How to Install a Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone 7 [VIDEO]

The glowing Apple logo is now a thing of the past, as Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models no longer have the iconic symbol lit up.

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Users have always dreamed of Apple bringing the glowing logo to the iPhone, but that has only happened through custom mods. The latest mod detailed by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro shows just that, but for iPhone 7.

The channel travelled to a ‘specialist’ in Washington, DC, to install a glowing Apple logo on his Jet Black iPhone 7 (which took 2-3 hours to complete). While the video below shows the mod is not easy at all to perform (while also voiding your warranty), it does look pretty damn cool.

The install borrows four LEDs from a broken iPhone 6 LCD to power the glowing Apple logo. The entire process is not something you’ll want to try at home. I don’t recommend anyone doing this, as it’ll ruin those water-resistant seals and adhesives in your iPhone 7.

While I’m pretty sure everyone would want Apple to implement this feature in future iPhones, it most likely will never happen. R.I.P. to glowing Apple logos, folks.

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  • Shaun Conway

    Can you link us to the website of the company that did it? What was the cost?

  • The YouTube channel only linked to some cell phone repair shop in Falls Church, Virginia.

  • Shaun Conway

    I just gotta find the clear apple and I think I can handle the job! Looks incredible! Apple resists this idea and I’m not sure why. This would be an incredible feature they could add.

  • You must have some serious skills, then! Try contacting EverythingApplePro via Twitter or email, he may reply with what you need.

  • Shaun Conway

    I owned an Apple repair store for 8 years, moved on recently due to lack of genuine parts available anymore and the cost of them. Market is absolutely flooded with garbage quality parts now. I could handle the job, maybe I should get into this ????

  • Update us if you ever do the mod 🙂

  • Shaun Conway

    Yeah I will. I’m going to do it if I can find the apple logos

  • Shaun Conway

    I called the shop that does these in VA, the apple logos are custom made in their store. They mold them. That’s an issue for doing it myself, however, $50 USD to do it and they do allow shipping to them if you provide return label.

  • Tim

    “If you’re interested in going to great lengths to be a corporate shill (that won’t impress girls), we have a way…”

  • Cornfed710

    If you start doing this in Canada please keep us updated, I might be interested one day.

  • WT

    Hi, can you provide the shop info in VA that you are talking about? Do you know how much they charge? Thank You in advance.

  • Shaun Conway

    +1 (571) 606-6636, $50 USD.

  • WT

    Thank You, shipped it out today can’t wait…

  • Jack Vindaloo

    Hi…I know this post is 2 months old but what was the outcome of your phone?