iOS 8 Apps Crashing More Frequently vs iOS 7 on Older Devices


Apple’s latest mobile operating system was released a week ago, and according to Apple, it reached 46% adoption rate in just five days. Although it is packed with new features that make upgrading tempting, iOS 8 is not quite where it supposed to be yet in terms of stability, according to Crittercism (via ZDNET).

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The latest report from the market research company says the iOS 8 crash rate is 78% higher than iOS 7. After analyzing data across iOS users between September 17 and September 22, Crittercism found that 3.57% of apps crashed on older devices such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 4s.

By comparison, the crash rate is only 2.63% on the iPhone 6 and 2.11% on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Before the iOS 8 release, developers had stabilized crash rates across iOS versions: iOS 7.x had only 2.1% crash rates, with the iPhone 5s crashing the least of all iDevices, and the iPad mini crashing the most.

This sounds like another reason for iPhone 4S owners to wait for the iOS 8.0.1 update, which will likely bring more stability.


  • MikeJenkinson

    Yup. Crazy crashes on iOS8.

    The weirdest bug I’ve encountered so far is when there are updated apps to install, sometimes, the app will install the update, and I can start the updated app and everything is fine. And then an hour or so later, the update is magically back in the updates section of the App Store, and it will update the app again. And then it happens again. So I basically I just delete the app and reinstall it fresh and then everything is good.

    This happened to iMovie last week, TD Bank today, and several others in the last several days.

  • Shameer Mulji

    I remember when iOS 7.0, same thing occurred. By iOS 7.1, for the most part, most bugs & performance issues, were smoothed out. I suspect the same will happen with iOS 8. That’s why it’s always good to wait at least until the .01 update.

  • iFone

    It does feel like a beta product. Not happy about it.