Videotron’s $79.95 Unlimited Data Plan Mocks ‘Big 3’ in Promo Ad [VIDEO]


Videotron has again launched it’s ongoing ‘promo’ $79.95/month unlimited data plan (fair usage policy applies at 5GB) with unlimited talk in Quebec and the Greater Ottawa region, plus unlimited SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail, call waiting and conference calling.

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But wait–Videotron has a nationwide $79.95/month plan with 6GB of data which is actually better than the aforementioned region-specific unlimited data plan (students can get $5/month off too).

Although we’re no stranger to these unlimited data plans from Videotron, what’s interesting is their new promo ad for this plan which pokes fun at its rivals Rogers, Telus and Bell—which do not have ‘unlimited’ data plans to compete:

Check it out below:

Since launching the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s last month, Videotron has become an even greater alternative to incumbent carriers in Quebec. Competition is a good thing for consumers as recently Rogers launched a $70/6GB plan to compete with the Montreal-based wireless entrant.


  • Big3Rule

    Speeds of 128kb/second I bet.

  • Omar Zebian

    Why can’t they expand to all of Canada!!!!!

  • ChunkyPandey

    That’s because the owner of the company, Pierre Karl Péladeau, is a bloody separatist, who can’t stop thinking about independence, and jerkin’ off to that tune! Of course, if Québec were to separate, he’d be even more powerful than he already is! Hopefully tonight when the election results are announced, and Liberals have won, that opportunistic piece of crap can start thinking about expansion to other parts of Canada, and stop wankin’ off his small peepee to the fantasy of an Independent Québec! Yes, I am anxious about election results, in case you can’t tell!

  • Alex

    Regional providers have much better deals than so called Big3.
    Sasktel offer unlimited data (soft cap after 10 GB), unlimited calling to Canada and US from Canada, unlimited texting anywhere in Canada or US, call display and voicemail for $80/month. Match that BIG 3.

  • Hahaha! I really like this ad!
    “you know what? I’m gonna transfer you.” I laughed so hard at this! :’)

  • Anon

    It has more to do with your location, and coverage. Unfortunately you have to be living in the boonies to get that kind of deal, as that’s where the big-3’s coverage lack.

  • SkAshe

    You Anglophones are shitting your pants for no fucking reason.

    It’s not because he’s separatist, it’s because he’s not a fucking moron who thinks that investing billions for a Canada wide network only to become the new Mobilicity is a good idea.

  • ????Dennis

    Best post I have read on here yet! Kudos to you pal

  • aaloo

    Please come to Ontario

  • sukisszoze

    I love the frog about the fall off the branch in the

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I’m confused… can Videotron offer a “nationwide” plan when they’re a regional carrier? Does “nationwide” mean Canada wide as in being able to call/text to any province/territory?

  • Graham

    Wind ought to mock Videotron!

  • Yes, nationwide as the calling plan, not the availability.