TELUS VoLTE Expands to Montreal as Users See Setting Available on iPhone


Last April, Telus first launched VoLTE (voice over LTE) in the Lower Mainland of BC, and later in Alberta. But now it appears the feature has expanded beyond western Canada, as some users are seeing VoLTE available in Montreal, Quebec.

iPhone in Canada reader @Tronny says his iPhone on Telus now has settings to enable VoLTE, which allows for calls over LTE, thusly improved wideband audio call quality, and the ability to use simultaneous voice and data over the faster network.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the option to use Voice & Data under Enable LTE is available for Telus:

Telus volte montreal

You can check VoLTE availability on your iPhone 6 or newer by going to:

Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > Voice & Data

VoLTE means wideband, high-quality phone calls with an iPhone 6 or later; both devices need to support VoLTE.

With the release of iOS 10.2, Telus launched Wi-Fi Calling, and also noted VoLTE and VoWiFi was coming soon. Now it appears VoLTE has expanded beyond BC and Alberta, and the LG 4 & Samsung GS 6.

Let us know if you’re on TELUS and seeing the option to enable Voice & Data under Enable LTE on your iPhone.


  • Phil

    I do not see it on my iPhone SE.

  • Mario Gaucher

    Is VoLTE more deficient on the spectrum used… does it use less bandwidth even with the higher quality compared to 3G?

    Now if only Vidéotron would support VoLTE… Rogers, with which Vidéotron is sharing towers, already has it everywhere. I don’t understand why Vidéotron is not doing it already

  • Denis Beauchemin

    It’s available in Sherbrooke, QC on my iPhone 6S+.

  • So Young

    I’m with Telus and I live in Montreal. The option was there as soon as I installed iOS 10.2, but when I choose this option and make a call, its still switching back to 3G.

  • cayaguy

    Mine did the same thing until i restarted the phone, then it worked.

  • cayaguy

    Because the iPhone SE VOLTE isn’t supported by any carrier in Canada. You need iPhone 6 or higher

  • David

    I just activated it here in St. John’s, NL on my iPhone 6.

  • Ced

    Volte work great on rogers with my old SE

  • Curtis

    Well this is good news VoLTE is expanding, but still nothing for Koodo users.

  • So Young

    Are you from Montreal? Because I restarted my phone multiple times, and still connect to 3G when I make a call. I think the option is there for when it will be available, but I dont think VoLTE is available yet in Montreal. On the Telus website, if I want information about VoLTE, it force me to change my region to Alberta or B.C.

  • Andrew Robulack
  • Tim

    I don’t mind phone calls sounding like AM radio. Since I was born 35 years ago, the fidelity of a phone call has never bothered me. Facebook calls, Facebook audio, or whatever it may be are all higher def, but because I’ve been actultured to a different standard it always feels weird to have the enhanced clarity. I don’t mind if it improves, but this certainly isn’t a feature I’m holding out for.

  • So Young

    I’m 37 years old, and personally, I want HD calls on mobile for a while now. When I was young, the old residential phones sound good, in fact, it always sound great. Its just mobile phone who always sound like AM radio, so HD voice is a feature I want because I still talk on the phone with my best friends from time to time and since I have just a iPhone now as my primary phone, VoLTE is on my top priority feature I want.

  • Phil

    Technically, the iPhone SE is higher than the 6, isn’t it?

  • Phil

    Old SE? the SE is not even a year old!!

  • cayaguy

    perhaps call tech support

  • SmokeJV

    Yes the SE is newer then the iPhone 6. VoLTE is supported on it by all carriers that use VoLTE.

  • raslucas

    iPhone 6 and SE use the same baseband chip. No reason that volte shouldn’t work on it if iPhone 6 works.

  • raslucas

    So this setting will be enabled regardless of of the specific area supports the volte feature. The setting is enabled by a carrier settings update which would be pushed to all Telus phones regardless of region.

  • raslucas

    By enabled I meant available.

  • Bill___A

    I’d sure like to see the headline changed for this story, I find it very misleading. All of the compatible telus phones can perform the “settings” on the phone, which would facilitate VoLTE in places it is available. However, that does not mean it has been made available. There is enough confusion about VoLTE as it is without more being added with headlines that are not accurate.