This 5 Year Old Declines Free Sony Tablet, Says He’s Getting an iPad [VIDEO]


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Five-year-old genius Arden Hayes was on Jimmy Kimmel last night showing off his impressive knowledge of world geography. The segment took a hilarious turn at the end when Kimmel offered Hayes a free Sony Xperia Tablet Z (what appeared to be a sponsored gift), only to have the youngster give it back because—he’s getting an iPad:

“…well you could just give it away…because…I’m going…but we’re just planning on getting an iPad for Christmas.”

Check it out below:

Talk about a wrench being thrown into Sony’s marketing plans.

Apple CEO Time Cook previously stated at the company’s recent 2013 Q4 earnings call “I think it’s going to be an iPad Christmas.” Looks like Arden was listening.

Update: Looks like the video was taken down; we’ve added a new embed.

Update 2: The original Kimmel video embed works again.



  • WatDah

    There are 3 kinds of people who tells the truth to your face:

    1) Kids
    2) A Drunk
    3) Extremely pissed off females

  • iFone

    LOL..that kid is hilarious! Is Sony stock down?

  • FragilityG4

    Hahaha that kid is awesome!

  • HelloCDN

    This is hilarious!

  • K4


  • PCNix Toronto

    Looks like Sony got to the video, it’s a private video now and I can’t see it.

  • Thanks for letting us know. New video embed added 🙂 You should be able to see it now.

  • FragilityG4

    I always heard there are Three Types of people in this world:

    The ones who can count and the ones who can’t.

  • truestory

    I would slap this kid silly if I knew him. Disrespectful kid doesn’t realize the potential in that product. I hope he drops the iPad the first day he gets it.

  • adam

    lol, hes the opposite of disrespectful. he realizes he doesn’t need it, so he is giving it back… to a 5 year old, hes doing the right thing…. that’s awesome.

  • MarkL

    No. There is nothing about the tablet in the video that you posted.

  • truestory

    shut up @dbdb991a6a4c3acd6e9f63798db94681:disqus. Clearly you were never slapped silly as a kid.

  • PCNix Toronto

    That video is gone too 🙂 Says removed due to copyright. All I want is to see Sony take the wrench in its face.

  • Looks like the original Kimmel video is back up. Embedded back again!

  • Refresh! Should work now 🙂

  • anonymous

    down again!

  • We just tried the current video and it works still. What does it show for you?

  • Guest

    The video is back up, but the part about the iPad is gone now!

  • Ipadcatchesonfire

    Clearly that kid is not a genius

  • Guest

    It’s gone.

  • Try the video in our post?

  • Anonymous

    Without sounding too rude, I’m not sure why you aren’t realizing that the clip you have posted does not have the iPad part in it. I understand most of the clip is there but the iPad part has been cut off the end. Just watch it through again and you will see what I mean. It’s very interesting that you can’t find this clip anywhere anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the fact that he wasn’t slapped silly as a child explains why his comments are so much more rational than yours…