Apple’s iPad mini Pre-Orders to Start at 12:01AM PDT on Fri., Oct. 26th [Update]


Apple announced its new iPad mini would start pre-orders on Friday, October 26th. As for the time when we can pre-order online at, it will be once again at 12:01AM PDT (3AM EDT) just like it was for the iPhone 5. Both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+Cellular models will be available tonight, but cellular models won’t ship until two weeks after the November 2nd launch date, starting in the US first, then gradually to other countries.

This is the regular time we have expected online pre-orders to take place on Apple’s website and we have double confirmed it by calling Apple online sales ourselves. The agent we spoke with noted he was going to be personally working the 3AM eastern time shift to place online orders for the iPad mini. Another told us his documentation specifically mentioned 12:01AM PDT.

Once again, orders should be able to be placed within the Apple Store app like it was for the iPhone 5, which turned out to be more convenient as Apple’s website slowed due to the massive influx of traffic.

Are you pre-ordering the iPad mini tonight? What color/configuration will you be getting?

Update: Clarified the availability and shipping times for both models.


  • wstoneman

    I thought you could pre-order both the wifi only and the wifi + cellular, but the cellular wont ship till late November. Am I wrong?

  • Yes I will pre-order a 16gb in white

  • Opus

    I was going to pre-order a LTE version tonite (16gb white). Thanks for the hands-up that it is not available for pre-order! Saved me from getting up at 3am!

  • You’re right. Updated. The cellular models will ship two weeks later, first to the USA then other countries afterwards.

  • Opus

    Um..funny. I tried the iOS app and only the Wifi version is showing for selection. Can’t find (at least for me) the wifi+cellular version.

  • rhodz_99

    i’ll pre-order the ipad4 64gb white + applecare.

  • Sorry, read the latest update. It will be available, but won’t ship until two weeks later.

  • Kirk

    If I didn’t have my iPad 3 I would consider pre orderin iPad mini but I don’t need two iPads

  • My ipad 2 is already sold , I’m getting me a white 32gb mini .. 16gb just doesn’t cut it anymore .

  • Kaybeenz

    I’m googling around like crazy and getting conflicting information as to whether or not the cellular version will also be available for pre-order tonight. I really hope it is.

  • Kaybeenz

    I just got off an online chat session with Apple and the rep confirmed that the cellular version will also be available. I hope she’s right! Here’s a snippet of the conversation:

    Me: Will the cellular version of the iPad Mini also be available for pre-order
    tonight? I hear that some have been told yes and some told no. I
    understand that they will ship later, but I thought that the press
    release said that all models will be available for pre-order tonight.

    Apple rep: Yes all will be available for pre-order.

    Me: Ok. I was getting nervous also because, I went to the products section of
    the Apple Store on my iPhone, and it doesn’t list the cellular
    versions… only the Wifi ones.

    Apple rep: All models will be available for Pre-Order. Don’t worry

  • It is according to the keynote. Watch the replay.

  • Opus

    I watched the keynote tonight again. What I noticed Phil said about the cellular version was that it is available in the US first 2 and other countries to follow. What does that imply or was it a slip of the tongue? I guess we’ll find out at 12:01pdt!

  • He said it ships two weeks later, with the US to get it first. I would assume it would be available for pre-order.

  • is there a limit to how many you can pre-order? i’m looking to get two.

  • Probably 2 as usual.

  • hiltonroutley

    They will be available for pre-order but the cellular model won’t ship for awhile as only the United States will receive cellular models then they will slowly ship to other countries as phil said in the keynote.

  • Spider27

    Rather just pay the extra $170 for a faster machine with a bigger and better screen…was expecting price to be lower

  • wuju

    Agree. Same boat here.