TELUS Promo: 12GB Data Plan for $65; Rogers and Bell Offer Same Deal with Voice Bundled


If you’re a Telus customer that needs more data, a new promo may be calling your name. The company is currently offering 12GB of data for $65 per month, a promo “for always connected families or multiple devices.” Your voice plan option will be on top of this.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Jason, the company said the data option is for new customers only, but Telus added the promo data plan to his account as a “courtesy”.

The promo data option is showing on the Telus website for customers outside Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. But you do need to take an extra step and click “Show all data options” on the website, or it won’t be revealed…

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Once you do, then you’ll see the 12GB promo for $65 per month. If that’s not enough data for you, how about 80GB for only $355 per month?

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With an unlimited Canada-wide calling option added on, you’re looking at $130 per month with 12GB of data, which is exactly what Rogers and Bell are offering right now too. But Bell charges $75 for their 12GB data option (10GB + 2GB bonus), while Rogers has it bundled into their Share Everything Plan at $130 for 12GB (10GB + 2GB bonus).

For new Rogers and Bell customers, data overages will be charged at the new rate of $70/GB, or $7/100MB.

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Screenshot 2017 08 16 09 02 59

At $65 for 12GB of data, this Telus pricing is close to the days when Canadians were able to get the classic 6GB data option for $30.

The takeaway from this post is the Telus data option of 12GB for $65 is considered decent, if you need more data and are able to switch to it as an existing customer.

Just yesterday, we told you the Big 3 simultaneously launched $62/7GB and $85/12GB voice and data plans for customers in Quebec only, due to pressure from local wireless player, Videotron.

Let us know if you’re going to be switching to any of these plans.


  • jay

    Is that a joke 130$? Wow insane

  • quebec quebec quebec ????

  • Surveillance

    My BYOD plan is $80 with 10gb and unlimited Canada wide.

  • Broadcastguy

    No luck here in Alberta. I was told it is only available only on new activation or renewals by Customer Care.

  • khiladi420

    Here’s an option you could try (I haven’t tried it personally but might work as I’ve seen it happen). It’ll most likely only going to work if you know someone from those provinces. You could go for a BYOP renewal (via Customer Care) and tell them you are moving to said province (provide them with your contact’s address) and say you’ll pick up the device at a retail location. Then ask them for the plan you want to get and hopefully it all works out. Mind you, you’ll most likely have to get a new phone number.

  • Can somebody recommend a good deal on a data only plan, preferably 10GB +?

  • khiladi420

    if that’s going into a tablet then i think they’ve only got their “flex data plan” so you’ll be billed according to how much data you use.

  • It’s going into a MiFi device. But it doesn’t have to be Telus; any network which can offer high speed data at a reasonable price.

  • khiladi420

    Hmmm… not sure but i believe it is any networks’ Flex Data plan or tablet plans (however they call it).

  • Broadcastguy

    The way that it’s worded above, it says that customers outside of Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are eligible.

  • khiladi420

    You are correct but I was just on Bell’s website (AB) and i didn’t see any promos.

  • Jason

    Hey Broadcastguy, i’m the one who got this deal last night and i’m in Calgary. I called later in the day, around 8:30. I mentioned that i seen the $65 12gb deal online and asked if I could have it added to my plan. The gentleman stated, after looking at my plan, that it’s for new customers or existing customers looking to renew a contract but as a courtesy he would honour my request. I say keep trying bud. I have no contract and 3 lines with them as well. 4 years with them as well. Good luck.

  • Rich Baker

    Still a joke compared to the unlimited data offers in the US.

  • Broadcastguy

    Thanks Jason! I’ll give it a shot tonight.

  • MrQ

    even more ridiculous is $70/GB overage charge

    Only in Canada

  • Mintu Lyall

    I got the same deal. I live in Edmonton. it took about 10 min for them to do.

  • Broadcastguy

    You guys are lucky. I called back again and they wouldn’t let me have it. New activation or renewal only.

  • Threaten to cancel. Ask to speak to a supervisor..You’ll get it!

  • Joe

    Canadian data plans are a travesty. Highesf costs worst service in G8 by a wide wide margin. And that’s before the $70/gig overcharge which is downright exploitive. Protecting one obligarchy at a time.