TELUS Responds to Shaw, ‘Internet 150’ Gets Bump to 150Mbps Upload


Shaw recently launched WideOpen Internet 150, offering download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload of 15Mbps. The promo offered new customers the plan at $50 per month for the first year and $80 per month for the second year. This caused many TELUS Optik Internet customers to make the switch (including ourselves!).

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Now, TELUS has responded with a promotion of their own, for their PureFibre plan. The plan offers up to 150Mbps download speeds, but their upload just got a massive bump to 150Mbps—from 30Mbps.

As for pricing, new customers can get Internet only at $47 per month for the first three months, then pay $85 per month afterwards, on a two-year contract (Internet 50 is $80 per month).

According to users on RFD, TELUS is also offering free unlimited bandwidth (unadvertised), while also matching Shaw’s price promotion on WideOpen Internet 150. Also, if you don’t opt for TELUS’ Internet 150 plan, the company is said to discount customer plans on 25Mbps (some paying less than $50 per month), so call in and talk to retentions.

Below is a list of cities where TELUS Fibre is currently available:

Dawson Creek
Grand Forks
Hudson’s Hope

North Saanich
Oak Bay
Pender Harbour
Port Coquitlam
Powell River

Salmon Arm
West Shore
Williams Lake

Drayton Valley

Peace River
St. Paul

So if you’re a current TELUS customer thinking about switching to Shaw for Internet, definitely call in and talk to retentions to see if you can get a discount on your current Internet plan.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary, No Love For Mississauga, Ontario ??

  • hlna55

    I changed last week and I won’t be going back for a looooooong time (at the soonest). We were on Telus 100 and paying a fortune for it. Truth of the matter is that after 2 years, more than 10 service calls and more equipment installed in my house than I could even make sense of, I never got better than 50 and that was only right after a visit. Then it would deteriorate to losing internet all together.

    I was on Telus “1.4” (for speed) for most of last weekend and tech support wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

    I’m happily on Shaw and I’m paying only $80/mo for the next year including TV and then I’m paying $140 for a year after that. Which adds up to about a $2500 savings over the next 2 years.

    Not to mention that the Internet… You know…. works!

    I’m getting 130mb download in portions of the house that didn’t even get a wifi signal before (3 wifi extenders installed by Telus) and over 160 in others.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    I should add… We did get 2 free movie rentals for our troubles!!!

  • hlna55

    Also.. The only logical reason I can draw for why people aren’t changing??? Is that they don’t know Shaw is offering these special pricing bundles!

  • Nice, you’re getting some good coverage now eh!

    We were in the same situation, we were on Internet 50 with TELUS and speeds were very intermittent. Plus, the issue with iOS downloads seemed to pop up again, as updates installed and downloaded slowly.

    Just did a Speedtest with Shaw and got 174Mbps down using their router, which is working really great.

  • Tim Stewart

    It appears to only be in areas that Shaw also serves and has the 150 available.

  • Jeeverz


    Too bad Telus Fibre rollout is about as fast as dial up.

  • Jeeverz

    Not even. Shaw has far larger coax footprint than Telus Fibre. And anywhere coax = 150mbps.

  • Tim Stewart

    Sorry, what I meant was that the offer looks to only be good in TELUS fibre areas where the 150 is available from Shaw. Most, but not quite all areas that are served by Shaw are 150 capable, but it’s getting there.

  • ddsmak

    Hi Gary, you said you were on Internet 50, was that using Telus fibreoptics?

  • hlna55

    the other “kicker” is that Telus wouldn’t allow any modem/wifi base other than the one they supplied. The shaw technician, who was very courteous by the way, mentioned that even though the Shaw modem is “far far superior to the Telus supplied unit”, you can also buy your own as an upgrade for even better wifi performance but he’s only seen that in rare instances of huge coverage requirements.

    just stating the facts based on my experience.

    I can’t understand how Telus can get away with what they’re doing and marketing a service they are barely capable of proving and providing little to no relief to the consumer after these issues arise.

  • No it wasn’t fibre. They couldn’t give a date on the roll out in my area so I said peace out.

  • 00cojo

    The availability list lies.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone suspicious as to why Shaw is throwing this great offer out there? Hoping to lock people in before something better comes along in the next few months?

  • bcsc

    Bullshit! I have a DLink AC1600 pushing from my Telus router. And Telus tech made sure it worked correctly when he switched my service last week.

  • hlna55

    Clearly you think I have some motivated reason for lying about something insignificant. I asked if I could install my own router and they said no. End of story.

    Either than or I have decided to lie about something that serves no purpose whatsoever and without motive.

    If there is any bullshit around here it’s cause you’re typing it.

  • Jinsu

    You can install your own router and bridge it to the Telus modem, you can do that with Shaw too. You either have an idiot technician, or you misunderstood, I think it was probably the latter.

  • hlna55

    I also asked that and I was told that if I did, and I experienced issues with the Internet, Telus would not provide me with tech support.

    anyone else care to offer an option that I didn’t try ? Hahhaha.

    Face it. Telus blows.

  • Jinsu

    Bullshit, stop lieing out of your ass. I have had my modem connected to my Telus router for over 10 years with Telus, on the rare occasions that I have to speak with them about an issue, they were able to assist me. Sounds like you’re one of those incompetent idiots who can’t tell the difference between an Ethernet jack and a phone jack.

  • hlna55

    I was doin this since before you were your parents biggest mistake so stop trying the Internet tough guy approach.

    I’m not saying what I did. I’m telling you what Telus told me and you don’t even have to understand this stuff to repeat what someone else says.

    Now please go try being annoying with the rest of our Telus fanboys somewhere else

  • Jinsu

    Please, you incompetent moron. You’ve written several paragraphs to prove you’re a fucking idiot. Please do me a favor and dig yourself a grave and go lay in it, you freaking tard.

  • hlna55

    Fanboy alert! Stay away from anything bad about Telus.

  • Jinsu

    Nah, I like both Shaw and Telus, it’s just the bufferbloat with shaw causing high latency issues, which they couldn’t fix it, that lead me switch to Telus. I’ve never had a problem with Telus, so why Switch?

    I just hate people like you who’s knowledge of a simple network is at the level of a potato.

  • hlna55

    If you hate ME for the experience I had with Telus and the accurate sharing of it on the this forum then you should get help. Lots of it. I asked Telus a question and they said NO. Simple as that. But I won’t hate you for your obvious issues that stem from a million other problems in your life unrelated to “simple potato networks”.

  • Jinsu

    No, dumb shit, read the 2nd paragraph again. Wow, you are a fucking potato.

  • Jkane

    For the two people arguing about Telus vs Shaw I can put the debate to rest as I have had BOTH at the same time. My billing cycle with Shaw was coming to an end, and I was switching to Telus because I needed more stable connection speeds all the time as I use VOIP phones for business. During the time I had BOTH I ran a speed tests using the same cable straight to my computer into each modem. I got between 35 – 68 down and 3-9 up with shaw during peak times, and I got 93 – 95 down and 25- 31 up with Telus at exactly the same time. You need to keep in mind with Shaw the speeds are UP TO 150 per second, but when the network gets busy in your neighborhood, the speed tends to drop. With Telus my upload and download speeds at the same no matter what time of day, I tested it multiple times and while Shaw did win once with a 127 down and 12 up, at the same time Telus pulled 93 down and 30 up, which is better for multiple lines of VOIP. Hope this ends the profanity filled debate, with actual facts by someone who had both services for 4 days of overlap.

  • Jkane

    Keep in mind my test was the Shaw 150 vs Telus 100 as Fibre is not available in my area yet.

  • Bigbear

    Just some info for you guys as well. The actual price for Telus 150 is $120. I still got another year left on my 3 year plan and they would not let me “upgrade” my Telus 100 for the $85. I have mention that I cannot see it any where on the website and the customer service rep even talked to retention but the promo code does not work for client who are on a still on a term contract.

    So it only took 1.5 hours on wait to find that out. Just want to share so the rest of you don’t have to wait on the phone to find out the bad news.

  • DH

    I as well am on a contract with Telus, but had no issues with revamping my service. Fibre is not available in my area, but I just got upgraded to Telus 50 and will only be paying 30/month for the first year.

  • welsh

    nope you stated bullshit…. you can use your own router with telus, its an easy google away

  • hlna55

    Seriously. The lot of you are dense and stupid. I ASKED Telus and they said no and they wouldn’t support it. I never said it was impossible. Now go along and finish fijcking OFF

  • Andrew Kay

    For those bitching about not being able to run their own gear on Telus Fiber, it’s easy to do even if Telus won’t tell you how. Two ways. 1) There’s an advanced bridge setting in the modem that will put port 4 of the modem into bridge mode, leaving everything else alone. and 2) hang a gigabit switch between the ONT and the modem, then your own router off the switch.

    I’ve used both and prefer the second option.

  • Availability is ONLY for certain areas, not the entire city.

    Victoria BC isn’t even on the list because only a few of the new areas being developed right now are getting Fiber direct to the home.

  • Cowpocalypse_Now

    Telus Fibre is probably going to be even better. Also, it’s not just about speedtests. Especially with VoIP. It’s also about routing/ping times. You will get different ping times across North America with each provider.

  • Cowpocalypse_Now

    How do you come up with $120? I am looking at the Telus website and it says the same as the screenshot at the top of this webpage. $47 for the first three months and then $85 after that. Is there some gotcha I am missing?

  • Peter Williams

    Can you explain why the second option is preferable?

  • TheDrew2012

    In my experience the 1x and 2x series Actiontec modems have at times been rather flaky. The 3200M which I just got a few months back has shown to be decently stable (probably because it’s sold w/ 802.11ac and 4K STBs which eat bandwidth) so for the average user it probably doesn’t matter.

    I also come from the perspective of an enterprise level tech and ‘bridging’ on the modem is done in software, whereas on a switch it’s done in hardware. Far faster and less prone to hiccups if the modem is overloaded (the problem with my old actiontec). I also routinely push my 150Mbps connection to the limit with my wife watching a 4K stream, recording another stream or two, and I’m dumping ISO files into my work laptop for my next day’s job.

  • Andrew Kay

    All the BS aside hlna55.

    Telus officially won’t support any 3rd party gear. That’s a given and expected. Shaw is exactly the same (I should know, my next door neighbor is a Shaw tech) the only difference is the the tier one guys are local and not an overseas call centre so they know the 3rd party stuff a bit and are encouraged to help customers even if not officially supporting the gear. Back when I was in Vancouver, the Tier 1 tech I spoke to one day was a fellow gamer and his clan and my clan were often competing so there was some rapport there which I’ve never had with Telus.

    But I’d also point out that anybody smart enough to know how to run their own WiFi router in their own home, is probably leaps and bounds ahead of tier one techs at Telus. My Telus account is flagged so Tier 1 just take a message and buck it to the Tier 2 folks.

    I also don’t run a simple setup. I have a switch between the modem and ONT. I run a enterprise grade VPN router off that as well as my own prosumer model WiFi modem. The local Telus contractors know me well. 🙂

  • Anon

    Just an FYI, Telus Tier 1 support work out of their homes and don’t have access to any diagnostics, and aren’t able to remotely bridge modems. They mostly consist of non-technical people. Tier 2 guys can do everything remotely. If you are having problems with Tier 1 unable to help you bridge your modem, just tell them to connect you to Tier 2 support that actually can do it.

  • Andrew Kay

    I disagree, and my terminology is based on the terms used by Telus themselves (I work on a regular basis with techs from both Shaw & Telus as part of my job as an IT Manager). Tier 1 are the folks you get when you call in. They’re based in a call center overseas, and they do have some basic diagnostic tools. Tier 2 are the folks they connect you to if they can’t help. If Tier 1/2 determine the problem requires a tech onsite they will dispatch to Field who are the techs you see in the vans. If Field can’t fix the problem by replacing hardware or fixing wiring, they will speak with Tier 2 or Tier 3 and can request further resources like Outside Plant (bucket trucks) to assist in the repair.

  • Kamil

    I am a telus salesman so contact me at for more info on promo and I will give you promos and credits that not many call centres can.