How to Fix iOS 8.3 Missing App Store Password Settings


Apple released iOS 8.3 yesterday, a software update that brings a handful of changes such as instructing Siri to call someone “on speaker”, the Canadian flag emoji, and the ability to download free apps without the hassle of entering the password or using Touch ID. However, if you are like me, you’ll be surprised to find that Apple has hidden this feature, so you’ll need a simple trick to enable it. Read on, to find out how.

After I updated to iOS 8.3, I quickly jumped on Settings >> iTunes & App Store, only to find the old setting options still there. This was odd, since the betas had already suggested Apple would allow us to download free apps without the need to enter the password.

The trick is really simple: You have Touch ID enabled on your iPhone, which protects all your iTunes content purchases. If you toggle that off, the magic happens.

How to enable the missing App Store password settings

First, go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode, and turn the iTunes & App Store option toggle off.

Password settings ios8 3

You are all set for the next step: Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store, and below your Apple ID you’ll see the Password Settings line.

app store password setttings


At first you’ll notice ‘Require Password’ is greyed out. Tap on either Always Require or Require After 15 Minutes to enable it, then you will be able to toggle Require Password as needed:

Password settings

Congratulations! You can choose to download free apps without entering your password.


  • NoOneCares

    What a useless option. If you want the convenience of no password for free downloads, you must give up the convenience of TouchID for paid downloads – what Genius came up with that?

  • Marcussis

    On my iPhone 5 without Touch ID and Restrictions enabled, you’ll find the setting under General > Restrictions, then scroll down to the Allowed Content section. It should be at the bottom of that section. Also you must be logged into the App Store before you look for that option. If I was not logged in on my Kid’s iPad then the option would not appear.

  • Jay

    This solution did not fix the the issue on my 5s

  • Brendalee

    I don’t have that option after installing 8.3. When I toggle Touch ID off for itunes and App store, password setting doesn’t appear. Hmph. I don’t need the feature anyway!

  • Steve

    You can also fix this by simply entering your password again after tapping the iTunes user account info once where the new password option should appear

  • Swerve99

    Simply turn on Touch ID after you select this option.

  • Ambam

    It doesnt work. As soon as you turn Touch ID back on it defaults to “Touch ID is enabled for all purchases”

    Kinda silly that you cant have both.

  • dan

    thats why apple is going down, with this kind of IT folks on their side, they really need to double check the quality control. i like my ip6 still, just not happy with their software

  • wertzuhijop


  • Drew

    Jay go into General – Retrictions and there is a password option there. I had the same problem on my 5s

  • Drew

    Turn off the Touch ID first for iTunes and App Store though

  • Andrew

    thank you!