iOS 8.3 Beta 2 Brings 300 New Emojis, Canadian Flag


The latest seeds of iOS 8.3 beta 2 and OS X 10.10.3 beta 2 bring over 300 new and diverse emojis, country flags, and new language support for Siri (via iMore, 9to5Mac).

About a year ago, Apple said that it would add more diversity to its emoji set and mentioned that it was working with the Unicode Consortium on this matter. Fast-forward to today, and the results are in.

Ios 8 3 new emoji 0

When you launch iOS 8.3 beta 2 (or Yosemite), you’ll see a “neutral” (in our case, a classic yellow) emoji. However, when you tap or click and hold it, you will get five alternate skin-tone options, as adopted by the Unicode Consortium based on the Fitzpatrick scale for standard dermatological representation.

The update also brings 32 new country flags: Canada, Australia, and India are among them, in line with previous rumors.


Since we are talking about beta software now, it’s possible that the final set of emojis — colour, style, and character — will undergo a change.


  • ShaBi

    LOL they’re taking “yellow skin” quite literally.

  • lol

    A couple of them look jaundice from httin the booze too hard lol

  • Tim

    Grea, Apple. I’ll keep my jailbreak instead .

  • Al

    Since when are the Simpson’s a race? That’s taking diversity a bit extreme.

  • Al

    It’s also interesting that the male characters appear to have a hairline indicative of a transplant… unlike the current male emoji that has bangs.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah, they might of went with a few more shades of yellow lol.

  • ayeayeaye

    hahahahaa Asians tooo yellow