iPad Air Speed Comparison vs Every iPad Ever Made [VIDEO]


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Back when the iPhone 5s launched a video was made comparing the iPhone 5s versus every single iPhone ever made. Now, Mashable has released a video of a similar test, but this time it’s the iPad Air versus the original, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

The video puts the A7 processor found within the iPad Air to the test. Earlier today it was revealed the iPad Air’s A7 is different slightly from that of the one found within the iPhone 5s.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think:


  • bdd

    worst comparison ever. couldn’t see shit.

  • swag

    I wonder if they like the iPad air ? Cough cough cough

  • chickeee

    amazing video, I had no idea the new iPad Air was fastest

  • Stewart

    Actually, the ipad 4 was the fastest wifi “POP” 2 outta 3 times according to your own video. Maybe you should watch the playback first before up selling the iAd air.

    Hmm, no touch ID, the designed for kids IOS 7, Apple forced IOS download that steals almost 3 gigs of your storage against your own permission or wishes.

    What’s not to like about Apple now a days? Its all about profit. Next is ipad 6 with touch ID in 2014.