iPhone 4S Numbers for Apple Stores in Vancouver


Did you line up yesterday for an iPhone 4S? There was apparent pandemonium at some Apple Stores in Vancouver, notably Metrotown and Oakridge locations.

According to people we talked to, some people their friends and family ‘join’ the line up late into the night, causing frustration for people behind them. Not only that, when doors opened clueless people made mad dashes through the mall to Apple Store entrances, causing chaos and confusion. I read tweets of people pushing and shoving, and one person suffering a panic attack. Siri would not approve.

The Oakridge line up forgot to pick up their garbage, but luckily some good people cleaned up the mess afterwards. Someone even left a couch behind. In the end, everybody got their iPhones–so why all the drama? If you were at either one of these line ups, tell us your story in the comments.

According to information we received, here are the iPhone 4S sales numbers broken down per Apple Store:

Pacific Centre – 2500 units
Oakridge – 1200 units
Richmond – 900 units
Metrotown – 700 units

Apparently the Pacific Centre Apple Store had store sales of $1.7 million dollars. Turns out 96% of people visiting Apple Stores bought unlocked.

What about you? Did you buy unlocked from Apple or did you upgrade through your carrier? Vote below:


  • Paul_1982

    I’d believe the part about most being unlocked, and I’d BET a LARGE number of them are going back to China to be resold… at least judging from the scene here at the Apple store in Ottawa… there were a number of people from china working as a team and cycling through the store each buying 2 at a time basically cleaning out the stores stock… it was obvious what was going on to all… (most of the demo units had even been changed to chinese)…

  • Swotam

    Carrier upgrade this time. Bought the iPhone 4 unlocked last year but that’s gone to my wife now 🙂

  • Does anyone if there’s any stock left around town at any Apple or carrier stores?

  • Cameron

    In Toronto at the Eaton Centre it was a little crazy before and then during the mall opening.  I was there at 2AM and there were two Chinese guys in front of me.  At 5AM 8 more Chinese guys joined them.  The line had been pretty organized with everyone right against the wall.  When those 8 arrived there was suddenly a huge lump sticking out of the line.  Me and one other guy spoke to the only english speaker of the group.  He said “well you can’t expect them to go to the end of the line, it’s too far back”.  After speaking with them a little more firmly 3 of the additional people moved to the end of the line but the other 5 refused.  Next year I take a video of the line when I arrive so I have proof who the idiots are.

    Then at 5AM some apple employees approached the doors to the mall.  Everyone rushed the doors.  It was insanity.  What is the point of the line?  Apple really needs to get on the ball with croud control.  I forsee someone eventually getting badly injured.  Apple has deep pockets, eventually some will sue when they get injured.

  • Ben Senise

    i stayed up to midnight thursday (oct 6) night and the UPS man brought my 4S to my door on yesterday morning at 9:30 while other people stood in line all night long and had to deal with pandemonium in the morning.

  • Apple should have a mechanism for not activating iPhones in countries that it has not launched in or something. 99% of the people at Metrotown were there to get them for export to Hong Kong. Then a couple of retarded idiots decided to run to the front for no reason (a bit before 5am) and everyone else ran so lineup got messed up. I was there at 9pm and no Gary, I did not get a phone because, like civilized people, I went and lined up at the end of the line and they sold out so yeah… I don’t want to be racist but all those asians that have no idea how to line up or… you round 150 people in front of you and by the time it opens it’s 350… 

    Apple should have a couple of employees to work in the evening and hand out tickets AS THE LINE FORMS so people in front can’t bring their immediate families + cousins + grandparents in line… that would seem fair

  • It is odd that they did different things at different stores. I was at Pacific Center at 6:30AM and there was a huge line but it was orderly. There was security wandering back and forth keeping everyone away from doors and such.

    There was even a few Apple employees going up and down the line explaining things to people. I’m not sure how long after 7PM but the line started to move up and people were given cards. There was security at the doors so no one could run in. 

    Now, the Pacific Center did open the mall an hour early. I’m not sure if this was the case elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Geez I thought people “were disappointed” with this iPhone and that “Apple made a mistake” and “no one will buy this” … Funny the same reaction happened with the 4 … Everyone was mad at first and then when it was released people were pushing each other over to get one.

    I guess the lesson is to not read into rumours as if they’re anything more the rumours and never underestimate the lure of a new iPhone.

  • Bingo.

  • Your average person I think is very happy with this phone. I do not think Apple, Google or Microsoft try to sell to geeks really. While some of us like the phone a lot, many voice their loud opinions. In think the grand scheme of things we do not matter. The “average” joe buying this phone vastly out numbers us and they like it a lot.

  • Caper7ca

    Seems as though there will always be those who take advantage and have a different moral code. But don’t let that dissuade you from doing the right thing. But I will close in saying “Bastards!”

  • Jman

    Why not just jailbreak it and save hundreds of dollars?

  • Bob

    I walked down to the local Fido Store at 7am, I was 5th in line.

  • Siri rocks!  People just don’t get how revolutionary voice control will be if more people ‘get it’.

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak and unlock are not the same thing.  If you didn’t preserve your baseband properly, you may be in an ulockable state.

    Resale value on factory unlocked phones is huge..  I got $600 for a phone I paid $780 for over a year ago.  So I got a 32GB iphone 4 for less than people who bought them on contract.

  • Kraken

    You can’t bring in people to cut in-line, that is just F’ing BS.  If that happened to me, it would be no-holds-barred, I would of just cut into the front of the line when the doors were about to open.

  • Johna

    Don’t you think that it’s the mall securities’ job to crowd control their location?  From my understanding, it’s the mall securities’ job.  I like how you mentioned that they were Chinese.  Way to identify the wrong factors that contribute to the problem.  It wasn’t because they are Chinese but because they are assholes.  It’s ironic that you’re talking about chaos.

  • Stefan Zafiratos

    except at all the stores that had trouble 95% of the people were Chinese… and they all wanted to get them to sell in Asia for twice the price. Am I steotypical? Yes but in this case I don’t care…

    They did the exact thing at Metrotown.. all joined in line with their friends and when they saw an Apple employee they just ran to the entrance.. maybe that’s how it’s done in China and since 9/10 were … they probably said “why not?”


  • Holly

    Hi Cameron, I joined the line at 5:30 am with my sister, once we got into the line in the actual store two asian guys tried to bud in, tried to say that they had always been there, we knew they had not, they also tried to say that Store Management said it was ok, we called them on it, prove it. The people right behind us just let them bud in, I don’t know why.

    Anyway, I actually have a defective iPhone 4S :-(, so called the Eaton Centre store to ask if I’d be able to get a replacement tomorrow during my genius bar appt. (if necessary), and I read her your comment, so I hope there will be some changes for next year. She said it was an excellent idea to video the line when you arrive, in fact I will also make a point of doing that myself (at least the 10 or so people in front of me). If everyone who reads this does the same, then maybe we can combat this issue next year.

  • I had a phone reserved with Fido and it never got shipped,canceled my reservation and went down to the Apple Store in Pacific Center and had the model and color I wanted in 20 minutes,totally awesome and painless compared to other years.

  • Trevor

    Typical Asians who like to cut people in line.  Trust me I know, I’m Chinese.

  • Superzoom99

    Curious, all those buying unlocked:  what kind of month-to-month plans are you getting right now?  
    I bought on 3 yr contract with Telus so I could get 200min/6GB for $70.  Can’t see anything remotely close to that on month-to-month.

  • Viv

    I know your frustration, and you don’t mean to be racist, but I’d hate to be grouped with those particular “asians” you mentioned.
    My sister and I went lining up at 7 pm, quite honestly, when people started rushing forward, we were mad and clueless. We are asians, we ain’t planning on selling over seas, we just want our iPhones for our mom and dad in Taiwan. It won’t be fair to us! We lined up for our parents (and ourselves)! Also, if they had lined up properly, who cares if they are selling the phone overseas?

    There was a person refused to move back claiming he came at 3am!!! That was pure insult to all of us! I was in rage. I thought that Apple, knowing there would be a huge crowd, would have handled the situation better. At that point, I was mad that I didn’t go further to line up at Pacific Centre… I would’ve got it way earlier (I checked craigslist, when I was still in line in the mall on the way to Apple store to get my iPhone w/ my queue cards, people on there were saying they have the phone in hand after lining up 15 hours… right, I LINED UP FOR FREAKIN’ 16 AND STILL WAITING!

    After all this, I’m seriously pissed that the phone , not only look identical to an iPhone 4 (which I expected), nothing, NOTHING was printed or done on it to show that it’s a 4S, not 4! SERIOUSLY?! I mean it’s great that its specs were much better, but it’d be nice to give it an S on the back!

    I’m very unhappy with the whole situation, but then again, I still got them on launch day… so I’m grateful that I went earlier….

  • Viv

    My plan doesn’t have data, but it’s ok since I’m at school all day and we have WiFi throughout campus.
    Our plan is ~$20 so there… $50 difference and 3 years would give us difference in spending for around $1800…

  • Superzoom99

    sounds like you should have just gotten an ipod touch

  • Viv

    Very true…. any buyers LOL?!
    I’m curious, people said Apple don’t stock the phones on weekends, so if the phones were out of stock on Friday, it means no one can get it on the weekend?

    Oh, well, we bought it to be able to use it when we go back and visit relatives so, it’s all good.

  • iPhones, since first generation have only “iPhone” on their back.. nothing new