Shit Siri Says on Tumblr: A Collection of Siri’s Finest Moments


The release of the iPhone 4S has turned millions of people into instant BFFs with Siri (check out our hands on video), the new ‘humble assistant’. Siri has definite character–she’s sassy, helpful, and can sometimes seem down right moody. Although she is slightly held back in Canada in terms of finding restaurants and map locations, she still is damn smart.

I’ve had my fun with Siri, asking her about the meaning of life (she doesn’t just say ’42’) and where she’s from (yes, pretty tame so far). To check out some of Siri’s finest moments, the newly created Tumblr page Shit Siri Says will let you see some of her finest moments:

Users are able to submit their own screenshots of what Siri says right to the site. Some of them are downright hilarious. What are some interesting responses you’ve heard from Siri?

Thanks @buzzbishop!


  • Max

    Me: I love you Siri.
    Siri: All you need is love. And your iPhone   (Already a classic I know)

  • Anonymous

    OMG this is too funny!

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome! I’m sure Apple will be adding a lot more answers as time goes on. Too funny!

  • Guest

    hahaha 🙂

  • Kirk


  • oh so this is what apple employees do on their spare time; make funny siri commands … lol

  • Auto Strada

    Apple has managed to create a technology people go crazy over despite an “underwhelming” phone lol.

    Underwhelming my ass lol.

  • Nick

    Anyone know of a way to submit bug reports?  There are a couple of bugs I’ve found so far.  
    When you’ve got previews of messages disabled so they don’t pop up on your lock screen and you ask Siri to read the message to you it says ‘New message from (name)…… (pause)… you can reply or read it again’ – it never reads the message.  Then if you say read it again it says it can’t look up places in Canada.   It also read me a message and then said you can reply or read it again, I said reply and it went to the reply for an email I was just viewing.  

  • Ray

    Yea I have actually had the same issue….

  • Varsity455

    How do I disable message preview on the lock screen?  I can’t find that option for the life of me!

  • Bhupz_s

    It is under notifications in setting

  • Nick

    Yep, notification settings. Ive figured out that a workaround is to just not show anything on the lock screen when you get a text, then Siri can still read your text. Not ideal but I’m sure it will get fixed, or bitesms will take care of it when a jailbreak comes out

  • Ted

    Are you out of your mind!!!!

    This iPhone 4s I’d the King of phones. (for now).

  • Friendlygiant

    Notification then msgs then switch it deon banners to a different one