WIND Mobile $39 Unlimited Promo Plan Returns Until December 14


WIND Mobile has brought back a $39 unlimited promo plan (similar to the plan we saw back in August), which offers up to $600 off a new phone on WINDtab. Here’s what this plan offers:

  • Unlimited data (5GB full speed allotment)
  • Unlimited calls to Canada/USA
  • Unlimited global text
  • Voicemail+, caller ID, conference calling, call forward, call waiting
  • $39 per month—available until December 14


No information about this is on WIND Mobile’s website yet, but users are seeing this in-store and online within their accounts as an option.

Last month, WIND launched some $45 and $55 unlimited talk, text and data plans, but this one is cheaper. If you were on one of those promos, it’s time to call in or go online to change your plan to this lower monthly price. Of course, WIND Mobile’s coverage varies depending on where you are, so you do get what you pay for.

[via RFD]


  • 1His_Nibs1

    If only they had the call & coverage quality……one day WIND (hopefully sooner rather than later) I hope to be a customer & ditch my $90.00 Fido bill!

  • KS

    I second that! ????????

  • CanucksCanucks

    I have given Wind more than a fair chance to take my money. After few months of constant reception problems from Wind, I am back to Fido. I am now happy again.

  • I followed in your footsteps. Did wind for about 3 months and it was sketchy, but what killed it for me was using voice to text on my Apple Watch. Watching my words appear 1 by 1 every 4 seconds was agonizing. Thanks to Gary and keeping the deals posted I’m now on Fido $57 plan with 3gn data

  • MrXax

    Hate to do it, but I’ll add to the others and say that I’ve heard nothing but bad things about WIND’s reception, even in the middle of Toronto.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    WIND gotta launch LTE asap. Otherwise it will keep loosing customers. Cause everything mobile is data based and the experience is better only if speeds are good to deliver the content.

  • Jason Bjerke

    I so want to see Wind succeed. The price points are always great, but from all accounts until they increase towers and LTE no one will jump on them. I’m in Vancouver, and thought of putting my wife on this plan, but her work is in like the 1 area not covered in Richmond-so pointless to do that. Too bad, hoping to a better 2016 for this company.