Telus Launches New Student Plan & 6GB Data Plan


To coincide with the iPhone 4 launch, and to match Rogers/Fido and Bell, Telus has also launched their own 6GB data plan.

The Telus 6GB data plan is similar to the other carrier 6GB data offers in that it requires a 3-year agreement, however it is different by not being a standalone $30 feature like it is with the other carriers. The offer also expires on October 5, 2010, after which it will no longer be available. Any customers who opt for it before then, will have the 6GB data plan for the duration of the contract.

The Telus 6GB data plan is actually absorbed into each of their three iPhone plans starting at $65.00 per month. This may sound confusing, so let’s break it down.

Telus 6GB Data Plan Offer

If you subscribe on a 3-year agreement to any Telus iPhone plan at or above $65.00 per month, the 6GB data option is included as part of the plan.

$65.00 iPhone Plan

  • Minutes: 200 daytime + 100 bonus minutes
  • Data: 1GB + 5GB (6GB)
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 6PM (6PM is a limited time promotion; evenings normally start at 9PM)
  • Choose one of: Unlimited Text Messages, Double Your Minutes (500), Free Talk/Talk to 5 Numbers Nationwide
  • Included features: Visual Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • Promotion: Six months unlimited local calling, $35 activation fee waived

$80.00 iPhone Plan

  • Minutes: 350 daytime + 100 bonus minutes
  • Data: 2GB + 4GB (6GB)
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 6PM (6PM is a limited time promotion; evenings normally start at 9PM)
  • Choose one of: Unlimited Text Messages, Double Your Minutes (800), Free Talk/Talk to 5 Numbers Nationwide
  • Included features: Visual Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • Promotion: Six months unlimited local calling, $35 activation fee waived

$100.00 iPhone Plan

  • Minutes: 450 daytime + 100 bonus minutes
  • Data: 3GB + 3GB (6GB)
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 6PM (6PM is a limited time promotion; evenings normally start at 9PM)
  • Choose one of: Unlimited Text Messages, Double Your Minutes (1,000), Free Talk/Talk to 5 Numbers Nationwide
  • Included features: Visual Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • Promotion: Six months unlimited local calling, $35 activation fee waived

So as you can see, the 6GB data plan is not added to any plan (like Rogers/Fido/Bell) and is instead included in $65.00 and higher iPhone plans.

If you plan on going with Telus, don’t worry if the 6GB data option does not show up on the paperwork. It won’t be written but it’s on the account and it is also not written on the website (it is now on the Telus website). This is similar to the $35 activation fee waiver. You’ll get the $35 credited but it just won’t be visible on the paperwork.

Existing Telus Customers

The 6GB data plan is also available to existing customers who opt for one of the eligible plans. Existing Telus customers may call Telus starting August 3, 2010 to modify their plan for the 6GB offer (confirmed by speaking to Telus directly and receiving information from Telus store sales reps). If you call in and get push back, just call back.

Telus Student Plan

Along side the 6GB data option, Telus will also soon launch a new student plan. The plan is available only on a 3-year agreement. Details are as follows:

  • $50.00 iPhone Plan
  • Minutes: 100 daytime + 100 bonus minutes
  • Data: 500MB
  • Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited at 9PM
  • Included features: Unlimited talk and text to 10 numbers nationwide, Visual Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • Promotion: Six months unlimited local calling, $35 activation fee waived

The student plan will be available soon and will require student identification from a Canadian post-secondary institution.


  • 6daniel

    a bit too late now already signed the contract 😛 but i love the ip4 from fido got a good deal 100mb flexible $10.00 to 1GB for $25.00 and the 25$ voice plan

  • Obuksus

    Woow dats a sweet plan. Hi 6daniel i was wondering, i got a blackberry and signed a contract on the 22nd and got my phone this week but i dont have the 6gb $30 plan. So can i call dem and tell dem, i want the iphone 4 and i wanna renegotiable my contract ? A friend told me u have 15 days to do so, am not sure

  • dustin1007

    Telus failed so hard Friday! Slapped their customers in the face. Left them after 7 years of service and went to Virgin.

  • Phayzer

    As long as u didnt talk more then 15 or 30 min not sure which one

  • 6daniel

    Yep take it back and ask to change the phone u get 15days to return any phone for a full refund. It also needs to be under 30mins of calling

  • Obuksus

    Thanx for the reply, i really appreciate it. What if i have used more dan 30 mins, can i still negotiabe with dem ?

  • 6daniel

    U could try and see what they can do but call the store u bought it from soon or go to the store because that way they can see the phone and let u know right away. Good luck at it!

  • Obuksus

    Thanx buddy. I really really appreciate this

  • Christopher Jones

    I'm with Fido, and I've an even better deal than that! 6GB, Visual Voicemail, 100 minutes weekdays, unlimited EV/WE starting @5, Unlimited text, Call Display and Call Waiting, all for $45!

  • Gurholt

    Dude…. How'd u land that deal? How do I get that?

  • Mike S

    Im a telus consumer, how many of you are from out East with Telus Vs out West that have switched. It seems that different parts of the country cator different. Rogers told me and I had the same number since 1994 without one late payment ever in respect of dropped called in South Alberta “sir we dont have those problems out east” Mike “its not done your done” so far love Telus but they are hardcore and do not deal. And I know Friday I called even though I didnt have a phone to deal, he said there was no way your going to get 6 gig for 30. I think they lost a few people on that day that well call Christmas in July.

    anyone experience issues with reception so far?

  • MR

    Anyone considering these plans should check out Virgin. I don't want to sound like a shill for Virgin, but unless you can get a discount elsewhere, Virgin seems to offer the best prices in every situation that I've checked. They're on Bell's network.

  • Babyrocky1

    Not sure if this is the right post to ask this question but I'm with Rogers and tried to get a phone Friday (8 phones at the location I was at- I was 10th in line 🙁 some people bought 2 grrrr) anyway anyone know when more phones are going to be shipped and when will I have to line up again lol??

  • Royar

    I'm a rogers client but for a deal like that I would cancel my last year and switch! How did you do that?

  • Panetone

    Just a heads up… Virgin is owned by Bell.

  • My Rogers retention plan is still way better <3

  • lello91

    What did you get ?

  • Nafizur

    i dont think anyone can touch my plan, no matter which new plan comes out now; non is better than my current rogers plan. 500 Day time min, Unlimited Evenings and weekend after 6,Unlimited Network Calling (Rogers to Rogers, Rogers to Fido) Unlimited Incoming, Unlimited Text, Picture Msg, Video Msg, Who Called, Call Display, Visual Voicemail, Conference Calling, 6GB Data, Road Side Assistance. Total after tax. $54.92

  • Jhounsell91

    Bell has probably the best overall plan right now, especially if you want to get an iPad at some point or if you already have one. I don't know how rogers competes with basically the exact same plan but charges double the rice plus the GRRF for iPad tethering. Rogers systems crashing on Friday sure lost them a lot of customers too. Hello Bell! Skipping 50 people in line to get my phone is a good start to this contract =)

  • rblade

    Nafizur, how did you get this deal. Please tell me so I can try and get the same. Thanks rblade

  • I really don't want to go with Telus, but I can't get anything close to these prices from the other carriers, unless I am missing something.

    If you are not dealing with retentions are the Telus plans not the lowest priced out there?

  • warpdrive

    Hey Ex! Where did you find out about existing customers bring able to take advantage of this offer on August 3rd. None of the Telus CSRs seem to know anything about that part of it.

  • Me

    Telus treats their customers like garbage. Telus customer service is one of the worst in the industry. Once you are stuck in a contract, they will screw you when you have a problem. The last 3 contracted phones (Wife and kids) I have had with them, when I had a problem, they said “you can buy out the contract for $650 if you want” rather than just helping resolve the issue. How smug.
    I now have no Telus in my home and will never deal with the company with home or my business services.

  • Junk3124

    That plan is insane! Howd you get it?


    the Student plan is no different from the current $50 smartphone plan :S, are you sure it's not $40? with 100min, 100bonus, 100MB data, etcetc.

  • iExcel

    thats a really good plan, my plan is really good, its the only reason im still with rogers to be honest, but its not as good at YOURS! how did you get it??!?

  • Vazandrew

    They may be owned by Bell but the customer service is miles ahead. Yes, since they were bought out i've noticed a few misses but for the most part everyone is courteous and friendly and i got a heck of a deal on my plan.

  • RobertG

    I had the same experience with Rogers. Had to buy two new phones when both Motorola flips broke–and had my contract extended! The problem is that I don't see any better. They are all price-fixing, not really competing (Why do they all have similar 3-year plans? Why doesn't one of them break that with a, say, 2 year plan?). It's a scam. I don't understand why MPs don't do something about this (but I have a suspicion).

  • gtasscarlo

    I can somewhat match your plan 400 day my5 local r2r 6pm evenings 2500 text ,cd, enh vm,1000 Canadian ld min and 6gb data 57.34 a month

  • Baddowman

    Yes how did you get that

  • Speediakal

    Thats a good plan. But not as good as this guys:

    1000 Daytime minutes
    500 3G Video calling Minutes
    150 International Roaming Minutes (Any Country)
    Unlimited Evenings and Weekends @ 5
    Unlimited Rogers 2 Rogers and Rogers 2 Fido Calling
    Unlimited Text/Picture/Video Messaging (SMS/MMS) To US And Canada
    Unlimited Canada to US Long Distance
    Visual Voicemail/Conferencing/Call Forwarding (Unlimited)
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    6GB of Data with Blackberry Soc Code
    Caller ID + Name Display
    Call Manager
    2 Phone Numbers (403/778)
    1 1800 Phone Number
    Mobile Backup
    urMusic Unlimited PC + Mobile Plan

    I pay $51.49 after taxes and GRRF fee.

  • Oren

    The 6gb (or “add 5gb to your plan”) promotion is on TELUS's website. Where does it mention free activation (waiving $35 fee)?

  • Guest

    I might be wrong, but you have to add the $8/month to the announce plans if you want to have a call display option..

  • Turtle

    yeah and none of them come back to say how they got it… hm…. either those are corporate plans, or i smell shenanigans

  • Turtle

    the problem with the small rogers stores/kiosks is that they are managed very poorly, so it's near impossible to predict when they will get more. apple stores (according to an employee from the apple store in oakridge mall, vancouver) should be getting 2 shipments a week.

  • Turtle

    how's their coverage in vancouver (or any other city)? i live in downtown vancouver and my coverage with rogers is amazing. my girlfriend has telus and her coverage is perfect as well, but the customer service is inexistant. she's been with them for 6 years and she didn't even know she could upgrade. the customer service reps would say that there's no such policy/that she needs to bring her passport and birth certificate (i have no idea why)/that they need a manager to approve all upgrades/that she needs to hand her old phone back. soooooooooooooo much BS from lazy workers.

  • That's exactly what I did. I was with them for 8 years of screwups, ripoffs, and headaches. Virgin has been great so far, and much cheaper too!

  • Mike S

    how is the service with Telus for those of us in Alberta. Does anyone know if these will work in SASK?

  • Goulz

    I've been fighting all weekend to get it, to no avail! Does that mean that by Tuesday, we'll actually be _entitled_ to it?

  • beat this

    u think u can beat my plan with telus??

    20/20 plan (total 31.32$ per month)
    200 minutes plus 350 bonus mintues
    unlimited txt
    unlimted web browsing
    caller id
    6pm to 7am unlimited
    unlimited weekends

    and it only costs me 31.32$ per month

  • Eden

    I don't see this anywhere on the telus website. They must have taken it down. They are also all out of stock of Iphone4.

  • Jacob

    Got the deal today, didnt show up until the guy at Apple who helped us, printed the bill and showed us 5 more gigabits.

  • Jacob

    I believe so, my iPhone 4 plan is dirt cheap.

  • Lee

    Okay so what about people who are already on a 3 year contract that are on the $65 iPhone plan? I was 1.5 years into my 3 years then a year ago bought the 3GS on launch day and got the $65 plan. Do I get the extra 5GB now too or is it only for new customers or people signing a 3 year right now? If that's the case then I'm seriously going to ditch Telus when my contract is up. My best friend did a new 3 year contract to get the iPhone 3GS cheaper same day I did then a month later they gave a bigger discount for it and they included the 6pm early evenings. Because he signed a month before they said it's only on new 3 year activations and wouldn't give it to him. SO annoying.

  • JFeT

    I'm with Telus on an “entreprise” contract. My Telus reseller told me that the 6Gb is only for consumers at this time. Cross your fingers! Anyone in the same situation as me?

  • Rob

    yeah unlimited WAP WEB browsing… ohhh woow that is amazing NOT!!!
    Who cares this plan is worthless if you have an iphone

  • Demosthenes X

    Regular Smartphone plan includes My5 unlimited calling/texting. The student plan gives you 10 numbers with unlimited calling/texting.

  • Jorge

    Wow.. I called Telus to see how I could switch from my existing plan to an iPhone 4 plan and they are flat out discouraging people from switching to the iPhone.
    The girl basically told me the iPhone 4 had many issues and I should wait until they release a model without the antenna/reception issues.

  • Mostro

    was the opposite for me, at noon on friday they were the only ones withe iphones left cause they were not offering the 6 Gb plan, so I didn't not got it there either, but after 6 pm they started offering the 6Gb plan so I got the last iphone left when they were about to close at 8:45 pm, whit the sweet deal 200 min, 6 gb, free after 6 pm … nice

  • lello91

    That's bullshit lol.

    With Rogers I get:
    – 250 day minutes
    – Unlimited after 6 and weekends.
    – Unlimited network calling (Rogers/Fido)
    – Unlimited incoming calls
    – Unlimited text and mms
    – 6GB of data
    – Caller display, Whocalled and voicemail

    Total 60$/month

  • rsid

    I just called Telus and the happily added the extra data to my plan. Retention may be the way to go though, not sure I would have had the same result if I had called CS.

    I now have:
    250 min
    Evenings and Weekends free
    My Fave 5
    Unlimited MMS/SMS
    Caller ID


  • Mike Bogata

    The Student iPhone plan isn't any different from their 'Smartphone – 50' plan…
    Should be $40; 200 mins; unlimited after 6; unlimted texting; a reasonable amount of MB; and the extra features; plus free caller ID, you don't want Little Timmy talking to the wrong people now, hehehehe *evil smirk*

    I can't see this plan being affordable students at all. Especially with 13% tax on Ontario, $58 a month? As for college kids, if you can pay for it grab it. But the 'Smartphone – 50' is better!

  • Guest32

    Telus' plan came a little too late for an iPhone newbie like me. I had called a Telus store, they held an iPhone for me during the day. On the way there, decided to stop over at Bell, and having talked to the guys, I got a 6GB plan for $70. I don't need the 6GBs, but what I was thinking about was the lack of Hardware Upgrade with Telus, and how cold they were towards it all, and did not want to deal with the same BS in three years' time. Went with Bell, and have no regrets.

  • Mike

    Fido Sucks. A month ago I got a fido number with no contract and they told me that as soon as the iPhone 4 came out I could get the phone by getting into a 3 year contract and I would be treated as a new customer, I call today and now they are saying I have to wait 3 months to get the phone for $159…I am on a month to month so I am cancelling and getting a new phone from Bell for $159 as soon as they are available. they only want to sell the phone to new clients at the begining… I should be consider new since I don't have a contract… what a stupid thing to do FIDO. Not the right way to talk to someone that is not in a contract “If you want the phone soonner than 3 months pay full price” Wow…Great customer service ha!!!!!! I'm sure I'll be treated better somewhere else.

  • warpdrive

    Nice…. I just got it added to my wife's and my plans as well. He through in call Id for both as well. Didn't get the myfive though. I went through Retentions.

  • Jefferyshin

    I'm an owner of a 3GS on Telus, and I called today, told them that Fido / Rogers / Bell were offering 6GB for $30 then they were like okay, we'll switch you to the new plan.

    So now I got:
    200 minutes
    9pm evening/weekends
    unlimited txt
    caller ID

    for $65 + $7 (caller id) = $73.

    Not the best plan in the world, but whatever, 6gb is amazing

  • elhilayla

    How is your new offer?

  • elhilayla

    U RT right!
    They are garbage.
    I spoke with one lady Sp***cy, she was very arrogant and not willing to
    extend any help!
    I may not accept their offer though.
    My offer is under my name, it is above.

  • elhilayla

    How did you get it?
    It is hard to find this anywhere!
    Good Luck!

  • elhilayla

    Just now a lady told me is absolutely impossible to have my old unlimited along with me?
    How do you get it?

  • elhilayla

    Mine is close to you, though not willing to go for it.
    R U going for it?
    Mine is above

  • Jefferyshin

    Depends on what you need. I think your bill is quite high because of the long distance. But you don't have unlimited texting.

  • dustin1007

    Well… I got the $30 6GB add-on from Virgin. But I'm not happy that their nights/ weekends starts at 7pm! I'm on the $25 plan w/ 100 minutes & Unlimited Texting. The bare minimum. I signed a 3 year contract. Would have been nice to see a promotion for Caller ID and/ or Early Nights and weekends. Damned If I do.. damned if I dont. Ugh. I called Virgin Customer service and he couldn't offer me anything. 'It's Better to Be A Member' … Yeah my @$$.

  • teuls

    i got this plan when the first iphone came to canada and they gave me all thsi for 20$ per month plus taxes n othr shit

    i styll have one year left and i got a sim card and i use my ifonne now but without data plan so i still pay the same..

  • elhilayla

    Hi Jefferyshin
    Yes, I believe so, however the 100 minutes long Distance is an offer from my old plan, then the 450 minutes
    is 200 comes with the 65 plan, 200 again is my option to double my minutes and again 50 minutes bonus from last contract.
    I have all the features and I have late evening though 9:00 PM ! which is bad.
    I tried to see if I can get a better, the lady threatened me if I argue she will remover the offer from the table!

    I am confused why they are not offering me my old plan of unlimited surfing!
    I also have a feeling thatmy unlimited incoming is not offered anywhere? What do you think?

    The Bottom Line: Do I have to accept my 75+TX = 84.66? OR not?

    Kindly advise, your help is highly appreciated

  • Steven Wonder

    that's an amazing deal but can new customers get that deal? please let me know!

  • me

    That plan does not exsit. Even if you maxed out all the credits the lowest you can get that type plan is 52.70…. nice try

  • Alfredo

    lol i JUST called in and they told me its just for business customers at the moment

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  • Anonymous

    There is wi-fi on iphones and wifi is almost everywhere

  • G_cruise80

    how do you get this deal?

  • G_cruise80

    how do you get this deal?

  • Crazyfifi

    wooh  how do u get that wen and how

  • Fleur

    I’m with telus and I’ve had a lot of problems and its a lot of money all i want is a 15 unlimited text in plan but i don’t think u can do that