compare to other provider !
    Hope i’m wrong !

  • Alex

    Agreed with you. I called and « confirmed » with them but hey… who knows what’ll happen really haha. ?