TELUS Price Drop: Tablet Add-On Option for SharePlus Plans Now $5/month


TELUS has lowered the price of the tablet add-on option for SharePlus plans from $10 to $5 per month, a 50 percent reduction:

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When SharePlus plans first launched last summer, the tablet add-on option was $10.

Earlier this year, Telus increased the text and talk portions of SharePlus plans by $5 per month, so this tablet add-on discount might have been offset by that previous increase.

If you’re paying $10 per month right now for your tablet add-on, it might be time to call in and get that discount applied to your SharePlus plan. Let us know if you’re successful.


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  • Colin THORNE

    No dice, called L&R and they can’t even find the codes. Wondered where I heard about it, saying they don’t even offer tablets share @ $5, except for flex data. BS

  • Salinger

    That’s for the separate Tablet Flex Data plan. The article is about sharing your main phone plan data with your tablet. But I agree, the pricing is ridiculous.

    As well, the 5 GB threshold used to cost $35 but TELUS increased it $10 when they brought in their higher priced 2 year plans… even though this isn’t on a term, and they’re not providing any subsidy. #cashgrab

  • Terbear

    This is only if you buy a tablet on the easy tablet plan. It IS NOT available if you buy the tablet or bring your own.