Safari in iOS 8 Now Supports Even More Web Standards


The freshly released iOS 8 adds support in mobile Safari for new standards such as WebGL, and IndexedDB, which will allow developers to build more productive websites and better games, as noticed by CNET.

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The above two standards are, respectively, for hardware accelerated 3D graphics and for storing data that can be used without a network connection. By adding support for these standards Apple, feels CNET, is actually is trying to close the gap with Android, as Chrome for Android supports WebGL and IndexedDB already.

Programmers who want to have their webs apps to work on Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS and BlackBerry OS, can now, at long last, benefit from the new Web standards support added in iOS 8. Furthermore, Apple has introduced another tool called WKWebView, which comes with additional benefits for developers.

Here a list of the other standards that come with iOS 8:

  • SPDY, a technology developed by Google that can speed Web page loading. It’s not strictly speaking an industry standard, but it’s widely used and some of its technology is being built into the HTTP standard that governs communications between Web browsers and Web servers that host Web pages.

  • The srcset attribute, part of the solution to letting programmers better handle graphics on high-resolution displays.

  • CSS Shapes Level 1, which permits more advanced layouts that combine text and graphic elements.

  • SVG Fragment IDs, which will help programmers use vector art for game elements like spaceships or avatars.

  • Promises, which helps browsers run multiple tasks at the same time.

  • And high-resolution timers, which let programmers carefully test Web page performance.


  • Parksy

    The only web standard I’d still like to see is support for Flash. It doesn’t happen that often anymore, but it’s very frustrating when you’re trying to view something and you can’t because you’re on an iOS device.

  • o_clement

    Any website still using flash and not having a mobile or non-flash equivalent (probably, let’s be nice) shouldn’t even be bothered with. Flash has been long dead for anything website

    — an ex-flash developer (FWIW)

  • Jasle

    I used to have this issue too, but I then realized Flash was mostly for games browser games I had wanted to play, but there are apps now. The only problem I have had ever since my iPhone 3GS days are trying to view a video, then being told that it is not supported in my region.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    flash is amazing what are you talking about

  • o_clement

    I… I… am without words…
    I retract everything I said. I will go an create a petition to bring this obviously awesome technology to this world!

  • websnap

    Amazing, I may have to rethink all of my current design work.

  • I just puked a little in my mouth

  • Jordan S

    Hopefully soon it will get the ‘open more then 2 tabs without reloading the webpage’ Stantart