Best Buy Offers iPhone X for $0 on Contract with Rogers, Telus, Bell [u]


iPhone X 64GB starts at $599 on two-year contract with Rogers, Telus and Bell, and that’s on top of paying a minimum $95 per month cellphone plan. Make no mistake, iPhone X is an expensive (but nice) device.

While Freedom Mobile offers iPhone X for $0 on a two-year contract, incumbents Rogers, Telus and Bell have yet to follow suit with aggressive subsidies. But now Best Buy wants to make it possible for customers of the ‘Big 3’ get iPhone X 64GB for $0 down, with a current wireless ‘offer’.

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How? It will require signing up for a Best Buy credit card, as the retailer is offering “pay no interest for 24 months with equal payments on smartphones $99.99 and up.”

So that means the $599 you’re expected to pay for iPhone X will be put on the Best Buy credit card, with customers paying off the balance interest-free, but still paying $25 per month for 24 months ($600), on top of their monthly cellphone plan requirement.

If you’re desperate to get an iPhone X and can’t afford it, this is an option to get the latest iPhone for $0 down with Rogers, Telus and Bell. #dontshootthemessenger


  • Si2k78

    It’s not $0. Yoou’re still paying for it. If you couldn’t afford it before, you still can’t afford it now.

  • KBlazer07

    Should read “for $0 DOWN”.

  • Joe

    These credit gimmicks really shouldn’t work, but I understand why some people fall for it. It’s a rough economy out there and we all want nice things.

  • If you can’t buy the phone outright or can’t afford it even of contract, then you should not spend that kind of money. Period.

  • gtasscarlo

    The credit hit for a “$0 phone” If you really need to go on a Premium plus+ tab plan plus this to get an iPhone, you need to evaluate your spending habits. It’ll cost you more to go on Premium plus+ tabs and this in the long run.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    If you can’t afford an iPhone X, just buy an iPhone 6s instead – it does 99% of the same stuff plus it has a headphone jack. And if you drop it, you won’t have to pay over $700 to get the back glass repaired as you would on the iPhone X.

  • Riley Freeman

    my last few months have been rough. iphone x 256gb and apple watch series 3 stainless steel.

    Now if CMRA can get their act together, i will buy their band for it. Early 2018 whatever that means

  • It’s Me

    Should read

  • FrugalAl

    This is getting sad, the price of phones that is. Remember when cars became so expensive that the only way people could have one was to lease it?
    I see leasing phones happening when they start approaching two or three thousand dollars. The old saying, a fool and his money applies here.

  • Nikhil Mehra

    I agree that the increase in prices on phones is getting hefty. Although, this is only due to innovation with more expensive hardware and human capital being applied. Majority of the price tag pays for the investment into creating these devices and labour; not materials used. In essence, if you can’t afford the modern flagship, they’re are so many great 500 dollar and less phones out there. These highly tuned devices are for the few, while 300 to 700 dollar phones are more tuned for the masses. And honestly, you don’t need the X, you want it.
    Its interesting though, you finance majority with bell Telus or Rogers, and finance the remaining with bestbuy.

    Just food for thought.

  • KBlazer07

    So true unfortunately. 🙂

  • FragilityG4

    A pretty bleak view. I can tell you this, after using my iPhone X for a week, there is no substitute.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s a no interest finance and there’s nothing wrong with that. I rather people do this than slap it on their credit card with no clear way of paying it off and getting hit with 20% interest.

  • Mrleblanc

    It’s no interest IF you pay every month… Skip a month and you’ll pay the 19% interest

  • FragilityG4

    Yes. But on a regular credit card it’s 20% every month no matter what.

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    We had an housing credit buble, a car credit Buble and now 2018 will be the Smartphone credit Buble… People this shit is crazy, it is just a phone

  • Tim

    Another clause, I’m guessing if this anything like balance transfer deals where you get zero or low interest for a certain period, is that if you buy anything else, your payment gets allocated by some kind of proportionality formula. In other words, you’ll have to pay off the phone before you are fully reducing your other purchases at 18% interest (or higher). In some cases they allocate none of your payment to these purchases until the initial interest free balance is paid off. It’s a bad deal.

  • Stephan

    Says the guy following an iphone enthusiast blog.

  • Stephan

    Apple really should bring their financing plans to Canada.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Your suggestion is for those you can’t afford an iPhone X to spend $600 plus at least $95/month for two years for a total of $3312 with tax. My suggestion is that the 6s runs just about all the same apps as the X for a fraction of the price. Better to pay the rent and buy food, no? It’s bleak, but I didn’t set up the current economic situation.

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t provide financial advise for anyone, I’m only saying that your portrayal of the 6s doing 99% of the X and essentially being just as good is a far cry from the truth. People can make their own financial decisions and if this one works for them, than that’s wonderful. I can say that I have used no interest offers like this in the past and why not? If someone is letting you borrow money for free, I believe you take advantage of it. I used it for the lumber on my deck and my last payment is next month.

  • Tony

    No, on every credit card it’s 0% interest for the interest-free grace period (the first month the amount is on your card). If you pay the amount off every month you do not pay interest.

  • Victorious Secret

    He’s not allowed to have a differing opinion?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I think I’m being conservative when I say the 6s can do 99% of the same things an X can do – just start with the 2.2 million apps in the App Store. How many of the 2.2 million that the X can run can the 6s run? Oh about 2.2 million. Plus the 6s has an extra port you can plug a Square credit card reader into, or an IR blaster, or even some earbuds if you’re feeling wild. What can the X do that the 6s can’t do? Chicken emoji?

    Anyway, I’m just poking some fun at the X owners – it’s not a bad phone – but is it worth the price? I think if you can afford it, fine, but financing should be for buying a house, not a phone. I agree with the Unbox Therapy review – great phone, but you can get a similar one for half the price. And if you’re counting your pennies, the X is an easy one to pass on.

  • FragilityG4

    Yes I know, my point is if you carry that balance you have to pay the interest but if you take this no interest plan you pay interest free payments.

  • The iPhone X can do 4K video at 60fps, and it can shoot portrait mode on both the front and rear cameras without being the enormous physical size of the 6s Plus. It’s also over twice as fast. Those are the three main points why I’m considering the iPhone X and would consider doing a no-interest payment plan since I can’t afford it outright after some other recent purchases. I’m actually thinking the video and photo quality on the iPhone X might be good enough to use it for some of my freelance work when I need a compact camera, so it would potentially help earn me extra money.

    I don’t care if I can download all 2.2 million apps, I only care about a handful of them, and a number of the ones I use like 1Password and my banking app use my fingerprint for a password on my current iPhone 6. This means in the winter I have to take my gloves off to access these apps quickly, whereas the iPhone X would allow me to keep my gloves on. A 6s wouldn’t be able to do that.

    From my personal usage standpoint, the 6s can’t even come close to doing any of the things I’d want to upgrade my phone for.

  • FragilityG4

    I get it, you’ve never used it. Haters want to hate. Don’t listen to Lew, he hates Apple because they cut him off… why? Oh I don’t know he bent their phone for a video. Trust me there’s a ton of reasons why the X is better than a 6s. Dual camera, quad flash, better camera specs, portrait mode, Face ID, Animoji, OLED, 5.8” screen and the same form factor of your 6s, A11, water/dust resistance, stereo speakers, no home button (yes it’s a big positive), Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging and yes there are specific apps only for the X. No headphone jack? Whoop-dee-doo, there’s a dongle that works perfectly. I’m honestly am sick of the no headphone jack argument. It’s meaningless, there’s a dongle and many people have wireless now. It’s so old and moot. But if you’re like Lew and you want to hate, nothing will change that.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “This means in the winter I have to take my gloves off to access these apps quickly, whereas the iPhone X would allow me to keep my gloves on” Except that you still need to swipe up to unlock. With your finger. With your gloves off. Maybe you’re thinking of the OnePlus 5t Android phone. That one does what you describe. You can always use your nose on the iPhone X though.

  • I have touchscreen-compatible gloves. Sorry, should have mentioned that.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    No, I’ve used it. And who’s a hater, I wrote “it’s not a bad phone – but is it worth the price?” The phone is OK; I don’t hate it. My comments are about the price. Why are you hating on the iPhone 6s? It’s an awesome phone. And I would never make fun of your dongle. You should be proud of it! 😉

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t hate the 6s but it’s not anywhere close to the X. The X is much better than “OK” it is by far the best iPhone and if I ever cared enough to try an Android I’m sure I would still conclude it is the best phone out there. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. And here’s a little advise for all those who are unsettled with the price— flagship device prices are NOT going to go down and will continue to increase. What are the prices of other flagships out there? Note 8? Pixel 2XL? All up at that thousand dollar mark, but we only hear about Apples expensive phone because they are the only ones able to grab the headlines.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “What are the prices of other flagships out there? Note 8? Pixel 2XL? All up at that thousand dollar mark” Yeah exactly, and the X costs $1300 or $1500 (because who buys the second best iPhone when the best one is only a few hundred dollars more, right) and that’s a lot considering the 6s runs just about exactly the same apps. It’ll probably take a year or so before most apps are converted to properly show on the iPhone X with it’s “top-notch” screen so most will get a better experience on the 6s anyway.

    So you could pay $1529 for the best iPhone X (who would buy a second best phone at $1319?) + $249 for Apple Care (crazy not to with a glass back that costs over $700 to repair) plus tax = $2044.70 (not counting the environmental fee). Plus you might want to buy a case. So my point is, again, that Apple still sells the iPhone 6s and I’m reminding people of that so that they don’t fall victim to the “$0 on Contract with Rogers, Telus, Bell” money pit because it actually costs much much more than that.

    There are laws on gambling for a reason – people aren’t always rational with their money. There is no law against advertising something as 0$ that will actually cost you thousands, so I’m just pointing it out for any that haven’t fully considered the costs and options.

  • FragilityG4

    Who are you reminding here? You’re just trolling for argument because you know that a large amount of readers here have or plan to purchase the phone. The 6s is nowhere even close to the X and if you have convinced yourself it is l, than good for you. But in reality it’s nowhere even close. If people want to use a payment plan to buy a phone that’s okay. People do it all the time for computers and as it turns out these phones are little computers. The price of the other flagship phones I said was in USD my apologies. In CND they are both north of $1300.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Of course this is the appropriate place to point out the true costs of an iPhone X – in an article about the contract cost of a new iPhone X. It’s right there in the title. Where would you have me talk about it, in a furniture refinishing blog?

    BTW you can buy a OnePlus 5T flagship Android device for $659 Canadian. I wouldn’t personally get one over something like an iPhone 6s, but don’t be fooled by the media into thinking that the only phones that exist are made by Apple, Google and Samsung. Google used to make great inexpensive Nexus devices until they jumped aboard the high-price express, but there are plenty of other options out there that have comparable specs and utility to the aforementioned phones. No need to troll my comments – I’m not saying the iPhone 6s is better for everyone, but for lots of people it is.

  • FragilityG4

    Android is inferior to iOS, but you’re speaking Lews language point for point now. People that read this site are very informed, they don’t need you to “remind” them.

  • raslucas

    Ya… you know, the Freedom deal is a loss-leader, it’s actually a good deal (assuming their service is acceptable for you) but this whole sign up for a CC whatever is not a good idea to jump onto.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I’m not “reminding”, I’m giving my thoughts on the matter. If Lew agrees, he’s probably a smart man 😉 But last I checked he’s in the Android camp and I’m currently on team Apple.

    And if you think the people reading this site are too informed to bother reading the comments, then why are you reading the comments?

    I thought the comment section was for us to discuss the topics in the articles while you seem to think the purpose is to praise Apple. Wouldn’t that be boring?

  • FragilityG4

    Your comments come to my inbox. You said your comments were to remind people that the 6s is an option or to inform them of the real cost of borrowing on this plan. I don’t even remember exactly now and I’m pretty bored of this discussion.

  • huddyrocks

    Your logic has one glaring error that I see. If what you are saying is true , people who can’t afford a windows box with a current i7 should get a core 2 duo because they both can run windows. Obviously the experience will be different. That’s exaggerated of course, but my point stands, older hardware does not run current software equally. BTW, I don’t have an X so i don’t have a dog in this fight, just pointing out a big hole in the thought process. The X does have some new features that make user experience better IMO. Big’ole OLED screen being the one that catches my eye, no pun intended, and don’t forget the CPU is well over twice, yes twice, as fast as the 6s. The 6s is a good phone, but the list is long where it falls short to the X. There are far more positive reviews of the X on the web than those telling of returning them. The tech authorities of the day also said a mouse on a computer made it a toy , back when Apple released the Mac. Buy a desktop today and I’m pretty certain you’ll find a mouse included. If you don’t like the new way of getting around (gesture city) on the X, or don’t like the look , then say that. Saying a 2 year old device is a suitable replacement would only be true for those who don’t use they’re device to strenuously. The 8 would be a better way to save a few bucks IMO , or keep the phone you have now. If you’re counting pennies, don’t spend any.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “Saying a 2 year old device is a suitable replacement would only be true for those who don’t use they’re device to strenuously” I don’t think that’s true. I love that the X is faster than the 6s, but have you actually ever heard anyone say that an app was too strenuous for their 6s? Even once? In theory it could be true, but in reality, developers want as wide an audience for their apps as possible so they insure that, at the very least, iPhones that are currently being sold by Apple are supported. Maybe in a few years that will change, but not for a while. By then, it might be time to get a shiny new iPhone XI or XII that actually DOES do something significantly more than a 6s or even an X.

  • huddyrocks

    Actually there are over 50 teachers at a school that shoot, edit and render class footage of their elementary class on their phones for their parents. Not one of them would want to go back to 6s’ and wait for the longer render times and clunky timeline edits, so yes, I have heard people complain about the speed of the 6s relative to newer models. Any action that uses raw computations will suffer on older , slower hardware. If that does not affect you, great! But you can’t paint the 2 devices as the same tool. If you don’t mind slower , old devices are fine.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    That’s a pretty niche example as the number of people who would do so much video editing that a few seconds difference would matter is pretty small. And of that small group, the number that would choose something other than a Mac or PC to work on is smaller still. But the fact is that even this niche taxing app is offered on the 6s and works. I do some video editing on my 6s and it’s fine for me as I’m sure it would be for most users since the vast majority of users would be casual users if they even do any video editing at all. But sure, I’ll agree that you found one application that saves a few seconds when run on an X. But if I were them, I would spend the $1500 on a Mac.

    Realistically, before I went and spent that kind of coin on a flashy phone when Apple sells a much more practical phone that has a headphone jack and everything, then I would want it to at least do 10% more than the more practical phone. So 10% of 2.2 million apps is 220,000. So just list 220,000 apps that I can’t reasonably run on a 6s and I’ll agree with your point 😉

    My point is that for the vast majority of people, they can run Facebook, YouTube email, iMessage etc etc just fine on either phone. There is much more the same with current iPhones than ever before. The speed of common apps like Facebook or Google Maps feels about the same on both phones. Back in the day a two year difference made a huge difference, but my point is that the functional differences have become ever smaller while the price difference has become larger. Now, more than ever before, you are getting a more similar experience on the more price-effective phones. In fact, these days they actually are removing features to add new ones instead of just adding them which makes the value proposition more questionable than ever.

  • huddyrocks

    Not I think I will change your mind, and frankly I don’t care that much 🙂 but these teachers shoot 3-4 videos per day of each child (18-24 children) to demonstrate their success’ and things they need help with at home. They then send then to parents directly from the device. They don’t want to plug into a mac, Import each clip ( can be 96 clips per day) , arrange in a time line and then export again.Oh, and then send them to parents. They simply don’t have time and I’m very certain at this point, since you recommended a desktop, you can’t grasp that. If they save 7-10 minutes a day, thats 7-10 minutes. With IPX that doubles to 14-20 minutes of time they recover. Maybe you can afford to twiddle your thumbs that long every day, but not that team, thats gold.
    On the phone, the clips are already there( no import) , just bring in and share. Very simple.
    Your last example is exactly what I’m talking about. You use facebook, mail, iMessage etc. ( and claim that most people only do too) None of those are hardware intensive. You speak of most people with zero data to prove you can speak for most people. How could you possibly know what most people do? You can’t with zero data.
    Most games actually scale back what they render based on the hardware they run on. So technically they run on it, but not as well as on better hardware. Since you can’t possibly know what “most” users need or want , you can’t really speak as to what would suit them best. Certainly your needs are different than the people I know, as mine are different than yours. Since it will work for you specifically, does not mean it will work for most. You have no data to back your claims other than your own opinions and numbers you pull from the air.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I love the story about the teachers and that’s great. I love that they are pushing the technology and doing good for the world. All I’m saying is that outside of video editing, having a phone that’s so much faster than other phones doesn’t instantly translate into many apps that actually take advantage of it. Like I said before, developers want their apps used by as many people as possible so they can maximize their earnings. Money talks. There are a lot of iPhone 6 and 7 users out there – Apple wouldn’t keep updating their OS for them if they didn’t matter. The 6s, 7 & 8 are fast phones (well, when Apple isn’t slowing them down on purpose) They have been shown to be faster than similarly specced Android phones. What does this mean? It means when developers write software they often write the software for the lowest common denominator of popular phones. Sure there are a few games that are optimized for the X, but just a handful. Writing code is a lot of work – so you target the popular phones – which means it needs to run on the slowest of the popular phones in current use. The 6s has been selling new for a few years now – longer than most iPhones. That means it’s important. That means apps need to run well on them. This is all reasonable to assume without even looking at the numbers – but by all mean, go google some numbers.

    You say “Most games actually scale back what they render based on the hardware they run on” well, I will counter with you own words, “You have no data to back your claims other than your own opinions” So, prove it. Show me why you think most iPhone games do this.

    I think I picked pretty uncontroversial examples of popular iPhone apps – Facebook, mail and iMessage. But ok, here are some stats: 56.5% of Facebook users ONLY use their phones to access it. The number of Facebook mobile monthly active users is 1.74 BILLION. Try finding a video editing app with anything but a small sliver of a fraction of that. There is no comparison. And email and text messaging? Um yeah, they’re kind of popular. Ever meet anyone that says they’re “not on email”? In fact, more email is read on Mobile than on desktop email clients. Stats say 51% of email is now opened on a mobile device – Litmus “Email Client Market Share Trends for 2017” (July 2017)
    As for iMessage, A top Apple executive has disclosed Apple iMessage peaks at 200,000 messages per second, Business Insider reported. Eddy Cue revealed that figure on a podcast with Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

    “The scale for this is truly amazing because of the usage, I mean (people) rely on these (services) for their lives,” Cue said, according to Business Insider. “We peak out at 200,000 messages a second.”

    “At peak rates, that would work out to 63 quadrillion messages per year,” the news site calculated.

    Ok, your turn – show me an app that requires the speed of an iPhone X and is used at least 63 quadrillion times per year 😉

  • huddyrocks

    Ok, you’re right. We should all use iPhone 4s because they run email, iMessage and Facebook fine. Apparently that’s as high as the bar needs to be set.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Naw, current apps aren’t supported on the iPhone 4. Better off getting a 6s.

  • huddyrocks

    Nope, Facebook , iMessage and email work fine on an iPhone 4. You’ve convinced me that’s all anyone needs. If they need more than that they should buy a desktop. That was you idea too, so thanks.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Current apps as in latest versions. You’re right that the old versions of most apps still work on the 4 though. Just goes to show how little has changed since the 4. But I still think the sweet spot is the 6s. If I did a lot of video editing I personally would indeed get a mac, but if I needed to use an iPhone instead for some reason, I’d go with the iPhone 8 Plus. Bigger screen than the X. No notch to get in the way of video editing and same fast processor as the X.