Microsoft Launches Yet Another Ad to ‘Strike Out’ the iPad [WATCH]


Screen Shot 2013 07 09 at 6 24 12 PM

Microsoft currently has a slew of ads targeting the pitfalls of the iPad, which the company believes is inferior to its Windows 8 tablet offerings. This time around, the iPad faces off against a Windows 8 tablet on the baseball diamond as two scouts showcase how the devices are different from each other. The tagline is “Do two things at once without dropping the ball.”

Check it out below:

Back in June, Microsoft launched an ad attacking the iPad using Siri to go along with twoother ads released in May.

What do you think of this ad? Does Microsoft get its point across or does it just give free advertising for Apple?


  • Dingleberry

    I think it points out a fairly large shortfall of iOS that has yet to be remedied. It’s to the point and shows the iPad as an inferior device when it comes to ease of multitasking.

    But then again I’ve always seen this form of advertising as unimaginative, much like how Pepsi always seems to compare itself to Coke, but never have you seen Coke compare itself to Pepsi.

  • Anon

    I take it you have you not seen any of the numberous “Mac vs PC” commercials put out by Apple in past? Bad anology.